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Valerie S Ⓥ (@vswolf) Instagram Profile Photo vswolf

Valerie S Ⓥ

Bio When we suffer, we suffer as equals and in their capacity to suffer, a dog, is a pig, is a bear, is a boy. Philip Wollen.Being vegan is beautiful 💚🌱

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Valerie S Ⓥ (@vswolf) Instagram photos and videos

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@_jceaser ・・・ Daily life in Cambodia. Young ones learning how to torment early, it's pretty sad...

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@fuzzyfawnwildlife ・・・ Baby on bottle, Little Taz sneaking up at the end ❤️The 7 big fawns in the outside pen will be going to Kate’s @noras.ark this weekend. Kate will continue with their care and release when ready on her beautiful private property. Once the pen is empty I have a lot to do before putting Baby and Taz in it. I also have to start preparing the fawn house and pen for winter. Thank you so much for your support and generosity. All donations will help me winterize the pen.

image by Valerie S Ⓥ (@vswolf) with caption : "#Repost @veganvic310" - 1848020794464937352
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image by Valerie S Ⓥ (@vswolf) with caption : "#Repost @fay.maria64
99 out of 100 people choose to look the other way, that’s just NOT good enough. I grieve for th" - 1848020024038376186
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@fay.maria64 ・・・ 99 out of 100 people choose to look the other way, that’s just NOT good enough. I grieve for the friends and family I thought I knew who are part of that 99%.....Ignorance, convenience, tradition, greed, NO excuse is good enough so please stop making pathetic excuses, wake up, stop supporting animal abuse, be the person I thought you were, go vegan and do your part in making this world a kinder place for all✌️❤️🌱

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@theresia4allanimals ・・・ Repost By @voice.animals_kavkaz: Сколько таких тварей ходят по нашей Земле! Вы, твари, изуродовали эту планету! Из-за вас все эти болезни и прочее! Твари!!! . (via @AppKottage)

image by Valerie S Ⓥ (@vswolf) with caption : "#Repost @sugarray14
・・・Courtesy of @veganista_e 
Repost @chididdy26
by @media.repost:
Regrann from @dark_universe_09 -  " - 1847487892639456297
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@sugarray14 ・・・Courtesy of @veganista_e Repost @chididdy26 by @media.repost: Regrann from @dark_universe_09 - George Stinney Jr, of African descent, was the youngest person to be executed in the 20th century in the United States. This young boy was only 14 years old at the time of his execution by electric chair. 70 years later, his innocence has just been officially recognized by a judge in South Carolina. From his trial to the execution room, the boy always had his Bible in his hands while claiming his innocence. George was unfairly accused of murdering two White girls (Betty 11 and Mary 7), whose bodies had been found not far from the house where the boy and his parents lived. At that time, all the members of the jury were white. The trial lasted 2H30, and the jury made the decision of his sentence after 10 minutes. The boy's parents, threatened, were barred from taking part in the trial after being ordered to leave the city. Prior to his trial, George spent 81 days in detention without the possibility of seeing his parents for the last time. He was imprisoned alone in his cell, 80 kilometers from his hometown. His hearing of the facts was done alone, without the presence of his parents or a lawyer. George's electrocution charge was 5,380 volts on his head. You can imagine what such an electric shock can have on a young child's head. We will never forgive and will never FORGET! Continue To Rest In Power Odogwu PLEASE SHARE THIS POST! -

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@roswitaritjens ・・・ @josi10.73 • • • • • Regrann from @vox_silentii - Regrann from @wildlivethehearts - Poor baby! It’s so heart breaking to watch😔 Thank you @rosalbaalvernia for your kind heart ❤️ follow ➡️ @vox_silentii .silentii - -

image by Valerie S Ⓥ (@vswolf) with caption : "#Repost @rossellmatt
PLEASE SHARE: There’s a new kid on the block! He’s sweet, scared and hungry, but definitely not" - 1847361602691393976
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@rossellmatt ・・・ PLEASE SHARE: There’s a new kid on the block! He’s sweet, scared and hungry, but definitely not feral. I’m really worried, I’ve seen him almost get hit crossing the street. Can you give him refuge before he ends up dead?

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This world seriously ! 😡 @m.t.vegan

image by Valerie S Ⓥ (@vswolf) with caption : "#Repost @keiko_conservation
Photograph and true words by: @_captain_andrew via our friends @pnwprotectors. "L87 Onyx" - 1847334756603994162
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@keiko_conservation ・・・ Photograph and true words by: @_captain_andrew via our friends @pnwprotectors. "L87 Onyx getting some kelp off his fin. I keep hearing how J pod used to be the most surface active of the three souther resident pods, constantly breaching and playing, but I’ve hardly seen any of that this summer. I guess when you’re slowly starving to death you don’t have much energy for playing." 🌊 HOW CAN YOU HELP ORCAS? Please call! Governor Inslee: ☎(360) 902-4111 / Address: 416 14th Avenue SW Olympia, Wa. Please Ask him to immediately BREACH the lower four snake river dams and HALT all salmon fishing. Extinction is forever. . Kelly Susewind: ☎(360) 902-2200 PO Box 43200 Olympia, Washington 98504 Then go sign the petition in asking for a halt to all salmon fishing in the area!

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@carajadeeeeeeeee ・・・ I'll upload a better video in the morning but ALICE IS WALKING!!!! Thankyou so much everyone for your support during Alice's progress 💗 Thankyou so much Massimo for the wheelchair she needed to build her strength.

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@thedodo ・・・Courtesy of @zaki_al_twal June the raccoon was rescued after she fell out of a tree at only 2 days old, but now she's living the best life with her forever family and dog sibling, Waffles 💙 (📹: @parisandjunecoon)

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@belinda_vegan ・・・ She has already experienced a lifetime of suffering, abuse, despair. She has been repeatedly , impregnated, and brutalized. She has mourned for every one of her that were stolen from her, so that you can consume her body secretions. Her babies were slaughtered as infants, so that you could consume milk, and other dairy products. Is all this suffering worth it? NO! There are many plant-based alternatives available. Ditch DAIRY! Embrace Veganism 🌱 Repost from @earthlingmcginn ・・・ 🔥We have recognized that, as a baseline matter, we must reject slavery because slavery involves treating humans as things that have no intrinsic or inherent value. Treating animals as property is equivalent to saying that animals are just things without any moral value. So if animals matter morally, we must reject their status as commodities. We must embrace veganism as a baseline matter. There’s really no other morally coherent choice. - ▪️ 🔹 - @thesavemovement @melbournecowsave - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - .