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Natalie Noé (@natalieknowsfitness) Instagram Profile Photo natalieknowsfitness

Natalie Noé

Bio I help people enrich their lives through CBD, Nutrition, & Fitness Founder & CEO @cbd_skincare_company Programming 👉🏼@theasswod @superfreshclothes

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Natalie Noé (@natalieknowsfitness) Instagram photos and videos

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Happy Friday Instagram fam. One hour upper body workout from start to finish - that’s all it took to feel totally toasted. 💪🏼 Bookmark it for a good upper body day!👇🏼 Do the main strength (Part A) for 4 sets and the rest of the super sets for 3. Pick a range of 5-8 reps for the first part and go as heavy as you can for your actual working sets. For Part B - go higher in your reps (8-10). For Part C - pick lower weights and do higher reps (12-15). Add eccentric tempo for a real mind muscle connection, and burn in your training. __ Warmup 5min Z1 Blood Flow work + 3 sets for quality: 12 Standing Dual DB OH Press 60 Second Plank 20 Jumping Jacks 30 Dubs __ A1) Close Grip Bench Press A2)Neutral Grip Pull Up B1)Seated Anrold Press B2)Pronated Seated Cable Row C1)Single Arm Elbow on Knee External Rotation C2)Bent Over Lateral Raise __ Anyone cop these leggings today on @superfreshclothes drop? If you didn’t and you’re mad about missing all the limited edition fun, download the app on iTunes. My code is NAT10 for discounts on all the limited edition drops. . . . .

@thenewclassic errday shmood . . . . (THESE shorts are unreleased and coming soon so make sure you check my story/highlights tab and download the app to see what items are dropping today- don’t sleep😴) ___ Nat10 for a discount on today’s drop Gotta download the app in iTunes ☝🏼 @superfreshteam @superfreshclothes

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You don’t have to always have the perfect workout conditions to get your shit done. 🤓 You know when it’s like SUPER busy after ‘work hours’ and if you leave your equipment for a second it’s jacked... Or it’s really small corners and you don’t have room to really move about. Just plan ahead. ☝🏼 Think about what you’re going to do when you get there beforehand, and don’t be discouraged if you have to make some modifications just to get it done. 👌🏼 Showing up and doing what you can do with intention is all that matters, a little extra effort goes a long way! _ For example: today my workout required equipment from two separate gyms... I didn’t have time to go to both places today, (sometimes I really PLAN ahead to split my workout and make that happen, but that’s just me 🤷🏻‍♀️) instead of saying “eh I’ll just skip cardio today and do it another day”... I did the best I could with the resources I had and I felt proud walking out that I did what I committed to! Here was the Wod: D)AMRAP x 8 minutes 12 wall balls 6kg 8 Toes to bar 12 cal row I got 4 rounds and 3 wall balls 🤢 .

Instagram Image by Natalie Noé (@natalieknowsfitness) with caption : "You have to stop worrying what everyone else is doing and spend time figuring yourself out.
[if you want to be happy]
" at Saint Petersburg, Florida - 1871875570780659782

You have to stop worrying what everyone else is doing and spend time figuring yourself out. [if you want to be happy] _ You must build yourself up, even if it’s from the mud. - You must surround yourself with people who speak to your future rather than your past. - And you must be willing to work. When you become lazy it’s only disrespectful to those who believe in you, especially yourself. _ Trust me, I know it’s REALLY scary. I’ve been taking the road less travelled my whole life and I could not be going where I am if I didn’t just JUMP into the uncertain and unknown. - We have a world of so much comparing and critiquing, and not enough action. So forget what the others are doing... and just take a giant leap for what YOU believe in. . . . Shorts are on sale and by @frandenim {nat10 for a discount} Check out my organic CBD skincare company @cbd_skincare_company ______________

