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Maxim Sapozhnikov

Bio Арт директор и продюсер 😎 Founder @FASHIONTOMAX Contributor VOGUE GLAMOUR TATLER GQ Travel around the world 10 months a year & share tips!✈️

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Instagram Image by Maxim Sapozhnikov (@maximsap) with caption : "Do you think it’s possible to develop yourself? Of course! 
Русская версия на 🇷🇺 What’s the best way to imp" at Milan, Italy - 1849578061004116103
Milan, Italy Report Download 14 1.5K

Do you think it’s possible to develop yourself? Of course! Русская версия на 🇷🇺 What’s the best way to improve? In my opinion, it is and has always been reading books 📚 So here’s a list of amazing titles on self-development: ⠀ 📖«Who Moved My Cheese?» — Spencer Johnson — amusing story that illustrates the importance of being able to deal with unexpected change. ⠀ 📖«Success Under Stress» — Sharon Melnick — your personal tool kit that goes far beyond breathing exercises and visualization techniques. ⠀ 📖«The Willpower Instinct» — Kelly McGonigal — the science of self-control and how it can improve our health, happiness and productivity. ⠀ 📖«Eat That Frog» — Brian Tracy — 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. ⠀ 📖«What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20» — Tina Seelig — on how to understand your path and make a right decision, not only for 20-year-olds! ⠀ Have you read any of these? Do you have any recommendations for me? Make sure to comment them down below ⬇ and save this post for the next time you shop for books! 😏


Instagram Image by Maxim Sapozhnikov (@maximsap) with caption : "Hey there everyone! 
Русскую версию читайте на 🇷🇺
You know that everything that I do in life is connected w" at Amsterdam, Netherlands - 1848824382667975231

Hey there everyone! Русскую версию читайте на 🇷🇺 You know that everything that I do in life is connected with art and creativity 🎨, that’s why it’s so important for me to stay inspired. But sometimes it’s not so easy! ⠀ For those of you who struggle with creative block, here are some useful tips from me! ⠀ 👉🏼Free writing — sit down in from of a piece of paper and start to write continuously for a set period of time. You’ll produce raw ideas that can become something bigger later 💡 ⠀ 👉🏼What if? Take some time and ask yourself as many what if questions as you can! What if there was no electricity? What if I had kids? What if I was a zombie? 🧟‍♂ ⠀ 👉🏼Always google things! Never shut your curiosity down. There are lots of questions that cross our minds every day, but we ignore them thinking they are too silly. They are not! ⠀ 👉🏼Look at the situation in someone else’s shoes, change your point of view 🙃 Or imagine talking to someone who inspires you, look what they have to say! ⠀ Do you have your own way for boosting your creativity? Comment below⬇


If you’re in Amsterdam for just a day or a weekend, here’s a perfect guide for you to explore the city! 🇳🇱 Save this post for the future ⬇ Русская версия на 🇷🇺 ⠀🔻 Start your day with exploring the main sights. Visit Dam Square, then slowly go towards the Flower Market. ⠀🔻 Being a creative and artistic person, you absolutely have to visit Museumplein — Museum quarter in Amsterdam. Specifically the National Museum and Van Gogh Museum. I recommend buying the tickets in advance! ⠀🔻 After that you’ll need to rest, so definitely take a boat tour! 🚣‍♀ It’a hard to describe how magical it is and how much you can see! ⠀🔻 For more walking and looking around I recommend 9 Little Streets — an area with lots of vintage & designer boutiques, plus cozy cafes. ⠀🔻 Make sure to spend quality time with friends while you’re there! I’ve visited THE CLUB at the A’DAM tower and it was an amazing experience! Amsterdam is full of entertainment 😄 ⠀🔻 For food&drinks recommendations check out my recent post! What is your favorite place in Amsterdam? Share in the comments! 😏

Good evening guys! 🌇 In this post I want to tell you more about my job — what do we do, what’s important to me, what complications may occur? Русская версия на 🇷🇺 ⠀ 📌What do we do? We create and provide content for @fashiontomax, or for our partners such as Vogue and different brands. Our job is to capture the right moment, to show the atmosphere in the photos and videos we make 📸 ⠀ 📌What’s important? You need to understand the uniqueness of each and every brand. For example, creating content for @maisonvalentino or for @versace are two completely different things! You need to understand the brand and it’s pillars, look into the past to create something new ⬅➡ You also need to be selective, show only the most beautiful parts of the show or the shoot. ⠀ 📌What complications may occur? You have to remember that you’re still working with people, and in order to have the best result you need to find a way to connect with them 🤝 Also, for the final product to actually work, you always need to change things, keep an eye on every detail, fix the little things and have a bigger picture in your head! ⠀ Do you have any other questions about my job? Ask down in the comments! ⬇ ⠀ Video by @i_am_misch

