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Bio Whatever motivates and inspires you, we’re a community that helps you realize your definition of success.

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Find your next job, explore the commute, and apply -- all on LinkedIn in just a few clicks. Learn how in this week's .


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Maximize your calendar – and the week ahead – with this tip from Shannon Brayton, LinkedIn’s CMO. Share how you’ll make the most of the week with .


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@KaramoBrown, Culture Expert from Netflix's QUEER EYE, shares how to make the most out of the week by focusing on what you did versus what you still have to do. Share how you'll make the most of this week with -- we may even feature your video next!

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Driven by the love for what he does, @neyo is in it for the passion. What are you in it for?

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No matter its source, @howiemandel is in it for the smiles. What are you in it for?

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Like our different definitions of success, each one of us has our own authentic power. @lavernecox is in it for the opportunity to connect with hers. What are you in it for?

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We all have our own reasons for working, our own inspirations, and our own definitions of success. What are you in it for?

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She went all in and won the contest! See how @annettemtorres turned her dreams into a reality with a once in a lifetime opportunity with @LiveNation to be their social media coordinator at a @JustinTimberlake concert.

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When you make your passion your career, you can change more than just yourself. Antoine Troupe uses LinkedIn to share opportunities and grow his team. He's in it to do what he loves. Share what you’re in it for.

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Feeling like a part of the team can help inspire your best work. Learn to find your tribe in a role with advice from Laszlo Bock.

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Chances are, you’ve already got what it takes to stand out. Learn more about Lazlo Bock's tips for making a strong impression and landing the job you’ve been eyeing.

image by LinkedIn (@linkedin) with caption : "For #FathersDay, we're celebrating #WorkingDads who work just as hard at home as they do at the office. @-Mention the da" - 1803825517418607903
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For , we're celebrating who work just as hard at home as they do at the office. @-Mention the dad who inspires his family every day.