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Bio E x p a n d Y o u r M i n d

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Earl is god forever


image by @p_a_t_h_o_s187 with caption : "Indeed"- 1864670728202629766
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Jessooos thats my voice

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image by @p_a_t_h_o_s187 with caption : "DiG thE FiT"- 1859867026258372079
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DiG thE FiT

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image by @p_a_t_h_o_s187 with caption : "First day of high school got four more years"- 1846845055371229899
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First day of high school got four more years

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Heh heh huh huh huh heh huh hee

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#\'( /[\

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Im ehhhhh with how its coming

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I know that im late with this but that's the point i didn't post anything like this with x because right after his death most people were mourning his death and posting stuff like this but a large amount were just posting these because it was the most popular subject. I just wanted to say rest in peace to jaseh, he truly and i mean truly was an inspiration to me with his positivity and versatility in his music. Everyone was calling him fake for the amount of emotion he was portraying and how he started doing positive things with how his past was but he was truly just trying do be a better person and live a better life and was completely honest about everything he was going through so as i said rest in peace.

image by @p_a_t_h_o_s187 with caption : "(:*_*:)"- 1826718690915641873
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1 month

image by @p_a_t_h_o_s187 with caption : "A"- 1825894580643754323
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image by @p_a_t_h_o_s187 with caption : "Hippie boi hikin the woods"- 1823095192506608616
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Hippie boi hikin the woods

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Good times, and i stg i dont know how u kids from mets dont see how i looked like a taller anthony v

image by @p_a_t_h_o_s187 with caption : "I just saved a doggo it was pretty awesome ill post the story in a lil bit"- 1820617972055866483
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I just saved a doggo it was pretty awesome ill post the story in a lil bit