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Front Rack Holds Front Squats Barbell Hip Thrusts Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlift @theasswod __ That’s what I did today. I warmed up well, and focused on what I was doing while I was doing it. I worked up to hard working sets and pushed through the reps with that difficult load. That is how you get strong. This is how I strength train. I got like 20 emails today saying almost the same thing... “I do cardio everyday and I’m still not seeing results.” “I don’t want to lift too much weight too often, I’m afraid I’ll get bulky.” “I am scared to eat all that you’re saying I need to, I don’t want to get fat.” “I want to look like you how do I do it.” I understand these concerns and irrational fears!!! Day in and day out I’m showing you how its done. I beat my eating disorder and took control of my life and my body. This is exactly how I did it. So when I respond and tell you there is NO BETTER time than now to get started, and this is exactly the plan of action, day in and day out... And I hear nothing back, I know it’s because the fear of changing is greater than the discomfort of staying the exact same. I get it, I’ve been there. My coach doesn’t baby me, in two years he’s rarely ever told me “good job.” That’s exactly how it needs to be. Why? Because this isn’t elementary school. I am a grown ass woman, living my life for me. It doesn’t matter who you are or your pedigree. You MUST put yourself first or everything in your life will ultimately suffer, first and foremost.. yourself. The only difference between me and anyone who’s still not ready... is that I just made a decision to try my best every single day, no matter what. Not for my coach, not for the PR for the day at my gym, not for the likes on social. I got tired of being sick and tired. It was enough motivation for me to never want to go back to that place again. What about you? Are you tired of being sick and tired yet? . . . . .

Instagram Image by Natalie Noé (@natalieknowsfitness) with caption : "How to build an ass in a few simple steps:
1. Please throw away your resistance bands.
Just kidding but limit them " at Boca Raton, Florida - 1871124893980719931

How to build an ass in a few simple steps: 👌🏼👌🏼 1. Please throw away your resistance bands. Just kidding but limit them to your warm up, you don’t need to use them for compound lifts at all. These glute activation videos you’re seeing all over @instagram are just that, ACTIVATION for recruiting your muscles and giving you a pump of blood flow to the area. That isn’t how we BUILD muscle. _ 2. Lift heavy, (start between 4-6 reps but DEFINITELY with proper form, build this weight up over a period of time to prevent injury.) So for example if you’re going to squat, start the first few sessions doing full range of motion(after a good ol’ dynamic warmup and glute activation if you should fancy it☝🏼) with a weight selection that allows you to do about 12 reps. Each subsequent session slowly increase the weight and lower the reps. _ 3. Eat!! How do you expect your muscles to grow if you don’t feed them?! I base a lot of my food choices on nutrient dense whole foods to ensure this ass gets fed. I don’t rely on supplements and protein bars to meet my daily requirement. I don’t restrict or stay in a caloric deficit for too long. I take diet breaks and make sure I’m filling out. You can’t get “toned” if there is no muscle to begin with. You NEED to go through a period of a strategic surplus or at the very least maintenance to make progress growing. {this is ESPECIALLY true for women 💅🏼} _ 4. Use compound lifts; Squats, Deadlifts, Barbell Lunge, Romanian Deadlift, Bulgarian Split Squat, Hack Squat, Hip Thrust....there are SO many to choose from and some many ways to implement them. _ 5. Don’t be a 🐱 & remember it takes time to grow “lean” muscle (all muscle is lean 😏), enjoy the process and have fun, but most importantly STAY CONSISTENT! Don’t fall for the hype. Just do it 💫😍 ___ 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Drop your booty building concerns and questions in the comments and I’ll answer! . . . .

image by Natalie Noé (@natalieknowsfitness) with caption : "Your goals don’t care if it’s Sunday.
Seek balance, but don’t make excuses a habit!
You can have fun without self destru" - 1869793986442862092
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Your goals don’t care if it’s Sunday. Seek balance, but don’t make excuses a habit! You can have fun without self destructing; don’t be reckless undoing all the hard work you’ve done this week. STAY FOCUSED! __ Try something new today to get centered for a week ahead - go to and use code nat10 at checkout for two weeks free. Your body AND mind will THANK YOU! (@movementvault ) . . . . Shorts @frandenim (nat10 for a discount)

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♨️♨️♨️ ___ Managed some relatively heavy power cleans in a clean complex and jerked for the first time in a long time (that’s what she said 🤫) Mucho booty burn today. Lots of pistols that felt VERY EASY too. @coach_barrias ___ Leggings @superfreshclothes I own every color of the rainbow and they are my favorite 🌈⚡️ . . . . .

