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Travis Rice (@travisrice) Instagram Profile Photo travisrice

Travis Rice

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In SF I was able to get a sneak peek and tryout this project a good friend of mine @natebosshard has been working on for the past few years that just Launched. It’s pretty wild where modern tech is heading. @tonal has this electric engine where you can do these variable resistant moves and if you struggle it will take weight off automatically. It has buttons in the handles so you get into position then can turn the weight on and off- Check it out! (Not a paid post here, I just think this is really interesting!)


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@alexhonnold and @jimmy_chin teamed up for the journey of Alex’s mind-bottling El Capitan FREE SOLO. So psyched for this film to finally launch.! FREE SOLO, making hard earned achievements feel pretty damn mundane-! Full trailer link in bio-


image by Travis Rice (@travisrice) with caption : "I mean... it doesn’t get much better.. ya @austensweetin 📸@andywrightphoto shooting for Depth Perception. @depthpercepti" - 1839551390838934436
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I mean... it doesn’t get much better.. ya @austensweetin 📸@andywrightphoto shooting for Depth Perception. @depthperceptionfilm Available on ITunes.. @cmh_heli @quiksilver @twsnow @austensweetin

image by Travis Rice (@travisrice) with caption : "Writing stories with @austensweetin . 📸-@fotomaxizoomdweebie @stellarheli" - 1837911422059937832
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Writing stories with @austensweetin . 📸-@fotomaxizoomdweebie @stellarheli

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Had the pleasure of finally seeing North of Nightfall last night in a proper setting! @dberrecloth hell of a project! @camzink fun hanging with you.! It’s available on ITunes! Amazing piece of earth you get to discover in this film @rbmhfilms - @titus___living your a darts Maestro! @oneluckyguy a perfect day? Almost!

image by Travis Rice (@travisrice) with caption : "It’s the weekend.... Go Boarding!" - 1828500415206370602
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It’s the weekend.... Go Boarding!

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Sir Julian Approved! Great crossing paths with @bagels_payne and his crew again at @newyorkredbulls stadium last week! Has been tricking his way around the world! Bailey is worth a follow! @mchamleywatson always a pleasure.. @thewhitewizzard @evan1mack

(le) poisson rouge Report Download 27 2.12K

@kishi_bashi so psyched to catch your show in NYC! Always exceptional, always with heart! Kishi helped us with scores on our last two films and now is working on a Major film called Omoiyari with the help of @jtaylorsmith... link in Bio to check the film teaser! Fun to meet your fellow musicians!

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Ancient wisdom notice... We brought back a preview of @hanahliving’s next product, Turmeric, on our last trip to Bhutan. Not all Turmeric is grown Equally! It is one of the most nutritional supplements I think there is. A powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, the curcumin within it has been proven to help a myriad of bodily functions from brain health to arthritis. It is also fat soluble, so turmeric’s absorption is boosted when taken with a high quality fat source such as Hanah One (which also contains black pepper). I have taken it for years but I am finally sure about quality, potency and supply chain! HANAH Turmeric is 100% pure turmeric (Curcuma longa) grown in its natural habitat in southern Bhutan and hand-harvested by a Bhutanese women’s collective of growers. The purchase of this product supports Bhutan’s efforts to encourage women entrepreneurship and economic community groups, improve livelihood and conserve the country’s rich biodiversity. . . . Looking for Cordyceps mushrooms in the high Alpine with the locals and a pic of the epic team we trekked with up and over 16K feet. Such a fun and rewarding trip🤙🏼...

image by Travis Rice (@travisrice) with caption : "Not to long now.... Riiiight around the corner... ripping @stellarheli with @austensweetin this spring! We have a fire l" - 1819864200034824403
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Not to long now.... Riiiight around the corner... ripping @stellarheli with @austensweetin this spring! We have a fire little edit coming from Austen when summer cools the €#%^ off. @fotomaxizoomdweebie with that on point ca📷pture. @quiksilver @libtechnologies

image by Travis Rice (@travisrice) with caption : "🍻Cheers to the great aerial ocean... Mash up from a few years ago." - 1814882947515690028
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🍻Cheers to the great aerial ocean... Mash up from a few years ago.