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Bio Visual Artist | Photographer | Consultant ——————————————————— Creative Director @ikkiviofficial & @400_things Bookings ~

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image by RHEA GUPTE (@rhea.gupte) with caption : "We breed mediocrity.
Celebrations, aplomb, pedestals,
All exist to tell you where to go.
Just how far you may go.
They b" - 1847932351877601969
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We breed mediocrity. Celebrations, aplomb, pedestals, All exist to tell you where to go. Just how far you may go. They blind your vision To what could be beyond. Curtains to veiled ambitions Limited aspirations. “Dream, but only this much.” Beyond this is unfathomable Beyond this cannot be dreamt It doesn’t exist, it mustn’t. We breed mediocrity In a pool of small fish. You are the biggest, the strongest, the fastest, You stay in this water, thrive here, Till your fins come apart and your mouth dries up You have nobody to look up to, no goals, no mentors, no challenges. The best at your job. You are thriving. We breed mediocrity Through thoughts unsaid and encouragement stolen Through premature claps to what’s supposedly golden Through doubt and numbness and restricted paths Through suffocating words for fiery hearts. We breed mediocrity. ————————————————————————


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One of my favourites yet from my ETHICAL THREADS series commissioned by @ikkiviofficial. With each series I work on, I’m growing and learning about the fashion industry and what I can do to change how things currently are. The more people are aware about the truth behind cheap and fast fashion, the larger our impact can be with the choices we make. If any of you are interested in understanding the concept of what ethical, sustainable, circular fashion is and why it is important, here are a few things which helped me shape my perspective and information on this topic. - Watching the documentary The True Cost. - Reading and actively searching for magazines and online spaces which write about these topics. - Scouring YouTube for interviews and panel discussions covering these topics. - Listening, learning, questioning. :) Photography & Concept | @rhea.gupte Client | @ikkiviofficial ————————————————————————


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In my last post about @400_things I wrote about our founder, Divya, coming to me with a novel idea for e-commerce which immediately got me excited about this project. This idea behind 400 Things is to have a new volume of curated products every month which closely follow a specific visual theme. Our first volume 400 Marshmallows was all things pretty and pastel; as we move into Volume 002 it’s all going to change and keep changing into 003, 004 and so on. This structure reminded me of a slot-machine, wherein as a player, one is unaware of what to expect and there is a sense of excitement attached to the unpredictability of what comes next. I very naturally came upon the idea of using a slot machine animation which subtly communicates what we do. This vision was beautifully executed by our super talented team. I’d be pinching myself in the years to come, if this logo and animation would grow to be recognisable all world round. Always dreaming big and hoping to share as much of this journey with all of you! ^_^ Creative Direction & Photography | @rhea.gupte Logo Design & Identity | Animation | @sndrgb & @pavann3008 Model | @limitlesslivingbylaya Hair & Makeup | @nummmzzz Client | @400_things ————————————————————————

image by RHEA GUPTE (@rhea.gupte) with caption : "Three of my selected artworks are going to be on display at Mars on Venus gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel. The exhibition ti" - 1836329879316977808
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Three of my selected artworks are going to be on display at Mars on Venus gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel. The exhibition titled Still “Life” begins tomorrow and is open for a week. The exhibition aims to explore the boundaries of what is “real” or material, what is still, and what is alive. My work at this exhibition delves into the human emotions of fragility and loneliness represented through inanimate objects. If any of you are around, do visit. The space will be showcasing 22 artists across disciplines and from across the world, curated by the talented Cat Morrison. ——————————————————————

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THE ONLY ROAD AHEAD Day 21 Restarting my at a slow and steady pace. Hats off to everybody who have completed the project by creating consecutively for a hundred days. I found it extremely tough to manage. However, I didn’t feel like stopping it completely as it’s easily one of my favourite self-initiated projects. It allows me to make time to create something which I previously thought impossible to factor into a day. It also teaches me to be patient as making a hundred of anything is hard to achieve and requires a lot of time and effort. Over time, I’ll be sharing all of my previous and new digital artworks on my story highlight titled # 1 0 0 if you’d like to follow the journey. ^_^ ———————————————————————

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Homes of pink and green, Of brick, of lego. Of children and their screams, Of curtains letting go. Indulging in between Scents familiar behind doors, Burying faces deep Into clothes no longer worn. Hear that same doorbell Taste that same wait Curled up in memories, Of all that happened late. Climbing up those stairs Into one heart after another. Lighting up that desk Where once we sat together. ——————————————