Instagram Image by Maxim Sapozhnikov (@maximsap) with caption : "Hello there guys! You already know that currently I’m in Amsterdam!
Русскую версию читайте на 🇷🇺
I was gett" at Amsterdam, Netherlands - 1845926107715627641

Hello there guys! You already know that currently I’m in Amsterdam! Русскую версию читайте на 🇷🇺 I was getting a bit tired of too much sun and decided to go somewhere where it’s not so hot ☀ ⠀ Amsterdam is amazing, it’s so nice to just walk around and absorb the culture, the people and the energy! Here are some recommendations from me and my good friends @lindatol_ ⠀ ☕ Coffee Sticky Fingers @LotSixtyOneCoffee White Label coffee ⠀ 🥞 Breakfast @BuffetvanOdette The breakfast club — just like the movie! @MOOKPancakes ⠀ 🥗 Lunch @ninouramsterdam @PlukAmsterdam @IvyandBros ⠀ 🥘 Dinner @terpentijnamsterdam — also nice for drinks @KoalaRepublic @Cafe_Panache ⠀ I recommend y’all to try services like AirBnB out — it’s a perfect way to blend into the city’s atmosphere, to feel just like a local! I’m staying at an apartment and for sure can say that it’s the best way to explore the city! 🛤 I can also recommend HomeAway or HomeExchange! But don’t stay right in the city center, there are too many tourist there. ⠀ Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Leave some recommendations down below, I’d really like to explore more! ⬇ Make sure to save this post for your future trips!

Instagram Image by Maxim Sapozhnikov (@maximsap) with caption : "Here’s to a new Monday! Ready for your portion of goal-setting techniques? Here we go! 
Русскую версию читайте на @maxim" at Porto Cervo - 1845133603411881009
Porto Cervo Report Download 5 1.64K

Here’s to a new Monday! Ready for your portion of goal-setting techniques? Here we go! Русскую версию читайте на 🇷🇺 и ниже ⬇ Tonight’s method is called WOOP! There’s an app that comes with it, too, so check it out! ⠀ What does WOOP stand for? 🤜🏼W — Wish — wish something you want to accomplish for real, one that’s exciting, challenging, realistic. 🤜🏼O — Outcome — imagine the best outcome of your goal, and feel how would the outcome make you feel. 🤜🏼O — Obstacle — imagine the personal obstacles that prevent you from accomplishing your goal. 🤜🏼P — Plan — make an if/then plan to name an action you could do if your obstacle occurs. ⠀ One of the best things about it is that it forces you to contingency plan and prepare for your obstacles! 🥊 ⠀ What’s the result? Well, that depends on you, but studies show that WOOP improves motivation in all fields — work, education, sport, nutrition and even romantic relationships! Comment down below your WOOP strategy, go go go! 🛫

Instagram Image by Maxim Sapozhnikov (@maximsap) with caption : "What do you think about friendship? Do you think you have true friends? 
Русская версия на! 🇷🇺 I certainly " at Porto Cervo - 1844456243280814353
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What do you think about friendship? Do you think you have true friends? Русская версия на! 🇷🇺 I certainly do and I want to tell you more about them! 🤝 ⠀ One of my amazing friends is @marianodivaio — I stayed at his villa during my time in Sardinia. We met quite a long time ago in Moscow and connected immediately — we are quite similar when it comes to personality. ⠀ He’s achieved so much! He is the number one blogger with 6.2M subscribers and it’s not surprising — Mariano is extremely original, good-looking and generally awesome guy with really cool style👌🏼 His sense of humor is also on top — whenever we meet we always have such a good time laughing at ourselves and at anything else until our stomachs hurt😂 ⠀ He has his own accessories brand @mdvcollection, and online clothing shop @nohow, both very successful! He was on the covers of several magazines and even released a single called Wait For Me — he has a really good voice! Mariano is also a happy father and husband 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Just look at the fam @eleonorabrunaccidivaio @leonardoliamdivaio @nathanleonedivaio ⠀ Tell me something about your friends and make sure to tag them in the comments, tell them how much you love them! How did you meet and why do you appreciate your friendship? I’d really like to know! 😄

