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Bio Tool reviews, cool things, tips of the trade and our latest projects.

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So spray painting lawns is a thing now... what are your thoughts on this “genius” plan? 😂😂


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Watching the simplicity of a team doing their job is amazing. I had no idea how many moving parts there were to doing paving. Between the guy in the skid steer scraping up dribbles and parts that get messed up to the dump trucks coming in and refilling the paver to adjusting each side of the paver for the different sides of the road etc. everyone has a job. It was so neat to watch as they went into this culdesac and banged it out like it was nothing else without even thinking about it. Out of all the different types of construction road construction is one of the most puzzling to me. But they did it like it was a normal every day task.


image by Tool In-Hand Construction. (@tool_in_hand_construction) with caption : "What’s your opinion on this? 👇🏻👇🏻 Honest question. With 18v drills and drivers becoming smaller and smaller and in most " - 1872664366604989182
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What’s your opinion on this? 👇🏻👇🏻 Honest question. With 18v drills and drivers becoming smaller and smaller and in most cases more than double the power, do you find yourself reaching for your 12v tools as much? - Personally, the majority of my work is done with 18v tools and I keep 12v tools around mainly for install work or light tasks, but i still drive anything larger than 3” with an 18v tool. - Im not knocking 12v tools on any platform, they do come in handy, but if I had to choose one, it would be 18v all day everyday. - What do you use your 12v tools for or why do you choose to keep them around? -

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Look at this puppy! So far out of all of the lawn mowers I’ve used looked at read about etc. Ferris ranks in the top three for stand on mowers. And I can tell why! Everything is thought out from the controls to the oil filter and the deck adjustment etc. it’s easy to get at. I know that when I’m in the market for a new mower Ferris will be at the top of my list. @ferrismowers

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Now if that isn’t powerstroke power I don’t know what is. That is incredible! On the flip side when my guys want to barrow my truck for the weekend.... I think i know my answer. 😂 @ford

image by Tool In-Hand Construction. (@tool_in_hand_construction) with caption : "So I recently broke my @besseytools_na vice. Any suggestions on what I should get next? #ShopLife #MechanicShop #Mechani" - 1870752348264262135
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We had an opportunity to try the logox this weekend while doing some tree work at my parents place. After this job we all agreed that the logox was the most efficient and easiest way to cut, maneuver and haul logs. This is the timber jack configuration, this allows you to raise your log off the ground right where you are and block it without worrying about the chain hitting the ground! @bigbluelogox

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Walls up and sill plates tight. My buddy is building his own shop and he was tightening his sill plates with a DeWalt impact. It just wasn’t quite cutting it so I grabbed the half inch Milwaukee and got the job done! A little more power makes a large difference. @milwaukeetool

image by Tool In-Hand Construction. (@tool_in_hand_construction) with caption : "King of the hill! 27 yards of fill soil into this job. Really appreciating this simplicity tractor lately. #simplicity #" - 1868500625181165400
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King of the hill! 27 yards of fill soil into this job. Really appreciating this simplicity tractor lately.

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What’s your opinion on control layout? I think toro still has nicest layout for all of the controls between all the brands. I don’t think Toro makes the best stand on mower anymore. But I like where the controls are the best out of all the other brands. What is your opinion, do you guys like a different layout?

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I recently teamed up with Jack from Hartigan lawn and landscape to do this small retaining wall around this new garden. Jack is a very successful business owner here in the Minneapolis area. At age 18 he’s finally gotten his company established enough where he wants to start using IG. Go give him a follow and help him grow! @hartiganlawn

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What do you guys think of this? It’s definitely cool looking but I’m not sure how practical it actually would be. It looks like it’s quality built, but why is this so much better for snow than other things on the market? @altozpower

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Got a case of the Monday’s? I hope this can make you laugh a little. This past weekend I cleaned out my trailer in preparation to sell and upgrade trailers. You never realize how much stuff you have until it’s in a big pile in the middle of your shop inhibiting you from doing anything. @milwaukeetool

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Aside from being in constant fear of being hit in the head with a gulf ball this job site has a beautiful view. With that being said, one of the downfalls of working on a golf course is it has a zero tolerance for damaging the grass. Without this tractor from simplicity this job would’ve had to been done with a wheelbarrow. Moving 22 tons wouldn’t have been fun by hand!

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I know this is a dated vacuum, but I’m still amazed how much suction this thing has. From sawdust to plaster and everything in between it just eats it up! @milwaukeetool

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Billys starting a construction company! Help him grow his company by sharing this promo video with your friends and family.

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Air or electric, which one would you choose? I was surprised how close of a race this was. While the Milwaukee has way more torque than the snap on the air powered done has a more sudden torque. That is what results in such a close race. I love the flexibility that having a cordless impact gives you. However when I’m in my shop I find myself reaching for my snap on more than the Milwaukee. It’s got great power and is often times smaller and easier to get into places. With that said, I keep the Milwaukee in my truck because you never know what you’re going to have to do on the job site. @milwaukeetool @snapon_official