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Bio 🎧SAS-ASMR (Main Channel) 🎥SASVlogs (Second Channel) 1 Million+ SAS-SQUAD ⬇️ YouTube Link ⬇️

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ASMR EATING SOUNDS. Candy 🍿 . So crunchy, link is in bio 👆🏻as always. Do you prefer sweet or salty popcorn? Or both? This is both and it’s so good!


image by ❤️SAS❤️ (@sasittube) with caption : "I had so much fun chatting with you guys! It was longer then I intended but THANK YOU for hanging out with me. I love yo" - 1806843808218969836
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I had so much fun chatting with you guys! It was longer then I intended but THANK YOU for hanging out with me. I love you SAS-SQUAD! If you missed it, link is in bio👆🏻.


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ASMR EATING SOUNDS. Fresh giant Lobster claw (from a 15lb lobster). Link in bio 👆🏻. When it comes to seafood, fresh is 100% a way to go if you can find it.....beyond delicious 😋. @seafood_adventures remember I was telling you about this? Hahaa

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ASMR EATING SOUNDS. Cheesy KFC chicken strips. Link in bio 👆🏻. I tried to recreate the cheesy chicken like the ones I had in Thailand. Not exactly the same, but it was pretty darn close. Is chicken and cheese a thing? What do you think?

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Officially announcing SAS-ASMR X2. You can find the direct link to it @sasasmrx2 . As some of you may already know, I’ve had this microphone for sometimes now. So I thought I would put it in good use. For that being said all videos on this channel will be recorded with my 3Dio microphone. If you enjoy binaural (ear to ear) eating sounds, come join the SAS-SQUAD. It’s going to be amazing, I can feel it already!!! . . . Q: Why not just combine it? A: Not everyone enjoys ear to ear sound effects!

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ASMR EATING SOUNDS. So these jewelry candy is basically just agar powder, sugar, water and food colouring! I only eat it for the sounds lol I was on sugar high for so long! Of course I could have put some food flavours in there but nah! Lol. It does make some amazing crunch. Link in bio 👆🏻 for full recipe.

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ASMR EATING SOUNDS. Cheesy Alfredo. As to so many requested “Please do soft squishy pasta sounds”. Here it is. Link in bio 👆🏻. Do you prefer red pasta sauce or white pasta sauce? My husband likes red and I like white 😉. That’s the reason why I often film Alfredo when its a pasta vidoe! Lol 👄

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ASMR EATING SOUNDS. Giant scallops, link in bio👆🏻. Can anyone tell me if I’ve done scallops before on my channel? I can’t remember! Lol But these were amazning. So good! Of course anything is good with my seafood sauce haha. For those who wants to know how to make it check out my cooking vlog! @sasvlogss on YouTube. Happy eating.

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ASMR EATING SOUNDS. McDonalds chicken nuggets. Not my usual exotic food 😂 but delicious every now and then. Thanks to @asmr_eats for my 10:30pm late night cravings 🤤. So good! Link in bio 👆🏻.

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ASMR EATING SOUNDS. Veggie Platter. I really do love my 🥗, do you? Link in bio👆🏻.

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ASMR EATING SOUNDS. Homemade crepe cake. Link in bio👆🏻. Not bad for my first time huh! Check out SASVlogs on YouTube for full how to video. So easy!

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ASMR EATING SOUNDS. Finally got my hands on some Seagrapes!!! These don’t taste like ocean water(salty) like the ones I had in Thailand! These are actually good haha! Link in bio 👆🏻.