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Русская версия ниже⬇ Yesterday @unicef Summer Gala took place for the first time internationally! Lots of celebs came to support the cause, such as @heidiklum & , @emrata, @nicolescherzinger, and @sofiacarson @ricky_martin @ritaora all took to the stage to perform 😍🎶 ⠀ The event, which was presented by @luisaviaroma, helped to raise money to provide care and protection to children all around the world. It’s amazing how so many caring people are willing to help such a good cause! Because it’s true — there’s no future without children 🧒🏽 And if we join together and unite, we can make a difference. Congrats @tommy_chiabra with organizing all this! Great job👌🏻 ⠀ Do you believe in charity, do you support it? Comment you opinion down below! ⠀ 🇷🇺 Вчера прошёл благотворительный гала-ужин от @unicef — впервые на международном уровне! Множество знаменитостей пришло поддержать организацию — & , , , а @ricky_martin и выступали! 😍🎶 ⠀ Мероприятие, которое представляли @luisaviaroma, помогло собрать деньги для обеспечения защиты детей по всему миру. Очень здорово, что так много неравнодушных людей готовы помочь этому доброму делу! И ведь правда — без детей у нас нет будущего 🧒🏽 И если мы объединимся, мы сможем изменить ситуацию. ⠀ Как вы относитесь к благотворительности, вы поддерживаете ее? Поделитесь своим мнением в комментариях!

Instagram Image by Maxim Sapozhnikov (@maximsap) with caption : "ME = OPTIMISM
Русскую версию читайте на 🇷🇺 I graduated from Law Academy in Ekaterinburg, but never worked a" at Porto Cervo - 1842284963828020469
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ME = OPTIMISM Русскую версию читайте на 🇷🇺 I graduated from Law Academy in Ekaterinburg, but never worked as a lawer in my life. Instead me and my partner opened our own travel company. You know how much I love to travel and this passion has always been a part of my life. ⠀ My first trip ever was to London (age of 13), for which I’m so grateful to my parents — they had to give certain things up in order for me to grow. This opened the other world to me. I started to believe that I can do whatever I set in my mind to and I developed my main credo: «Do whatever there is in your power and do it with love — then you’ll succeed». Optimism became my first priority. ⠀ Yes, my path was tough sometimes. My professors thought of me as a prosecutor)) Can you imagine? But I started from scratch and created my own company! It was extremely cool to assemble furniture, paint the walls and so on... just by ourselves! ⠀ I can safely say that I’m an Optimist with a capital O! I don’t have fear that I’ll fail — I just do things. I don’t stop, I only go further with glowing eyes! I visualize a certain idea, process it an it comes to life! Don’t be afraid to take risks, dive deep into something you love! Don’t stay in the middle, stay on top 🔝 ⠀ How do you guys think, is it possible to succeed in your career without optimism? Did you like my story, do you want me to continue? If you do, write in comments “YES” 👍🏻 or “NO” 👎🏻

Instagram Image by Maxim Sapozhnikov (@maximsap) with caption : "Русская версия ниже ⬇
Here I am at @jacobandco dinner that takes place at Billionaire Club here in Sardinia! 🌟
Did you" at Billionaire Porto Cervo - 1841332687797897392

Русская версия ниже ⬇ Here I am at @jacobandco dinner that takes place at Billionaire Club here in Sardinia! 🌟 ⠀ Did you know that Jacob and his family immigrated to the USA from Uzbekistan when he was just 14? By the age of 21 he had officially started his own company that now is such a success! Their products are unique and popular among different celebrities 💎 ⠀ We started to work with this brand this spring during the opening of their boutique in NYC and continued our partnership in Cannes, and now I’m here is a guest! ⠀ To me it’s very important to value every partnership of @fashiontomax and I try to support every brand and it’s accomplishments, so of course I’m here tonight! Excited for the after-party 😉🎊 ⠀ What do you guys think about the «american dream»? I think that no matter what, it’s still about the hard work and persistence! 💪🏼 ⠀ 🇷🇺 На ужине @jacobandco в Billionaire Club! 🌟 ⠀ А вы знали, что Джейкоб и его семья иммигрировали в США из Узбекистана, когда ему было всего 14 лет? А уже в возрасте 21 года он официально начал свое собственное дело, которое сейчас имеет такой успех! Их продукция очень уникальна и популярна среди многих знаменитостей 💎 ⠀ Мы начали работать с этим брендом этой весной во время открытия их бутика в Нью-Йорке, продолжили наше сотрудничество в Каннах, и теперь я здесь как гость! ⠀ Для меня очень важно ценить каждое партнерство @fashiontomax, я стараюсь поддерживать каждую марку и ее достижения, поэтому я не мог не прийти сегодня! Очень жду after-party 😉🎊 ⠀ Что вы думаете о «американской мечте»? Я думаю, что все дело в любом случае в усердной работе и упорстве! 💪🏼

