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Mike Marchese

Bio UpYourFitness™ Creator of The @Daily_BAR📲 International Calisthenics Coach🌎 Personal Training in SI, NY 🗽

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The grind continues. Old and new coming together. . . 🎶 Song- @neffexmusic "Life" 🎶


Fatigue flow. For longer than I care to admit, I had a slight complex about sharing my training with the world. If a video deviated from my standards, it was immediately deleted and rerecorded. I repeated that process relentlessly, until I captured the "best version of me." The result was fatigue, frustration, and the occasional injury. After 6-12+ consecutive attempts, I was recording a fleeting moment, not physical ability. In time, I realized how shallow intentions stood in the way of my aspirations. My potential as an athlete, coach and professional was bound by pride. All the free internet points in the world can't fix that. I started to gain perspective- not to establish a narrative. That means embracing the good, bad, and indifferent. After all, I think the fitness community could use a bit more transparency. 😅

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Build a foundation on your fundamentals. . .

On our next episode of "I swear this is tougher than it looks!" - Single Leg Walk Out to Unilateral Push-Ups. A challenge for the midsection, hip complex and posterior chain. Not tough enough? Instead of alternating support throughout the set, perform consecutive repetitions on a single leg. The tricky part: Your suspended leg can't touch the ground until the set is over!

After a stressful weekend moving, it felt good to get back in the gym! Developing the tempo and consistency of my game.

I like to keep things interesting with my accessory workouts- currently @rubberbanditz bands and exercises are keeping me busy. How do you like to keep your workouts fun / engaging?

"Those who do not move, do not notice their chains." . .

Highlights from last night's training session. 💥@rubberbanditz assisted full 💥Strict to 💥 Modified Single Arm Rows . .

getting too easy? Say goodbye to high volume sets. It's time to raise the bar with progressions worthy of your gainz! For advanced athletes who favor strength over conditioning, will make you believe in "Life after toes-to-bar" 😇 💪🏻 Toes-to-bar require strength and stability throughout the anterior and posterior chains. Along with intersegmental coordination of the shoulder complex and hips, toes-to-bar can be physically and mentally exhausting. Icecream-makers build off that foundation: Variables like hip alignment, mechanical advantage, and torque make for an increasingly pliable and challenging progression. In the video I progressively decrease resistance for greater , similar to traditional drop sets in weightlifting. After a week off from training, this set did me in! ☠️☠️☠️

Life can pull you in many directions...don't be afraid to pull back. Until I'm down below, the only way to go is UP! 🙌🏻 . .

Get moving. Get grinding. But when all else fails, get weird! Keeping things interesting with a kneeling to combo 💪🏻 . .

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First freestyle of yesterday! Finished off with a workout with my @gripsling wraps and @rubberbanditz bands.

Are you trying to ? Here are 3 quick tips for my progressive athletes out there: 1. STABILITY -> INSTABILITY -Always explore a new pattern, range of motion, or modification from a place of stability. If you can't perform it on stable or supported platform: , , , and the like should be off limits. The same goes for inversions- the wall is your friend, visit it from time to time. 2. UNDERSTAND LEVERAGE Human movement is the result of skeletal shortening and lengthening- opposing gravity, our bodyweight, along with any additional resistance. That resistance's alignment (in relation to our muscles and joints) can be measured in terms of , or mechanical advantage. You don't have to have a degree in to understand leverage. Even casual gym goers should understand it's role in everything from , to , to . The sooner you appreciate movement efficiency, the sooner you can take trial and error out of your training. 3. STOP FIXATING ON YOUR STRENGTHS. Think about your favorite go-to exercises. Chances are, they're also your strongest or most efficient movements. It's easy to gravitate on things that enable our sense of strength and control. By prioritizing your "least favorite" exercise in your regimen, you might turn an old weakness into a new .

NEW GOAL: break my previous PR of a 00:30 straddle planche. There's some work ahead of me... let the gains begin!

Don't worry about 'stealing your gains'. It's been years since I've picked up the dumbbells for a serious ride on the flat bench...fortunately, the 100's still make for a good warm up! training is a great way to build strength and muscle- it's just a matter of maintaining intensity to meet. your goals.

It's been 6 months since my last ring muscle up. Going through my paces and knocking the rust off. 🙌🏻