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Nature Animals Travel (@naturee) Instagram Profile Photo naturee

Nature Animals Travel

Bio 🍃 Explore wildlife🐅 🐯 Most beautiful animals in the world ❤️ I love my followers 📩 DM for credit/removal

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What would y’all do if you saw this? 🐍😳 @TheRealTarzann


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Don’t you just hate when someone interrupts your nap time?! 😴😡 via @snagfish 💙 This guy totally could have enjoyed this funny scene without poking the little guy. 👉😡 Comment your thoughts below. 👇


image by Nature Animals Travel (@naturee) with caption : "Happy Lion
Credit: @markjdrury" - 1850273621195322218
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Happy Lion Credit: @markjdrury

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Caracal is a species of medium sized wild cat. It looks like a close relative of lynx, even though they are not genetically related. Caracal can be found in Africa, southwestern parts of Asia and Middle East. It inhabits dry and arid regions, woodlands, scrublands, savannas, evergreen and mountain forests. It avoids tropical rainforests. Caracal is often killed by farmers which are trying to protect their livestock. Luckily, population of caracals in the wild is still large and stable. These animals are not on the list of endangered species.🐆

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Meanwhile in Alaska this giant wandering in the streets at midnight...🦌

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I am so happy to see that these people did their best to help the shark get back in the water!🦈 I am not sure how he got there but I hope he is okay after getting back in the water. If someone has more information on this video I’d love to hear and it will be appreciated❤️

image by Nature Animals Travel (@naturee) with caption : "Real or fake?
What do you think🧐" - 1848897845334045982
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Real or fake? What do you think🧐

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Blanche ain't afraid of no goat 😜 From @beahappyhomestead

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Caption this! Look at this fish, what is going on here?! 😂 😳 How crazy is that? 🤣 Follow @naturee for more Video by @junghu21 Via @rhmsuwaidi

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“Wait a minute, what's that?" 🦁🙀 Via @ggconservation

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Giraffe has ticks removed, during our Durban safari with Tim Brown Tours🦒

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A peacock showing its feathers🦃