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Bio Your ultimate guide to fitness, health, weight loss, nutrition, sex, & style 💪 | Click here for content from our feed 👇

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Mad skills.


image by Men's Health (@menshealthmag) with caption : "#MondayMotivation #Repost @officialslystallone
And interesting picture. This is one hour before Rocky came out. Just" - 1850255218148079407
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@officialslystallone ・・・ And interesting picture. This is one hour before Rocky came out. Just 60 short minutes later , my whole world flipped upside down and would never be the same. I Thank you all for that… PS, I’d like to add that just 2 years earlier I worked as an usher at that theater and the one down the street called the Baronet...


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Looking to chisel your triceps? Give this routine from @ebenezersamuel23 a shot: •Dumbbell skullcrusher/JM press combo: 4 sets, 12-14 reps •Pause dips: 4 sets, 10-15 reps •Kneeling resistance band pressdown finisher: 3 sets

image by Men's Health (@menshealthmag) with caption : "New threads, looking sharp. (📷: Marco Luzzani/@gettyimages)" - 1848801076204352406
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New threads, looking sharp. (📷: Marco Luzzani/@gettyimages)

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Happy Friday — unless you're one of these people.

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Celeb trainer @dragonmasterbri provides the blueprint for @markwahlberg's body. The effort is up to you.

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@jtm_fit ・・・ Got outside today and put in some work💪🏻 Upper body and core. Being able to control your own bodyweight is a key component in being as functional as possible. It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about performance and the ability to perform any task at any time • •

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@johnkrasinski ・・・ Ok, so first vid over a minute. I’m 92 years old. Let’s try this again. Challenged by @prattprattpratt to do 25 push-ups for a great cause called MVP. check it out and donate at @therock and @ChrisEvans you’re up!

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😮😮😮 @menshealthza ・・・ To add some inspiration to your week, here's German surfer Sebastian Steudtner (@sebastiansurfs) tackling one of the biggest waves ever surfed! Steudtner surfed the estimated 35m wave earlier this year in Portugal's Silver Coast. Here's to tackling whatever challenge comes your way this week! 📷: @javier.goya

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These ladies set a high bar. Try to keep up.

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For more like this, buy his book (link in bio) @bobbymaximus ・・・ Looking for a recipe to grow some big ass, sidewalk cracking arms? All you need is 20 minutes, an empty barbell, and a heartfelt desire to hurt yourself. It’s pretty damn simple. Set a clock for 20 minutes and then do as many reps of bicep curls as possible. I do partial reps to keep constant tension on the muscles. I also don’t bother counting. I just shut my brain (and pain receptors) and go until I can’t go anymore. I don’t allow myself to be limited by numbers...

image by Men's Health (@menshealthmag) with caption : "How much do you know about weight loss surgery? For Hunter Croteau, it's been a life-changer. His journey didn’t end at " - 1845888480010677133
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How much do you know about weight loss surgery? For Hunter Croteau, it's been a life-changer. His journey didn’t end at the scalpel — that was the beginning. By maintaining a calorie deficit and exercising five days a week, he's dropped an astonishing 170 pounds in eight months. “You have to be able to be honest with yourself: Find out what your problems are, and what hurts you the most about yourself," he says. "If you want to fix it, you have to just do it. Take the steps — even if they're baby steps.” To read more of his inspiring story, follow the link in our bio.