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Bio conscious storytelling from a life of and • NYC to LA transplant with @dante.vincent, usually abroad • now: Manitoba

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Churchill, Manitoba Report Download 33 1.02K

During my partnership with @travelmindset & @travelmanitoba, I didn’t get a lot of great photos of the polar bears and beluga whales that make visiting the town of Churchill so special in summer. (Though just seeing them was *amazing*.) But we did have other animal encounters! My favorite was getting to spend time with the sled dogs that Gerald and Jenafor have up at Blue Sky Mush. We met Gerald at Lazy 🐻 Lodge / @lazybearexpeditions. He’s originally from a Métis community called Cormorant and now lives amongst the lakes outside the town of Churchill with Jenafor where they also have a B&B. She makes a Bannock with wild blueberries that I woke up dreaming about this morning and they’re so generous with their stories of Manitoba and their lives in this wild part of Canada. Visiting their home and meeting dogs such as Sony (as in the camera I use!), Isobel & Thunder was such a treat for me!! Sled dogs are my favorite type of dog and while we’re not in a place to have one in our home now, @dante.vincent and I talk about it on the regular for that time in our lives that it will make sense. They’re animals that take a lot of care and need the right environment in order to thrive. When you adopt one, I feel it should be about what the dog needs not what you want as an owner. I get so sad when I see people adopt them into 500 sq ft apartments with no space for the dogs to run. They LOVE to run and they’ll make a lot of noise when they know they’re going to get the opportunity to do just that! Their enthusiasm is contagious. You can’t be upset when you’re around these dogs! Gerald & Jenafor have a no cull policy and are always looking for the right homes for their adoptable dogs. Is that you? If not you can still visit and love on these dogs like we did! 🐺🐕


Instagram Image by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) with caption : "Do you believe art can change hearts and minds? • I was so glad to find so much public art during my partnership with @t" at Churchill, Manitoba - 1844388592253999860
Churchill, Manitoba Report Download 103 1.55K

Do you believe art can change hearts and minds? • I was so glad to find so much public art during my partnership with @travelmanitoba & @travelmindset in Churchill. And I found out quickly that it’s not random but rather, most of it, was part of an activation organized by @seawalls_ @pangeaseed & local artist @kalbarteski. This particular mural on the ground floor walls of the former radar station, installed to detect attacks during the Cold War, references Camp 10 or what became known as “Dene Village” and the Sayisi Dene who lived in harmony with, and were dependent on, Caribou. Please look up the story because it’s so relevant to what is happening still in North America today. . This stunning mural by artist @robotkin features a quote from Elder Betsy Anderson, “There was a time when all the people and all the animals understood each other and spoke the same language.” . It’s a powerful installation but it’s only one of many. I’ll be doing a series in my Stories showing more today and I will also include them in my blog post about Churchill. 🎨 // shot on @sonyalpha


Lazy Bear Expeditions Report Download 135 1.94K

So much to catch up on sharing from my partnership with @travelmanitoba & @travelmindset exploring first Winnipeg and now Churchill. The latter has been wildly better than I expected but more challenging than I imagined. I thought I knew what to prepare for since I’ve photographed animals in the wild before and I’ve seen so many photographs of polar bears in Churchill, the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Yet in the gloriously long days of summer — when so many wildflowers blanket the ground and berries of all colors and sizes fill the leafy bushes that lay low to the earth — the bears are lazy and prone to napping far from people. 400mm and up lenses are what I’d recommend if you’re coming up at this time of year for photography. Or you can simply enjoy wildlife viewing and not stress out over wildlife photography. It’s similar with the Beluga Whales that come to visit Hudson Bay and the Churchill River. A dSLR & underwater housing are what you should pack to get the best photos of the whales. If you have neither, you should still visit! It’s such a special season, summer, with all the colors and the long hours of daylight. The staff of @lazybearexpeditions have come up with so many ways to explore that ensure your safety and the safety of the animals, while still providing incredible opportunities to appreciate the diversity of this part of Northern Manitoba. It’s a place where you’ll be reminded that nothing man can create is as wondrous as what nature has given us.

Instagram Image by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) with caption : "I’m thrilled to be back in Canada, in partnership with @travelmanitoba & @travelmindset, to explore Winnipeg and Churchi" at Canadian Museum for Human Rights - 1839230275814694888

I’m thrilled to be back in Canada, in partnership with @travelmanitoba & @travelmindset, to explore Winnipeg and Churchill. Summer is in full swing here and the city of Winnipeg is full of parkland where live music can be heard echoing in the trees, the sound of children laughing is a balm to my spirit and the @cmhr_mcdp is always visible from where we have been staying at The Forks. I’ve wanted to visit this museum since I got the press release about its opening and it didn’t disappoint. It’s that structure visible through the trees just over the shoulder of the statue of Gandhi which was gifted to the museum in 2004 by the Government of India. Just as it was said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world;” so too is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights asking all who visit it to acknowledge that while mistakes have certainly been made in the past - now we have a chance to change things. If we each take personal responsibility for the protection and advancement of human rights here in Canada and around the world... . Maybe we will see the better world we all hope for. It starts within us and we each hold a portion of the power that is needed to make a difference. . Really enjoyed the museum and feel only one regret in visiting - that I didn’t have one entire day to spend inside. I think that’s the minimum that is required in order to truly take in, and be changed by, all you can learn within the walls of the museum.

