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Embrace the Suck is right lol. The last time I did a 22 MMC I did it without the pt sandbag and holy moly that 20lb sandbag makes a difference! It sucked! Lol but sucked so good! I think I sweated the most and pushed myself in the short 22 min workouts that I was dripping in sweat!


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Son of a biscuits did I forget how challenging Super Speed 50 from was! I'm totally just doing random workouts from different programs on BOD until the new 4 day a week 30 mins a day program comes out next month! Gotta love . Don't have it yet? Get with me and I will help you get started!


image by Leonora (@leonora1019) with caption : "Awwww the boys got cute books sent to them this month from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. They are gonna be all exc" - 1806627211717915639
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Awwww the boys got cute books sent to them this month from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. They are gonna be all excited to read them when they get home from school today! Sadly this is the last book sent to them but that is ok! The were blessed to have been giving free books the last few months!

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I did a 30 mins Insane Weight workout this morning! đŸ’ȘI remember the last time I did this workout I was using my 5lb dumbells, today I used my 12lbers!

image by Leonora (@leonora1019) with caption : "Gotta love snapchat filters! Wish I looked like this everyday! Lol" - 1805393244461448683
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Gotta love snapchat filters! Wish I looked like this everyday! Lol

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Omg was that insane! I did Day 1 of and fudge I forgot how awesomely fun and challenging it was to do a workout with the one and only . That's what I love about having I get choose whatever workout I want to do anytime and anywhere. I loved how the workout was only 30 mins and it had me tripping in sweat! If you are interested in trying out BOD, you can for free! Just message me and I will walk you through on how to set it up!

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getting to workout with my sis @cmflorez and cousin @angelbaby_1224 today! It was also nice to catch up a bit! Good job kicking butt at this workout ladies! Love you both! @joelfreemanfitness (totes can't wait for your new program) @jerichomcmatthews

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Changed up my workout a bit by choosing to do a workout from H&C. I had completed this program last year. It was fun using the medicine ball and bench to workout again. đŸ’Ș

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Got a good 30 min workout in this morning! đŸ’Ș I burned 100 more calories than I did the other day when I did a 30 min excercise.

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I just completed the free preview of the newest program that will be released soon! It's gonna be awesome! I'm so gonna love the weight training, HIIT, and Core workouts in only 30 mins! And guess what you only need to workout 4 days of the week AND you yet 3 rest days!!! Now who doesn't have time for 30 mins of workout for 4 days a weeks?!?! You also get a nutrition plan to follow! If you want to try out the sneak peak for free and don't already have a coach. I will love to be your coach and give you access to this free workout. Let me know if you want to give it a try!

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Finally got a workout in after not working out for a week..again! I know, I know, I've been slacking, but I haven't completely quit! That's one thing that I won't do is give up on what I set my mind on doing! I will get back to being in the best shape of my life. I will get back to my goal weight and be able to fit comfortably in my clothes again. Yep, I gained inches as well the pass month. But hey it happens! Life happens, but I won't give up!

image by Leonora (@leonora1019) with caption : "Good morning! Love my tank from @babybumplovellc :)" - 1792866691131189877
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Good morning! Love my tank from @babybumplovellc :)

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Didn't want to miss my workout today and fall more behind, so I got dressed and pushed play after I put the birthday boys to bed! Loved that today's workout used weights! I feel good now! Now to shower, go to bed and then wake up early to get ready to celebrate my sweet boys! Have a great weekend yall!

image by Leonora (@leonora1019) with caption : "My Woof Woof 😍" - 1791680574683996714
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My Woof Woof 😍

image by Leonora (@leonora1019) with caption : "Another awesome shirt from @babybumplovellc" - 1791551991801989135
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Another awesome shirt from @babybumplovellc

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Sheesh, this week has been crazy busy and I've been using it as an excuse to not get my workout in. I've also been super stressed out and overwhelmed and I had to remind myself that working out is my stress reliever. So glad that I did sneak in my workout this morning, I feel a little bit better now. I did my last Cardio Core workout for Round 2 Phase 1 of 80DO. I gotta say as much as I love this program, I am totally looking forward to the next new program that is going to be released soon. It's gonna be shorter HIIT workouts, strength training in 30 mins and more rest days! Yessss!

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No more slacking, time to get back to drinking our extra dose of dense nutrition! I've just been to lazy take out the blender....ok not so much using it but cleaning it. Lol I'm drinking my shake as I post this. It's sooo good and tasted just like a strawberrry banana milkshake!