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Jeremy Scott Fitness

Bio Best Selling Author📝 Coach 💪🏼 Speaker🎙 Reebok Athlete 🏋🏼 For Online Coaching Email 📧 JSF Podcast Subscribe FREE below 🔊

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Jeremy Scott Fitness (@jeremyscottfitness) Instagram photos and videos

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💧 Santorini Sweat 💦 Session ~ 40 Seconds of work 20 seconds of rest for 4 movements x 5 total rounds. 1- KB Goblet Squats 2- Walking Lunges 3- KB Dead’s 4-KB Farmers Walks ~ that’s 1 cycle. Complete 5 total cycles in 20 minutes a quick efficient body butter ☔️ dripping session. Pick a load of KB’s you can handle and get after it. Enjoy and tag me at if you Sweat 💦 it out to this one. 🇬🇷

Instagram Image by Jeremy Scott Fitness (@jeremyscottfitness) with caption : "My wife says I don’t “relax” enough admittedly I don’t... However, after some early morning online work, a brutal uphill" at Mystique, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Santorini - 1870583567231961028

My wife says I don’t “relax” enough admittedly I don’t... However, after some early morning online work, a brutal uphill hike dodging massive donkey 💩 land mines and rowing around 15k meters I took a rare pause today to enjoy this most epic view. Growing up never having extra money for luxury things like vacations I find a tremendous amount of gratitude to be able to live the life I do now....I always say “I live a fake life” for the fact I can’t often believe it’s real from where it once was to how it is now. Most likely I won’t be back here often or ever again, so I try to be very mindful of every minute and be present while I am here. The takeaway: if you work your ass off for years and focus on being a master at your craft and truly put people first good things will happen for you in least it’s been my experience over the past decade. Have a kick ass Monday kids good night from Santorini Greece 🇬🇷 🇬🇷

Instagram Image by Jeremy Scott Fitness (@jeremyscottfitness) with caption : "💰 Making money & having money matters, but it’s not the measure of a successful life and having 💵 💵 stacks of $$$ doesn’" at Oía Santorini, Greece - 1870417601961177431

💰 Making money & having money matters, but it’s not the measure of a successful life and having 💵 💵 stacks of $$$ doesn’t make you “rich”.... 💯 for the full post visit our FB Page or peep today newsletter. Not on our newsletter DM me your email to be added. 🇬🇷

🇬🇷 “Mini” Metabolic Marathon ~ 🇬🇷 2500M Row ~ 100 Cals Assault Bike ~ 2500M Ski ~ 30 Minutes or Less is the Goal ~ My personal best is 26:51 but today this took me 28:30 ~ Admittedly I didn’t want to do this but with this view I figured why not? If you have access to these 3 machines give this a try, 30 Minutes is very doable if you “try” ...the question is how far under 30 minutes can you get if you push the pace? Enjoy and tag me at with your time if you tackle this “mini” marathon setup. Have a kick ass Sunday from Santorini! @concept2inc

Athens, Greece Report Download 55 3.26K

3 Flights ~ Jet Lagged ~ Feeling and looking like we got hit by a dump truck but playing tourist for a few quick hours before we hit the sea 🌊 at dawn tomorrow. Hopefully all of you are out doing shit you love today with people you enjoy because you already know your life is too short not to. 🇬🇷 @heathascott

5 Minute Max Effort Finisher ~ 60 Jacks ~ 50 Mt.Climbers ~ 40 Skater Hops ~ 30 Squat Jumps ~ 20 Burpees ~ 10 Inchworm Pushups ~ rest only as needed set the clock and see if you pack in all these QUALITY reps in 5 Minute or less. We did this with our athletes this week and it leaves your heart ❤️ beating and body sweating 😓like crazy. Enjoy and tag me at if you try this with your time!!

Straight Sets 💦 600 Bodyweight Workout ~ The setup: 100 Pull-ups ~ 100 Split Squats Right Leg 100 Split Squats Left Leg ~ 100 Pushups ~ 100 Dips ~ 100 Squat or Squat Jumps ~ Now you can break this up in any rep count you wish be it 10 Reps at a time 15 Reps at a time or 5 at a time of you start to fatigue etc. ~ the only rule is you must complete all 100 reps of an exercise before moving onto the next. Beginners try cutting the volume in half to just 300 total reps and modify pull-ups & dips as needed. This is a killer way to work on the basics in a high volume setting. Enjoy and tag me at if you crush all 600 Reps (40lbs weight vest optional) @hyperwear

DB Destruction ~ 160 Reps 100lb DB’s ~ 30 Minute Time Cap ~ Set the clock for 30 minutes ~ 10 Reps RDL ~ 10 Reps DB Goblet Squat ~ 10 Reps Bottom Loaded Squat ~ 10 Reps Squat to Press ~ That’s 1 cycle complete 4 total cycles in 30 minutes. Resting as much as needed between 10 Rep Sets. This had be dripping 💦 some serious body butter 🚿 ~ Scale the DB’s as needed most of you starting with 50-60lbs is plenty and progress form there. Enjoy and tag me at if you light up your legs with this.

🚿 15-15-15 🚿 Plate Waterfall ~ Grab a 45lb Plate ~ Complete 15 Reps Plate touch & press ~ 15 Reps Plyo Plate Pushups ~ 15 Reps Plate Squat to Bottom Press ~ that’s one cycle. Next round complete 14-14-14 of the same exercise water falling down to 1-1-1 Reps resting only as needed to finish the workout. Beginners start with a 15lb plate and intermediate go with a 25-35lb option. Enjoy and tag me at if you try this plate inspired 💦 waterfall workout.