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Jennifer Lopez

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6️⃣ days till ...“I’m Real”...this was another remix that we did, we had already shot the first video but then I did this remix with Ja Rule - everyone went crazy for the song so we decided to shoot a video for it. We shot it in one day. The stylists brought me all this fancy couture from all the big designers. But this little known company Juicy sent these sweatsuits for me to chill and hang out in...I loved them so much I decided to wear it in the video with my throwback Adidas and my nameplate and a bun. I shocked everyone when I decided to wear it! It seemed fitting since the song is called “I’m Real”, so I decided to be ME!!


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Only 1️⃣ week left til and I’m feeling nostalgic! I’m sharing some of my favorite video moments from the last 20 years…this is WAITING FOR TONIGHT….it was the second video I ever did, “If You Had My Love” was first. It was also the first time I went into the editing room and sat side by side with the editor, Dustin. That’s when I realized the magic of editing. Since then, I’ve been involved in the editing of all my videos. WFT is one of my all-time favorites because it stands the test of time, it was 1999, just about to be 2000 or Y2K--everyone thought the world was going to crash, so the director Francis Lawrence and I just threw the ultimate rave in a rainforest!!


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Only 2️⃣ more episodes of to see where Harlee’s fate lies‼️ TUNE IN TONIGHT‼️ It will be💥 💥 💥 @nbcshadesofblue @nbc 10/9c

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Gone fishing 🇮🇹 💋

image by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) with caption : "Ti Amo Italia!!!! 🇮🇹 #summertimefun #bestlunchever #LoScoglio #desperatelyseekingItalia 💋💋💋" - 1842987131582323489
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Ti Amo Italia!!!! 🇮🇹 💋💋💋

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5️⃣4️⃣3️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ 💋Countdown to the

image by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) with caption : "With love from Capri... ♥️ 📷by: @lacarba" - 1841765059589939830
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With love from Capri... ♥️ 📷by: @lacarba

image by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) with caption : "Sunset serenity... #priceless 📷 by: @lacarba 🇮🇹" - 1841757170783539682
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Sunset serenity... 📷 by: @lacarba 🇮🇹

image by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) with caption : "Capri 2018 🇮🇹💋 @lacarba took this photo" - 1841501708217546121
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Capri 2018 🇮🇹💋 @lacarba took this photo

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Marissa & The Heartbreakers💔 are ready to wreck shop‼️ Don’t mind us we’re just dueling away on over here - Tune in tomorrow night!! 8/7c on @nbc!!! @nbcworldofdance 🙌🏼🤺🙌🏼

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Hey guys, excited to announce I am starring in and producing a new movie called Hustlers, based on a true story of a group of strong ambitious badass women and directed by @lorenescafaria

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I love this song!! It’s a tradition here at Fenway Stadium where the Red Sox play at the bottom of the 8th inning to play !! My mom said this song came out around the time I was born and her and my dad used to sing it to me but when the sweet Caroline part came they would sing Sweet Jennifer... so whenever I hear it I see a picture in my mind of my mommy and daddy singing to me as a baby and it always makes me happy inside and smile real big on the outside!! ☀️ ⚾️💙