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Bio will be back for another season. Stay alert and catch up now with @Showtime.

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image by Homeland (@sho_homeland) with caption : "Consider @mandypatinkin from the #Showtime series #Homeland, which @deadline says had "one of the strongest seasons yet." - 1801026343746273887
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Consider @mandypatinkin from the series , which @deadline says had "one of the strongest seasons yet."


image by Homeland (@sho_homeland) with caption : "Consider @clairedanes from the #Showtime series #Homeland, who @variety says gives a "tour-de-force performance." #SHOem" - 1800367064177528052
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Consider @clairedanes from the series , who @variety says gives a "tour-de-force performance."


image by Homeland (@sho_homeland) with caption : "Consider #Homeland and the "tour-de-force performances by Danes and Patinkin" (@Variety). #Showtime #SHOEmmyFYC" - 1795208341904193425
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Consider and the "tour-de-force performances by Danes and Patinkin" (@Variety).

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The mission was a bloody success. Thanks for joining us all season long! See you for another season of .

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That's a wrap! We'll be back for more next season.

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Trapped in a prison of the mind.

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@clairedanes, @costaronin, and the rest of the cast and crew filming in . How do you predict this season will end?

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Dar stirs up trouble, even behind bars.

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What dangers will the task force encounter when the mission heads overseas?

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Did Carrie make the right sacrifice?

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Allies and enemies. What will happen when the mission moves to Russia?

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Sneaking into hospitals is Yevgeny's m.o.

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Please join us in wishing @ClaireDanes a happy birthday! 🎉Here are some secrets you might not know about the star.

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Fatal flashbacks.

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A Russian spy with blood on his hands. @costaronin

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It's do or die.

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The pen is mightier than the sword.

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To Carrie Mathison. Happy Birthday Carrie!

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Sometimes the only option is to play dirty. Did Carrie and Saul go too far?

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It all connects.

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He said, she said. Who can you trust?

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When was the last time Max and Saul worked together?

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Will the lies continue to spread?

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A little too late. Where will the clues lead Saul next?

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Did Carrie fall directly into Dante's trap?

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Dots are getting connected.

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Carrie went looking for answers but ended up with more questions. If not Wellington, who?

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Not at all what they were expecting. Who's pulling the strings?

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Sneak attack successful. Or, was it?

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On-screen, David Wellington clashes with Carrie Mathison. Off-screen, Linus Roache is a huge @ClaireDanes fan.

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The spy game is on. Catch tonight at 9p/8c on .

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Hiding in plain sight.

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If there’s a job, she’ll get it done. Honoring all women today and every day.

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The mission went to hell. Who's to blame?