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Andre De Freitas (@megatherium) Instagram Profile Photo megatherium

Andre De Freitas

Bio Illustrator and photographer from Lima, Perú

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Andre De Freitas (@megatherium) Instagram photos and videos

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“Time of Discovery” featuring gorgeous @jimenamakeupp in my feverish world. . .

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Crazy gorgeous @anaescaleraj in the sun. I miss this girl already. . .

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“I told her that the only thing I understood about her were her eyes. She hated every single word in that sentence.” This is gorgeous @elsolila . . .

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It’s all about having fun II. Sorry, I had to repost this, forgot a few good ones. . .

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I talked with this beauty for two hours before realizing I still had to take her picture. She is gorgeous @valeriadauriol bringing an 80’s vibe into my feverish world. . .

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Talented photographer and gorgeous Macarena Puelles @baby_estupida . . .

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The sun is out, so here’s gorgeous @luzruidosa back when it was warmer. . .

image by Andre De Freitas (@megatherium) with caption : "“Bereft in deathly bloom” XI. Featuring lovely @valerialandavere .
#photography #portrait #muse #moody #feverish #in" - 1821160472059851293
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“Bereft in deathly bloom” XI. Featuring lovely @valerialandavere . . .

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Warm and gorgeous @jimenamakeupp incinerating the cold. . .

image by Andre De Freitas (@megatherium) with caption : "Gorgeous @elsolila in the middle of winter.
#photography #portrait #muse #feverish #moody #intimate" - 1820519185669503384
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Gorgeous @elsolila in the middle of winter. . .