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Bio Just Being Myself...Daily! Doing What Make sense To ME! Find ME on Facebook Videos&Pics 4 Days ..TrexTrexTrez !

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I fall outta Bed , Shower 🚿Polish Me Teet Dem , Then Its All Bout That [Fasted ] Because , 👨🏾‍🍳🔪Plus ‼️ ⭐️ ☕️ (Vegan Sausage,Vegan Ground, 3 Difference Brands Of Vegan Burgers , Tilapia,Tuna Steak,Whole Eggs, Etc )

image by NinjaBwoy (@ninjabwoy2323) with caption : "Elite Super Stoner ( If there is such a Thang 🧐💨) ! 🎵Been Blitzed Most Of My Life 🎵( Broken Bones-Love INC) for those Wh" - 1803355187412644325
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Elite Super Stoner ( If there is such a Thang 🧐💨) ! 🎵Been Blitzed Most Of My Life 🎵( Broken Bones-Love INC) for those Who Know ❕❕ ⭐️

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[SWIPE -Left] Sometimes the Simplest Things In Life Can Bring MUCH-Happiness 🙏🏾 Every-Ting Else is a Ras Cleeting Bonus ...‼️Cause Im a Quack-Job So WE Move Like Dis🔥💫💥🤘🏾.. ⭐️ 😎 (Saturday Fight/Day) ( on MY-Time 🤨) (HOLD DAT @_ninja_boss 😂)

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OH the GLORY I Feel , From Training HARD Like STEEL ❕❕””SKLOOSH “”❕❕Same Day of Course .. Video Clip Excerpt 🎒

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When the only Person U a Try Keep Up With is “” Your-Gosh-Dang-Self”” It’s Fight:Week 😃 So We Hype all Week as Per Usual 😎 Type [ISH] or as I like to put it ,Ya Dig‼️ inspired by the (Jets -Setta) @fred_bricks ⭐️

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(SWIPE-Left ) •Same•Day• ..The /Afternoon To Edition 😎..After My Dojo Session it’s all about dem ☀️ to Mode, ⭐️ cipher & Switch-Gears to HYPER-MODE🌪💯 & a Late Night✅ ...Whaaaaaat😃 My First Born (19) Rolled Up on Her Dad‼️ Skloosh✊🏾& Da Rest is PIC-TORY.. 🔥.. ( I DONT PLAY VIDEO GAMES) 📈

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(SWIPE-Left)..Like I like to say “ We Do this GRAM-Thang-Different “🤨Take a Bunch Of Pics Threw-out the day & Day Ras Outta Dem & Post Em ...Ya Dig..😂{DAY Edition ❗️❕} Type “”ISH” ⭐️ (1:07-2:27 pm session ✔️)

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Swipe Left ... ♥️ All afternoon/Evening, with MY first Born ( 19 )...After Da Gym Had To Do the 🎥 movie “Ting” was Sooo “Bling”-12 Out Of 10-👍🏾can’t wait to see it Again (at home 😂) , had ME Making , & Pit Stops 😕, Grown Woman Now, spends Her Own $$ 🤨,She’s Got a Job 🙏🏾‼️ ⭐️ 🇨🇦 🎬 ☀️ (Always ) @popeyes_hamilton ( Best Service ) SKLOOSH ❕

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Had To Get a Quick [BangerBwoy] Session in Before I Got to go do the Friday Afternoon Movie TING ....(next post will explain) 😎.. •Always 🐟 ⭐️ ☀️ @g_alwaysready100 Rolled Up on this (Great Seeing Ya Bro) {Big-Boy STATUS}👊🏾💥🦍 ....Skloosh ‼️