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Jay T. Maryniak (@jtm_fit) Instagram Profile Photo jtm_fit

Jay T. Maryniak

Bio 🔹Creator of The Functional Method 🔹@thefunctionalmethod 🔹Type 1 Diabetic💉 🔹NASM-CPT+CES 🔹YouTube: The Functional Method 🔹8 WEEK PROGRAM⬇️⬇️⬇️

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image by Jay T. Maryniak (@jtm_fit) with caption : "// Cardio //
Today’s “cardio” workout. There’s nothing wrong with traditional cardio. It’s just not interesting to me " - 1848162933505046186
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// Cardio // • Today’s “cardio” workout. There’s nothing wrong with traditional cardio. It’s just not interesting to me nor do I enjoy it. This is how I get my cardio in👇🏻 • Today’s workout: 30 Min AMRAP Assault Bike x 20 cal Kettlebell Swings x 20 Sled Push x 40 yards Hollow Rocks x 25 • The objective here is to find a pace that you can keep and go unbroken the entire 30 minutes. Try and keep the same pace on every round. Nothing is to be rushed. Bring perfect from to every rep and keep a nice steady breath👌🏻 •


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Throwback to that time I jumped off that big ass bridge in South Africa🤘🏻 One of the best experiences of my life! @wodventuresau @dani_adendorff


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Today’s Leg work with a splash of back. I always focus on finding an even balance of functionality and muscle building. Give this one a go! • KB Gorilla Row to Sumo Deadlift 3-4 x 10 Heels Elevated Back Squat w/ Pause 3-4 x 10 2 Position Deadlift 3-4 x 8 KB Front Rack Lunge Walk 3-4 x 10 (each leg) • •

image by Jay T. Maryniak (@jtm_fit) with caption : "I believe in using all tools to build functional strength. I’ve been doing conventional barbell lifts for years which ha" - 1847192857503331849
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I believe in using all tools to build functional strength. I’ve been doing conventional barbell lifts for years which has without a doubt help me build a ton of strength and muscle. I believe in having a well balance training program that uses all tools, a wide variety of movements and movement patterns and of course the “basic” conventional lifts to build the most well rounded physique possible • What’s your favorite conventional barbell lift and why? • My favorite is the deadlift because in my opinion it has the most functionality and transferability to everyday life activities, it’s a badass lift, and it feels damn good to pull some heavy weight off the floor • Shorts: @rhone guru

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🔥Kettlebell Complex🔥 • Here’s a sneak peak of one of The Functional Method 2.0 kettlebell complexes. Here’s how it’s going down... • 6-8 SETS / 90 sec. REST Burpee Snatch x 3 Single Leg RDL x 5 Thruster x 7 • Compete all reps on arm/ side then the other with no rest in between movements or sides. Let’s get it! 🎥 @dustinhayungs • •

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Got outside today and put in some work💪🏻 Upper body and core. Being able to control your own bodyweight is a key component in being as functional as possible. It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about performance and the ability to perform any task at any time • •

image by Jay T. Maryniak (@jtm_fit) with caption : "// Perspective is key //
Having proper perspective is a huge part of feeling grateful for me. I have days where I can " - 1845765064043164894
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// Perspective is key // • Having proper perspective is a huge part of feeling grateful for me. I have days where I can very easily live in a positive and healthy state of mind and truly have proper perspective. I also have days where I can’t seem to muster up enough will power to combat negative thinking. It’s on those days where it’s important for me to find enough humility to reach out to friend or family member that knows me well and can put things in perspective for me. In other words asking for help. Accepting and understanding that I can’t do this whole life things alone is key. Don’t go at this life thing alone. It’s amazing how a quick call with a friend or family member can completely change the trajectory of our day, week or year. Keep things in perspective today and illuminate the good in your life

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// Functional Leg Workout // • You don’t always need heavy barbells to get a solid muscle building workout in. Kettlebells in conjunction with proper programming, will not only build muscle but will increase functional capacity and strength as well. Grab some kettlebells and give this workout a go. Go as heavy as possible while maintaining perfect technique. Technique before intensity👊🏻 • Front Rack Squat Lunge Complex 3-4 x 5 S. Leg RDL w/ 4 sec negative 3-4 x 5 Split Squats 3-4 x 10 Sumo Deadlift 3-4 x 12 • •

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Push / Pull • It’s important to be working basic fundamental movement patterns along with the unique and out of the box. Today’s workout was “basic”. Went as heavy as I could while having complete and total control. You’ll get way more out of your training when you leave your ego at the door and focus on building your body up. Don’t get to caught up in the quest to have the most unique and outside of the box workouts. Make sure you’re still working the foundational movements as well👌🏻 • DB Bench 2 for 1 Row 3 x 6 DB Close Grip Bench Press 3 x 12 (controlled decent) Single Arm Bodyweight Rows 3 x 8 Push Ups w/ 2 sec pause 3 x Max Reps (50 lb vest) • @thefunctionalmethod

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🔥CORE COMPLEX🔥 • Light up that core with this nasty core burner! • 5 SETS / 60 seconds REST Hollow Knee Tucks x 10 Hollow Rocks x 10 Pulse Ups x 10 Hollow Flutter Kicks x 10 sec • Let’s get it done! •

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The Back Flip Burpee Triple Clap Push Up Tornado Kick🌪 • A little gym baffoonery to start off your Friday😁. Sometimes I like to see what my body is capable of. This was super tough combo. It took a lot of mental focus and control. Whatever your goals are today get out there and crush them👊🏻 •

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Wrist Mobility / Prep • Warming up and prepping the wrists before your workouts is important just like any other part of the body. Take a few minutes before every session or on a rest day / active recovery day and show your wrists some love. I definitely don’t show them enough love! Perform each movement for 10 repetitions. 1-3 sets. Don’t over do it. Try and work through your restrictions and really focus on mobilizing and lengthening the joint and the connective tissues surrounding the joint👌🏻 •