{ad} As a Francophile, there are certain French products I try to make sure I never run out of. One of those things is @LilletUS Blanc and Rouge. I discovered the brand while visiting France early in my career and it was pretty much love at first sip - which is why I’m glad to now be working with them. Whether I’m with family, traveling or at home in Los Angeles - I make sure I always have a few bottles of Lillet. It’s a great starter for easy summer cocktails. I’ll take it to the beach like I did here, bring it to the pool in our building, or take it as a hostess gift. After all, some of my favorite people love all things French as much as I do. To see where else I’ve enjoyed Lillet this summer, always responsibly, check out my blog post and the video linked in my profile. . Have you had Lillet? What’s your favorite recipe? . I love simply combining Lillet Blanc or Rouge with Elderflower-infused Tonic Water and some fresh fruit or cucumber. 🍓🥒

Instagram Image by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) with caption : "Do you like modern architecture? • I can never really get enough of The Getty Center. It’s like the MET was in New York " at Getty Center - 1837100270704102347
Getty Center Report Download 43 941

Do you like modern architecture? • I can never really get enough of The Getty Center. It’s like the MET was in New York for me, an endlessly fascinating source of inspiration that I look at a bit differently every time I visit. LEED-certified and designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Richard Meier - it is like a beacon on a hill at the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains. Just one of the many legacies left behind by eccentric J. Paul Getty, the millionaire oil tycoon and philanthropist. From the road it looks almost small at times, with half of most of the buildings that make up the site hidden underground, in order to comply with height restrictions; but when you start to read about how it was constructed or you see aerial photos - it’s clear how big it is. 16,000 tons of travertine stone from Italy cover some of my favorite parts of the complex. The panels are fascinating because, having been split along the natural grain, they reveal fossilized leaves, feathers and branches. It’s all so modern and yet so grounded once you take the time to look closely. Certain vignettes from Getty Center are cliché and have been shared millions of times. I’ve included a few of them in a blog post that will publish this weekend if you’re curious to learn more. But I liked the organic-meets-modern vibe of this trellis near the cafes. It appeals to my love of leading lines and the play of light and shadow. It is, as my friend from back east @jaybwilsonphotonyc says... 😊

Instagram Image by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) with caption : "Raise your hand if you like giraffes 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ I basically have to raise both arms and somehow my legs because I’v" at Malibu Wine Safaris - 1836409210096853208
Malibu Wine Safaris Report Download 102 2.49K

Raise your hand if you like giraffes 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ I basically have to raise both arms and somehow my legs because I’ve still never gotten over the wonder of the first time I ever saw a giraffe and I love them still!! But fun fact - you don’t have to go all the way to Africa to see them.... . When I got back to California, Danté planned the sweetest date up in Malibu to a property that’s part rescue farm and part winery. That’s where we met this guy, Stanley. He’s a rescue from the entertainment industry where he was in movies such as The Hangover. Now he lives on the most beautiful piece of land with rolling hills, ancient trees and even petroglyphs from Indigenous people that pre-date this country as a country. Stanley is SO CUTE but I also enjoyed just being up there in that part of Malibu, inland from the water, learning about this state that’s my new home and tasting wine with my love. The concrete jungle has its pros but I don’t miss any of the cons. I am so grateful to live in a big city that’s less than an hour’s drive from places which feel an entire world away from city life. . Thank you for taking this photo @dante.vincent & treating me to a meet cute with @a_giraffe_named_stanley 🙏🏼😘

Instagram Image by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) with caption : "It’s been a while since I’ve really gotten to know you so share with me, please, where are you from? How did you come to" at Hollywood Hills - 1835702034479067589
Hollywood Hills Report Download 86 1.71K

It’s been a while since I’ve really gotten to know you so share with me, please, where are you from? How did you come to be following me? Tell me something about yourself! . I used to live in New York City, before that I was nomadic and now I live in Los Angeles! I love California so much that I’m truly grateful to be calling the state home. As much as I love traveling, and I LOVE traveling, it’s wonderful to live somewhere that I actually want to be and actually look forward to exploring. So it’s been nice to be home for a while since the project in England. Next up, I’ll be heading to Manitoba to better understand what’s happening with their polar bear and beluga whale population! . This photo — can you spot the Hollywood Sign? — is by my partner @dante.vincent Check out his feed for more incredible photos from Los Angeles.

