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Kelli Anderson

Bio Designer. Into: lo-fi stuff, handheld revelations / Likes: simple things that don't behave as expected - This Book is a ________ Planetarium, Camera,…

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Report Download 15 198

Only two of these flipbooks from 2015* remain. The Powers of Ten reconstructed with found images from the internet. - Photos from Google Images' 'visually similar' search function, the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA, and various mapping software were cropped (and in some cases, lightly altered) to reconstruct continuity.———————-————————————- - *This project gave me a way to feel out the size of the internet and to see what type of images/compositions were abundant and which were scarce. I will reissue in 2020 to see if the then, theoretically-much-larger internet can produce a higher fidelity animation. . Link 👆


Dirt Empire Report Download 6 227

“Dirt is worth more if we move it over there.” . Quick diorama-y illustrations for last weekend’s WSJ about creating new land in expensive cities. . . . *“per square foot” in the final final (but better colors in this earlier, typo-laden version)


Report Download 7 357

Technical, colorful things with tiny numbers (in progress…)

Report Download 12 468

Folding offers a way to make mechanical movements and function without machinery. I’ve been researching the [long] history of this idea lately and became obsessed with these animating forms called flexagons . . Learn how to make this particular 🌈 flexagon ^^ by clicking on the link in my profile. Going to send out a DIY template+history* in my woefully-infrequent newsletter this week! Information about free workshops I’m giving as well! . . *Co-written by former intern, @stefanpelikan and originally published in How Design Magazine

Iceland Report Download 11 281

Summer adventures on-bike and in-car with a light leaky paper camera book. (Covering Iceland and the more obscure islands of NYC.) . . I just heard from MoMA that the new printing of is finally done. They’ll be in stores again in late August-ish. (if you ordered one directly from me, I’ve been super anxious about how long the reprint has taken and won’t miss a beat getting orders into the mail. thank you for being more patient than I am!)

Report Download 21 599

Whenever Russ & Daughters has a big party, we stamp teenytiny versions of the normal bag. (and the bakery produces business-card sized bagels.) . . I had to take an olan mills style family portrait and document this phenomenon.

Report Download 5 313

A different coating (to reveal the stresses living inside the plastic (!))

Report Download 11 330

Diochronic film and petg making some kind of joy. (To counter, you know, everything else…) . . Testing things for an upcoming Exploratorium collaboration.

Report Download 30 371

1.) This book, which seemed like too much of a wild, anti-disciplinary daydream to ever become real (much less popular), entered its third printing last month. That people connect with this unorthodox presentation gives me an overwhelming sense of belonging and gratitude (and strengthens my resolve to power through the current projects’ insurmountable problems :) ). Thank you all for believing in it!* . . 2.) I finally approved the new prototype for This Book is a Camera and it’s now in production again with the Museum of Modern Art. It takes the best pictures of any iteration yet! - - . . (*Especially @kyleolmon, @danielsdunnam, @libbynicholaou and @brainpicker who saw these ideas at the very beginning… in an extremely fragile state and shared my excitement—and helped move the process along—anyway. ❤️)

Report Download 24 681

mmm… Bagel postcards with holes!!! (for @eeeeeatscon this weekend… LA: go!) . . Studied an everything bagel under a microscope and got a new paint-stamping thing going… also: neon salmon ink . . ?

Report Download 9 537

The cast of tiny actors, hanging out on my table.🌴🌳🌿☘️🍃🌱

Pioneer Works Report Download 15 385

My friend, @brainpicker, asked me to make a paper stop motion animation for Jane Hirshfield’s poem “Optimism.” It screened at The Universe in Verse at Pioneer Works a few weeks ago . . The whole 1-minute thing is up on my site (link in profile) and I’ve been thinking about the relationship between optimism and chaos a lot lately, so that can be found there too.