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Bio Gratitude. Mana.

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* swipe left for my @CrazyRichAsians connection. Huge congratulations to my brotha from another, @jonmchu for directing such a brilliant and defining film, . It’s a seminal moment in Hollywood and Asian culture worldwide and couldn’t be more proud for Jon and the cast. @henrygolding @constancewu @awkwafina @KenJeong I partnered with Jon a few years back when he directed me in GI JOE. Very talented dude, who found out very fast I could eat his whole face with one bite. Congrats to Jon and the whole cast. Enjoy your history making weekend!


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You can’t fake and you can’t manufacture it. You can only feel it.. soul. They’ll never be another. Thank you Queen. 🙏🏾❤️💫


image by therock (@therock) with caption : "It’s non stop with me and this lil’ enema lovin’ popcorn fart @kevinhart4real 🍿💨🖕🏾
@kevinhart4real #BrotherlyLove" - 1847505703776073672
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It’s non stop with me and this lil’ enema lovin’ popcorn fart @kevinhart4real 🍿💨🖕🏾 @kevinhart4real

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🔥cue @ballershbo music! TONIGHT at 10pm on @HBO the hottest cable show of the summer is back. Tonight the revolution begins. And I’m gonna take the establishment and all their no good, no balls having motherf*ckers down one by one and brick by brick. My ballers art, imitates my life. It’s personal. TONIGHT 10pm HBO

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Cheers to dreams not coming true 🥃 Not an easy concept to process, but the idea that sometimes our biggest and most important dreams that DON’T COME TRUE are often times the BEST THING that never happened. I’m shooting JUNGLE CRUISE now and right before I get called to set, I look up and see a CFL (Canadian Football League) game on my TV. I do a double take and realize that’s the same field I played on when I played in the CFL. I do a triple take and see the very man who coached and mentored me, but ultimately had to cut me from the team, Wally Buono who is now head coach and GM of the BC LIONS in Vancouver. Playing ball, I was always the “hardest worker in the room” and did everything I could to make the CFL and then hopefully, make it to the NFL where I dreamed of having an All Pro/Super Bowl Champion football career. Instead, I was cut from the team, told I wasn’t good enough - and sent home with $7 bucks to my name. After years of blood, sweat, guts and tears, my dream was over. Fell into depression, didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Eventually, I picked myself back up again, said fuck this and refocused and committed myself to a different path. The rest is history. I’ve been there, so I encourage you to keep working hard and remember that sometimes our dreams that don’t come true, can ultimately become the best thing that never happened.

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Happy Birthday @chrishemsworth you handsome alien looking SOB! Many people in this world are so grateful you were born - I am not one of them. Enjoy your birthday w/ the ohana my brother and see ya down the road. 👽🎂🤙🏾👊🏾

image by therock (@therock) with caption : "Progress thru (parking lot;) pain. *link in bio
Huge thanks to everyone for making our #ProjectRock collections @underar" - 1843873853518300694
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Progress thru (parking lot;) pain. *link in bio Huge thanks to everyone for making our collections @underarmour’s seller worldwide 🌎 Blood, sweat & respect. The first two you give - the last one you earn. Enjoy the gear @underarmour ・・・ Don’t focus on the pain. Focus on the progress. Push through setbacks in @therock’s latest signature collection. Shop now. Link in bio.

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In one day. It’s personal. It’s brutal. @ballershbo @10pm @HBO SUNDAY NIGHT

image by therock (@therock) with caption : "Some real heat 🔥 heading into our season premiere of @ballershbo tomorrow night. 
And Ava DuVerNay @ava is a hungry trai" - 1843737003562554730
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Some real heat 🔥 heading into our season premiere of @ballershbo tomorrow night. And Ava DuVerNay @ava is a hungry trailblazer and brilliant visionary. Love that woman. It’d be my pleasure to work with her one day and dramatically disrupt the game. Til then, enjoy our new season and thank you for the support. ✊🏾🤟🏾 HBO @10pm Sunday.

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Love working with this woman @ChloeDomont on @ballershbo - she’s one of my fav directors. Our new @HBO campaign, highlights female talent behind the camera. Stories come to life BALLERS this Sunday @10pm * Big shout to HBO President Casey Bloys for having expansive, inclusive dialogue and most importantly, taking action with the hiring of people of color and women. Fun fact is Casey and I went to high school together so he knows all my evil ways as a teenager. Not all, but most 😈

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In 3 days. It’s personal. @ballershbo 10pm on @HBO THIS SUNDAY

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*watch ‘til the end and see one of the most awe inspiring & massive sets ever built from scratch. Walt Disney, this one’s for you buddy! 🧢 🤙🏾💫 Officially kicked off our @DisneysJungleCruise start of production with great respect, love, energy & mana. How cool is it that in 1955 when Disneyland first opened, Walt Disney himself, imagined and designed the first ever JUNGLE CRUISE ride. And he was the ride’s first skipper as well! A role that now I have the honor of bringing to life along with my incomparable co-star Emily Blunt ❤️ Heartfelt MAHALO to my home state of HAWAII for once again being a beautiful and exotic backdrop for one of my films. And for welcoming me and our big production back to the islands to help boost some economics and help our hard working locals and businesses. Honestly, this role is a dream come true and my gratitude & motivation to deliver something great is boundless. And 🤯🥃 now I need a drink. Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime... 🚢 🗺🌴❤️