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Maria Holee (@mjholee) Instagram Profile Photo mjholee

Maria Holee

Bio Wife. Mother. Co-owner @jeffersoncitycrossfit CF Level 2. CF Gymnasty. Outlaw BB. AttitudeNation. EndertonStrength. OnBalanceSeminar. Only Way Is Up

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Great day to play soccer in some warm weather. It's hard to get more soccer action on video. Love watching my always, always, always go all in. s @jakeholee


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I really feel like I need one of these. Nothing like a great belly laugh.


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Man I love this guy. @jakeholee . Been a super full weekend. All day soccer tomorrow. Jonna had her first iceskating lessons. Ben got to help Dad in the big moving truck. Still going strong.

image by Maria Holee (@mjholee) with caption : "Moving "day" date with this handsome guy. #HeIsTheSupervisor #IJustListen #WhenDoWeEat #TeamCasey #GoNoahGo" - 1863283130929126421
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Moving "day" date with this handsome guy.

Great to have you dropping in this week @theericaferguson! I have gotten to know so many amazing souls through this community. Grateful heart.

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Haaa. First, watch me give the barbell my "Grrrr" and a few words. I laughed out loud watching this. Then I decided to try it again and hit it! 155 for 3. I am pretty certain this is a PR. Yay for Fridays and Barbells. What a week! @jeffersoncitycrossfit

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Fierce inspiration. @serenawilliams • • • • • If you don’t dare to try and chase your dreams, you'll rob yourself the joy of doing it. Don't just dream it.

image by Maria Holee (@mjholee) with caption : "TGIM. Where did that weekend go? #GratefulHeart" - 1855193358037899061
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TGIM. Where did that weekend go?

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Big Friday! Jonna won Halo Winner for the week in her 3rd grade class! Ben is really enjoying all the new things he is learning playing the clarinet. Who doesnt break it out on a Friday night? I had a joyous lunch with my hot friend @rscmuenks and had THE best, most needed, belly laughs. And Mama Mia hit 190 on her clean tonight. Solid hits working up to it and only 5lbs below my lifetime best. Then fit in a quick workout before coaching some of the most amazing people. There is no other thing that lifts my heart more coaching members at JCCF. Next up soccer tournament all weekend watching my favorite . thanks for the great program!! Loving it.

Instagram Image by Maria Holee (@mjholee) with caption : "JCCF Nation. #1301CreekTrailDrive 
CrossFit. Come try a free class. Bring a friend. Sweat. Laugh. Get Better.

#CrossFit" at Missouri - 1853217034473644468
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JCCF Nation. CrossFit. Come try a free class. Bring a friend. Sweat. Laugh. Get Better. @JeffersonCityCrossFit

Maria Holee (@mjholee) shared  Image on Instagram - 1853079659793671955
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The exact way I look everytime I approach the bar. One small moment to visualize the lift and a driven force staring into space. I can count a few athletes and coaches I have come across that give me constant reminders to do everything with intention. Action with a purpose. When the bar is heavy I like to give myself a little pep talk. Focus and visualization are tools for any trade. The mere fact that you have pictured in your mind success half the battle is conquered. Some would say 90% is. And then I state to myself: "Strong Mind. Strong Body." And any day I hit 90% of my Snatch. It's a really good day. Cheers to all the Moms. Working hard daily. Getting in minutes to invest inself.

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When @ironkladtraining comes to visit and I talk him into one round of the 31 Minute Amrap we are doing after snatches. Winning. HeavyThruster/ropeclimb/boxjumps/400MeterWreckbagCarry

When you think you are going to miss any amount of training due to work you find the time. Then you get 18 Strict pullup matching my personal best! Shout out to 72 year young @mikeburgener who I had the pleasure of conversation with at the CF Games. Asking him what he did to stay in shape. Thoroughly enjoyed the story he told me of his custom built pullup bar on his tacoma. And thats a 7 rep Bench Press PR! 135# First 5 I didnt move my feet.. Ha! Then there might have been a few dance steps. Enjoy the celebratory scream. I wasn't expecting to be able to do that today. And the best moments are still when you surprise yourself of your ability. Physically or mentally. Always remember where you started and the small steps you take each day to make yourself better. A little over two years ago my 1 rep was 135. Soooo... ❤ is happy. Little by little...

Worked on some weaknesses today. What's that saying? Ten thousand reps...

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Big Clean Complex. After I completed it I was immediately reminded how hard it was when I did it over a year ago. 5lbs down from then. But heavier sets leading to goal weight. It was a mental battle telling myself it could be done. Must be my new @virusintl compression tights. Same

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Back to the real world after watching so many amazing athletes! I would be lying if I didnt say I have a huge soft spot for the Masters Athletes. And congrats to Big Noah! Congrats to @brookewellss. Hometown super heroes! Now in the office, at home, and squeezing in my lunch break wods. So GREAT to be home. Missed the gym. My JCCF peeps. Even enjoyed working out with the kids and a flex session yesterday. Man, those two are fast at situps. Hard to believe we are one week out from school starting. @ComptrainMasters