Instagram Image by Natalie Noé (@natalieknowsfitness) with caption : "Turning A ‘FAT ASS’ into A STRONG ONE!

Pictures: Dec 5 2017/ Jan 10 2018/July 4 2018/ Sep 14 2018
*To learn more ab" at Saint Petersburg, Florida - 1868285967423272881

Turning A ‘FAT ASS’ into A STRONG ONE! Pictures: Dec 5 2017/ Jan 10 2018/July 4 2018/ Sep 14 2018 ___ *To learn more about changing your body composition - you can find my best selling nutrition ebook via the link in my bio, or contact me for training and coaching info. __ If your glutes aren't strong, your entire lower body alignment may fall out of balance. This causes problems such as Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, tendinitis of the knee, and iliotibial band syndrome. When the glutes are not strong enough to do their job of extending the hip and pushing the body forward, other muscles not as well designed for the job take over. The hamstrings, low back, quadriceps and calves may become disproportionately strong, increasing your risk of injury. Haven't you at some point experienced any lower back pain or any of the above when training will overall "proper" functional form? __ That's because if you're like me, somewhere something is compensating- you're working harder to generate power that is for the most part.. displaced. __ Strong glutes support the back. When your glutes aren’t activating as they should, your psoas muscle, a hip flexor that runs from the spine to the legs compensates. An overstressed psoas causes back pain and compression in the lower lumbar vertebrae. Although not all back pain is a result of weak glutes, but it can be a contributing factor in many cases. __ The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body and can produce an enormous amount of power. We must strengthen this muscle to sprint faster, become more agile, jump higher, cycle more powerfully and lift heavier weights during squats and deadlifts, and most obviously EXTEND vertically to execute highly technical Olympic lifts. A strong glute complex makes training less taxing on your system so you can work at higher capacities. . . . Coached by @coach_barrias ____ *please do not discuss my body under these photos. These images are UNEDITED. There is NO alteration on these photos.

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Stanky leg harder than meeee - I broke my sacrum, coccyx, and pelvis about 10 years ago so this is what we gotta work with fam. Sometimes I get better, sometimes I regress, but I do what I can with what I got and I am grateful! Eternally thankful to @coach_barrias for helping me commit to fixing my body for the long haul! . . . . Sports Bra & Deadlifts and Doritos limited edition t @superfreshclothes (nat10 for a discount - NEW DROPS TOMORROW) . . . . .

image by Natalie Noé (@natalieknowsfitness) with caption : "Food for thought 😎
You can plan, plan, and plan but you can’t plan for everything 🙏🏼
Rest your brain today, be present" - 1867515900423196080
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Food for thought 😎 You can plan, plan, and plan but you can’t plan for everything 🙏🏼 _ Rest your brain today, be present, and lean on a loving force greater than yourself. _ Whether it is god, an energy source, belief system, or anything that gives you strength to have hope, and trust. _ Recognizing there is a power so much greater out there than just our own selves, makes us so powerful. It allows us to connect to others and spread the light we may feel is dimmed within at times. _ Be present. Be of service. Get out of your own way. Watch your life and purpose become much more clear. Not only has this practice saved my life, it has helped me share that with those who NEED IT! . . . . . . @ltevebaugh

Fam if I had a dollar for every time I wasn’t in the mood to workout...and then another dollar for getting it done anyway... Dinner would still be on you 🤭🤗 . . . . Leggings always @superfreshclothes (nat10 for a discount - new drops on FRIDAY)

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We will never forget. I remember where I was that day and my father picking me up from school covered in soot. He had tear stains on his face through the black smudges. I remember feeling terrified and not understanding what was going on. I remember like it was yesterday. Today we honor, remember, pay tribute and respect to those who lost their lives and sacrificed to help those who were affected by the tragedy and terrorism that happened on Sept 11th 2001.

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I would love to train glutes everyday but that’s not how we grow ✊🏻 Join me on @theasswod 2.0 program and let’s get swole 💪🏼 __ Thanks you always @scott_turbo_fitness for opening your doors 😘 . . . .