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@zoeylisious ❤❤❤❤


Mrunalthakur (@mrunalofficial2016) shared  Image on Instagram - 1786537111533861431
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Mrunalthakur (@mrunalofficial2016) shared  Image on Instagram - 1786495883756839274
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Do you have someone in your life who misses you and cry when you are not around? Well I do .... Why is her name miss blender .. it should be miss drama queen.... What would I do without you doll... dam Ok ok Straight to the point .... Happy birthday my gorgeous sister You deserve the best always remember that ...

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Perfect takeoff hehehe Yes I was taking videos of tourists ...I didn’t Capture their last expression which were filled with joy... dam missed it ....

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I so want to cycle on the streets of TAIWAN 🇹🇼 AGAIN.....

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❤❤❤❤ Happy anniversary ma pappa 🤗

Instagram Image by Mrunalthakur (@mrunalofficial2016) with caption : "Those eyebrows ..... While filming Love Sonia" at Hollywood Sign and City of Los Angeles overlook - 1782560125195074836

Those eyebrows ..... While filming Love Sonia

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I ate soooooo much that day ! Just couldn't dance ahhh God. But what Energy man... I wanna go back to @thewestinpushkar ! And I must say girls out there doing ghomar were fab!! Jhappi toh banti hain P.s --Second promo of @fitzupofficial is out ...

Instagram Image by Mrunalthakur (@mrunalofficial2016) with caption : "What a beautiful fort visit it was !
Guys do read about Panhala fort... it's close to Kolhapur in Maharashtra ,India.

A" at Panhala, Maharashtra, India - 1775577182899657166

What a beautiful fort visit it was ! Guys do read about Panhala fort... it's close to Kolhapur in Maharashtra ,India. Ambarkhana The Amberkhana, situated in the center of the fort, were three granaries built in the Bijapuri Style of architecture. They enabled Shivaji to withstand a 5-month siege by Siddhi Johar .It consists of three buildings called the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati Kothis. The Ganga kothi, which was the largest, had a capacity of 25,000 khandis. Rice, Nachni and warai were the major provisions stored.Stairs on both sides lead the top of the buildings. It has sixteen bays each with its own flat vault with a hole on top through which grain used to be passed.The eastern entrance has a domed chamber with a balconey and plasterwork of the Bijapuri style. ☝️this I copy pasted incase you wanna read here .