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One of my favourite set of images this year! Really enjoyed creating this minimalistic aesthetic for this wonderful brand. I enjoy doing product shoots with very specific end results in mind. I start off by deciding the colour palette, drawing out every frame, figuring out the lighting, the styling and then editing and post processing. It’s a calm and relaxing process to work on these shoots alone in my home studio. I look forward to doing a lot more of these this year and to play around with challenging conceptual ideas and lighting techniques. Photography & Art Direction | @rhea.gupte Client | @swarangdesigns ——————————————————————-

image by RHEA GUPTE (@rhea.gupte) with caption : "My Ethical Threads series continues in association with @ikkiviofficial! ^_^ Those of you who have been seeing my work k" - 1831247596910247422
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My Ethical Threads series continues in association with @ikkiviofficial! ^_^ Those of you who have been seeing my work know that my ongoing series of floating dresses is very dear to me. Being a personal project, I have always struggled with finding time to keep creating for this series, between commissions and other work. So I’m extra, extra happy to take this series forward with IKKIVI and it’s roster of designers this time, who all stand for ethical fashion and personify what this series is about — conversations and education about the fashion industry. The full set will be going up on @ikkiviofficial soon along with each designer’s thoughts, but in the meanwhile I wanted to share one of the images created on a hot and windy day in April this year. Hoping to catch better pace with this series this year. But I feel patient as I could honestly continue this series till I’m eighty and can hold the camera no more. ^_^ Photography & Concept by @rhea.gupte Client | @ikkiviofficial ————————————————————————

When I picked up photography, it was important for me to keep my portfolio versatile. I wasn’t keen to just have fashion photography there. I wanted to explore creating with landscapes, architecture, portraiture, interiors, abstract art... I feel having multiple subjects in your book has it’s pros and cons. Sometimes clients might not know exactly how to work with you. But creating is not just about commissions. A larger and more important part of creating is giving a canvas to your imagination. Glad to have always followed my heart and daydreams when it came to developing my portfolio, and not any other references, rules or ‘this has been done before and worked’ formula. Opportunities like these make it all worth it. Here are a few behind the scenes images I took of our surreal surroundings during our very special @mountainandmoon campaign. Still mesmerised by the day spent here and could have easily continued photographing for many, many more. So much inspiration packed into one beautiful palace! Location Courtesy | @sujanluxury ———————————————————————

Instagram Image by RHEA GUPTE (@rhea.gupte) with caption : "There are people you know all your life and relationships you hold dear to heart for all that time. And then there are p" at Sujan Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur - 1829046822339627747

There are people you know all your life and relationships you hold dear to heart for all that time. And then there are people you meet just for a day or an hour even, and they seem to align with your being like you’ve known them all the while. That’s how I feel about you @audreymariaallen and @ashtonsasha! If we lived in the same city I’m sure we would have been best friends since forever. All the conversations and love and the ease of simply creating to our hearts content... it’s so special working with you and spending time with you. So happy to have added the wonderful @archanaakilkumar to our all girls team this time. Excited for this editorial to be out.✨ Already can’t wait for a repeat, in the meanwhile here is a sneak peek. Photography by @rhea.gupte Styling by @audreymariaallen | @ashtonsasha Hair & Makeup by @ashtonsasha Modelling by @archanaakilkumar Client | @mountainandmoon Styling Credits: Jewellery by @mountainandmoon Top & Skirt by @papadontpreachbyshubhika Location Courtesy | @sujanluxury ————————————————————————

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WE ARE LIVE!🍭 In December last year, I received a call from a super ambitious and creative person. She had a dream of building something so unique and experimental that I instantly fell in love with the idea. Come January, I started working with her as a creative consultant, for her dream @400_things. Like all new ventures, there were challenges aplenty and small victories. The past six months have simply flown by and taught us a lot. Last week I was appointed Creative Director of the company, just days before we went live. It’s been such a joy working with you, Divya! Thank you for bringing me on this journey with you, I look forward to seeing it grow and blossom into a fine entity of it’s own. See this baby take it’s very first steps into the world. Here is Volume 001. PS: I would love feedback of any kind, especially if you happen to visit the website. ^_^ Creative Direction | Photography | Styling - @rhea.gupte Hair & Makeup - @nummmzzz Model - @carolhumtsoe Styling Credits - Client - @400_things.