Instagram Image by Maxim Sapozhnikov (@maximsap) with caption : "English version below⬇
Привет, гайс!❗ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ: продолжайте читать на свой страх и риск!
Если вы читаете это, теп" at WHITEbeachclub - 1840066642504318656
WHITEbeachclub Report Download 22 1.98K

English version below⬇ Привет, гайс!❗ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ: продолжайте читать на свой страх и риск! ⠀ Если вы читаете это, теперь вы участник Адской Недели, которая начинается сегодня! Все, у вас нет выбора! В течение этой недели вы увидите, чего вы можете достичь на самом деле, если будете максимально продуктивными. ⠀ Каждый день вы просыпаетесь в 5 утра и ложитесь спать в 10 часов вечера. ⠀ Вот наш план! При постановке целей вы также должны: 🔥 Понедельник — создайте список хороших и плохих привычек, работайте над ними всю неделю. 🔥Вторник — день осознанности. Если вы действительно осознаете, чего хотите, результат будет достигнут быстрее. Этот день должно быть максимально конкретным. 🔥Среда — день планирования. Вы не будете продуктивны, если не планируете заранее. Время — наш самый ценный ресурс, используйте его с умом. 🔥Четверг — поспим в следующей жизни. Сегодня вы просыпаетесь в 5 утра и ложитесь спать в 10 часов вечера в пятницу. Никаких оправданий. 🔥Пятница — вы отдыхаете, но не типично. Сделайте то, что вы всегда хотели, что-то продуктивное и стимулирующее! ⠀ Обязательно комментируйте, как проходит ваша неделя. ВАША АДСКАЯ НЕДЕЛЯ НАЧИНАЕТСЯ СЕЙЧАС! ⠀ 🇬🇧 Hi there guys!❗CAUTION: continue reading at your own risk! ⠀ If you’re reading this, you are a participant of HELL WEEK that starts today! During this week you’ll see what you can actually do if you really set your mind on it. ⠀ Everyday you wake up at 5 AM and go to sleep at 10 PM. ⠀ Here’s our plan! While setting goals, you also must: 🔥 Monday — create a list of you good and bad habits, work on them for the whole week. 🔥Tuesday — awareness day. If you are truly aware of what you’re trying to achieve, the result will come faster. Everything about this day must be specific. 🔥Wednesday — planing day. You won’t be productive if you don’t plan ahead. Time is our most valuable resource, use it wisely. 🔥Thursday — you’ll sleep in the after life. Today you wake up at 5 AM and go to sleep at 10 PM on Friday. No excuses. 🔥Friday — today you rest, but not typically. Do something you always wanted to, something productive and stimulating! ⠀ Be sure to comment how your week goes down below. YOUR HELL WEEK!

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Русская версия ниже⬇ Hello there! Today I wanted to tell you more about the island I’m currently at — beautiful Sardinia 😍 ⠀ Here’s a quote that characterizes this island best: «Life in Sardinia is maybe the best a man can hope for: twenty-four thousand miles of forests, of countryside, of coasts surrounded by a miraculous sea should coincide with what I would recommend the good God to give us as paradise»🏝 ⠀ It is known for its loyalty and hospitality to strangers, it’s actually in their code of honor! Towns and villages hold annual festivals. Most involve feasts, costumes, singing and dancing! 🎉 ⠀ My favorite thing about it is the sea 🌊 — clear blue waves that invite you to dive in! For example, Costa Smeralda — turquoise water, fine-sand beaches and untouched nature! Here we spend most of our time on the yacht and only occasionally we go to the land! 😉 ⠀ And what is your favorite place in Italy? I need some recommendations! ⠀ 🇷🇺 Привет! Сегодня хотел рассказать вам побольше об острове, на котором сейчас отдыхаю — о волшебной Сардинии 😍 ⠀ Вот цитата, которая, как мне кажется, лучше всего характеризует этот остров: «Жизнь на Сардинии — возможно, лучшее, на что может надеяться человек: двадцать четыре тысячи миль лесов, сельской местности и чудесного моря, — должно совпадать с привычным пониманием рая» 🏝 ⠀ Остров известен своим гостеприимством к незнакомцам и путешественникам, это практически их кодекс чести! В городах и деревнях все время проводятся ежегодные фестивали. Большинство из них — это пиры, костюмы, пение и танцы! 🎉 ⠀ Но то, что я люблю больше всего — это море 🌊 — чистые голубые волны, которые так и приглашают вас нырнуть в них! Например, Коста-Смеральда — бирюзовая вода, песчаные пляжи и нетронутая природа! Тут мы большую часть времени плаваем на яхте и лишь иногда сходим на сушу! 😉 ⠀ А какое ваше любимое место в Италии? Жду ваших рекомендаций!