Instagram Image by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) with caption : "What was the last really good flight experience that you had?
I’ve always had great experiences as a @virginatlantic c" at Manchester Airport - 1834246240114007427
Manchester Airport Report Download 58 1.33K

What was the last really good flight experience that you had? . I’ve always had great experiences as a @virginatlantic customer which is why I was happy to with them for this trip to England. I prefer to only ever do sponsored content for brands and businesses I already know and love and will continue to do so after I’ve been paid to. . We had a delicious experience in the Virgin Clubhouse at SFO and a fun, sleep-filled direct flight over to Manchester in Business. It was the best way to start a busy trip, arriving having beat jet lag. I love this photo that @aidamollenkamp was able to get just above MAN of those green fields of Northern England. . The six of us then explored Manchester & beyond. Jessica aka @bontraveler went to York, I went to Liverpool as you know, then Aida and @jchongstudio explored the Lakes District while @vagabond3 & @ariellevey explored Wales. The idea of this campaign was to show how many unique itineraries there are using @visitmanchester as your home base. I hope you enjoyed following along! I know I got so many ideas for future trips to England and I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the trip. ✈️

Instagram Image by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) with caption : "I only needed to share five posts from my trip to Manchester and Liverpool but I’ve kept going because there’s so much I" at A Case History - 1832740900247635480
A Case History Report Download 76 1.64K

I only needed to share five posts from my trip to Manchester and Liverpool but I’ve kept going because there’s so much I can share. I was so surprised by both cities! I took the train from Manchester to Liverpool in order to attend the opening weekend of the @liverpoolbiennial, and it was great! I also enjoyed finding art all around the city. In the case of this scene from the Georgian Quarter at sunset, I nearly tripped over the art here because I was so glued to the show going on in the sky. (That happens a lot.) Such pretty colors that night! But the pile of suitcases and boxes - or cases - are a work of art by John King, commissioned by the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. It was completed in 1998 and each part of the larger whole represents someone famous who has a tie to Liverpool. Charles Dickens and Sir Paul McCartney are two of the more well known people represented in ‘A Case History’ at Hope Street and Blackburn Place. It’s a permanent piece so there’s no rush to see it but the Biennial itself only runs till 28 October. If you attend, make sure not to miss the show at @tateliverpool and @the_bluecoat. Those were my favorites! 🇬🇧 in with @lovegreatbritain @visitliverpool_ @visitmanchester

Liverpool Cathedral Report Download 71 1.17K

I had so much fun visiting Liverpool Cathedral in with @lovegreatbritain @visitmanchester & @visitliverpool_ This is the view from its roof, looking out over the beautiful Georgian Quarter of the city. This was one of my favorite areas to explore by foot and while I’ve been told that it does not have more Georgian buildings than Bath, Bath’s are less concentrated in one area. So I thought Liverpool had one of the most spectacular and well preserved areas of Georgian architecture on display that I’ve seen anywhere in the world. It’s row after row of charming facades, colorful doors and overflowing window boxes. There’s also the occasional classic car to really charm the pants off even the most hard to please visitor. Now @livcathedral itself is an extraordinary structure that was started in 1904 and completed in the 1970’s. It was designed by Giles Gilbert Scott who also created Great Britain’s eponymous Red Telephone Boxes. He, of course, carved his initials into the highest spire of the roof of the cathedral which was then the highest point in all of Liverpool. Sadly he died before the structure was completed. Inside, the cathedral feels like something from a fantasy movie or a show like Game of Thrones. It’s not set up like other churches but instead features wide open areas and a scale that defies photography. You’d have to have an ultra wide angle lens to capture it all and even then it might be difficult to comprehend. Because I like architecture, I really enjoyed visiting. Of all the churches I’ve been to all over the world, this was definitely the most intriguing. 🇬🇧

Instagram Image by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) with caption : "You’ve probably seen streets like this in at least a few countries around the world if you’re a traveler. Liverpool’s ve" at Bluecoat - 1829930880866817053
Bluecoat Report Download 193 6.59K

You’ve probably seen streets like this in at least a few countries around the world if you’re a traveler. Liverpool’s version, on Church Alley between Liverpool ONE and Bluecoat, isn’t just random or only meant for decoration. The Umbrella Project has returned to the city for the second year as a way to raise money to make a difference in the lives of families and children with neuro-developmental disorders through Liverpool-based ADHD Foundation. Umbrellas could be sponsored for £100 and signed by children filling in the prompt ‘My Super Power is...’ The project is also in Manchester at Salford Quay. In a world that seems so hopeless sometimes, I loved walking down this street and being reminded that there are people helping people everywhere. We are not our politicians and we do have the individual power to make a difference. It’s also a great compliment to the @liverpoolbiennial which is taking place all over the city till 28 October, filling public and private spaces with contemporary art. I’m so glad I could visit Liverpool for the first time NOW! 🇬🇧 🎨 shot while on assignment with @lovegreatbritain @visitmanchester @visitliverpool_