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Sharing a few of my takeaways from the articles and videos I have been reading and watching about the future of fashion in the last few months. - The fashion industry will eventually become the number one polluting industry in the world, currently at number two, after oil. - This is a ghastly truth and reform can be brought about only with joint efforts from the government, brands and consumers. - As consumers we can do our part by 1. Buying less 2. Re-using and re-wearing our clothes. 3. Buying second hand or vintage. 4. Buying from brands who care about the environment and the people making their clothes. 5. Questioning our purchase by asking who made this, where was this made and in what conditions. - This education needs to happen at every level, right from teaching children to senior citizens, so we have more and more awareness. - Over 50% of fast fashion clothing produced simply ends up in landfills, polluting the earth. Most of the fabric used is not biodegradable and ends up covering the earth toxically forever, unless in the rare case it is recycled. - The only way to change this is to make fashion circular. Which means to have zero waste produced in the making of the garment and to make garments such that they can be integrated back into the soil with no damage to the environment, once the garment has run out of use. We are years away from making this a reality on a large scale. But in the meanwhile let’s be mindful, let’s do our research and let’s make the changes in our life. Each one counts. PS: I’m always looking to learn more about this topic so if you have any recommendations of books, movies, websites, I’d love to know. Sneak peek from some new work. Creative Direction, Photography, Styling @rhea.gupte Client - @ikkiviofficial .

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The marshmallows are coming! ^_^ One project I have been working on since late January this year is to launch soon! I can’t contain my excitement, this one is too special, a complete labour of love. The best part is that I get to work with the most passionate team, throw around ideas and have long productive discussions. We have big, big dreams from this one. Creative Direction | Photography | Styling - @rhea.gupte Model - @carolhumtsoe Hair & Makeup - @nummmzzz Client - @400_things Special thanks to my production rock stars for the day @400things_official @maanchi_agarwal who really toiled away for two days straight with me. @katrin_washere wish you were there too, you were missed!🖤 .

image by RHEA GUPTE (@rhea.gupte) with caption : "Three of my selected artworks are currently on display at KöIn (Cologne, Germany) at the INDERNET exhibit along with thi" - 1794133387893978859
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Three of my selected artworks are currently on display at KöIn (Cologne, Germany) at the INDERNET exhibit along with thirty talented artists. This one titled ‘FLESH’ is one of them. If any of you are around, do go see it, everybody’s work looks so beautiful and inspiring! The exhibition is open now until the 8th of June from 3:00pm to 8:00pm at Werft 5 — Raum für Kunst. I’ll share more about this soon, so all of you can experience it through your screens too. ^_^ .

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Hi! 👋🏽 Five of my selected artworks from the Escape On An Aeroplane series are now on (@floatingcanvasco) They are available for purchase on a subscription basis through affordable monthly instalments, in sizes ranging from A5 to A2. If any of you fancy these and would like to have them in your homes, offices or any other spaces do give the above website a visit. While you are there, do see beautifully curated artworks from other Indian artists too. ^_^ .

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My ongoing series KENSHŌ is one of those kinds I itch to work on every single day. What’s not to love about spending a full day looking at beautiful flowers inside a computer screen? My idea of a perfect day in fact. ^_^ Making these is a long process though, each piece sometimes takes over ten hours to finish, so I have saved this itch for a couple of months later. Do any of you also calculatedly postpone certain goals? I find it satisfying and relaxing as it’s waiting for me in the near future. Just waiting for me to reach it at the right time. :) This series started when @dsgnfbrc asked me to create a piece for their Gender Issue and since then I’ve been expanding it in various ways.

Instagram Image by RHEA GUPTE (@rhea.gupte) with caption : "#the100dayproject 
Day 1
A few days back my sister and I were talking on the phone as usual while we worked. S" at Goa, India - 1760238141741982136
Goa, India Report Download 10 643

Day 1 ‘RICKETY’ A few days back my sister and I were talking on the phone as usual while we worked. She told me about The 100 Day Project and how she wanted to be a part of it, but wasn’t sure if she’d be able to make the time. Since the year began both of us have been working hard on our respective commissioned projects with not much time to spare, so I knew what she meant. Yet, I encouraged her wholeheartedly and said that it’s always possible to take out 15 minutes or half an hour a day to work on this. She figured out a schedule and started working on the project (@theblckpen), while here I was wondering, if I could encourage her to go for it, I should too! So for the next 100 days I’m going to be creating different kinds of digital artworks. I’m hoping to create them in under 45 minutes but let’s see how that goes. Within the digital art space I’m keen to work on photo manipulation, photo colouring, typography, gifs and perhaps even something 3D should time permit on some day. The first one I created for the project is a photo manipulation of a building next to my hotel during my stay in Maldives. I loved how the light and reflection played with the windows. It took me roughly an hour and a half to create this. I made this while listening to Erik Satie and Ravel. View the progress of this project on my story highlights. ^_^

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🎵On an Island🎵