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NYPD FINEST BOXING TEAM (@smoker_talk) Instagram Profile Photo smoker_talk


Bio @SmokerTalk To contact me do not DM. Text me 6463770846

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NYPD FINEST BOXING TEAM (@smoker_talk) Instagram photos and videos

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With Kevin, Paddy's son--a little PBA story about his Dad..


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The Police Academy's Lord Altimore is in.. with something called a Dave-Siev-Special..?? ..suck it up, kid--no one promised you roses.


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Found some talent for the Smoker.. she'll tend bar, you bring the tips!

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Hmmm.. a PROCLAMATION.. the 46 is in.. the 44..? Not so much.

image by NYPD FINEST BOXING TEAM (@smoker_talk) with caption : "In the Detective Bureau.. with the impeccable DI Janis Holmes.." - 1845173688560227056
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In the Detective Bureau.. with the impeccable DI Janis Holmes..

image by NYPD FINEST BOXING TEAM (@smoker_talk) with caption : "Next Smoker Talk Party location.. in The Bronx..??
Maybe, rabbit, maybe..." - 1844579673443917295
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Next Smoker Talk Party location.. in The Bronx..?? Maybe, rabbit, maybe...

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BMW for the Smoker..

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School Safety Division is IN THE SMOKER.. come get it!!

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Special Victims.. special workers.. Walker is in, Aug 23rd Tix with BMW Raffles available only on

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Smoker Talk--talking Big.. really Big!

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Irish Jim Murph from the 75--kinda looks like a Big Thumb, no?

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103 vs 84.. we're sure it's about a girl, but who..?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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TD1-ATU's Melfa comes out swinging..

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@gwenro will be at the Smoker.. Why? Who cares.

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The other half of the academy beef--Luis Cruz.. from the Fighting 17th! (Over a girl?)

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The Guardians answer the DOC open challenge--and guess what? He used to work with the guy.. bad feelings from the past?

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Jordan Clarke from the 81 is back in the Smoker--over a girl.. against Luis Cruz from the 17th.. real Academy beef

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The Polish Fresh Prince from GVSD is in! ..Aug 23rd