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Jamie Grace

Bio Joy, Wellness, Mental Health advocate through the lens of music, film and Faith. Singer-Songwriter and Filmmaker. 🎼 grammy nominated 💍@theaaroncollins

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today = 3 months of being married to the only human I’ve ever met who just might be crazier than i am. love you babe:) @theaaroncollins


image by Jamie Grace (@jamiegraceh) with caption : "tag your friend that’s always photobombing 😂💙 on our way to MICHIGAN tonight and i can’t wait!!
join us for the fi" - 1823318104411824912
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tag your friend that’s always photobombing 😂💙 on our way to MICHIGAN tonight and i can’t wait!! 🤓 😊 🤩 join us for the final night of the @ 7pm! These are VIP shows where we’ve had the chance to hang out with everyone after the show without cutting the line off. That may sound incredibly random, but i love meeting y’all SO much and am so thankful this tour has given us that chance!! 💜 😜 💜 see you tonight, Michigan! Rock Lake Christian Assembly 7389 Vestaburg Rd Vestaburg, MI 48891


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This is JuneBug. She’s a custom @gibsonguitar , replicated after Johnny Cash’s, (swipe!) with the Emmylou Harris body (cause Johnny’s guitar was a jumbo and I’m not tryna be about that life). She’s been my for 6 years now! I was a teenager when i “discovered” Johnny Cash’s gospel albums. He quickly became one of my favorite vocalists and writers/musicians and i started dreaming of the day that i would have a guitar that looked like his Gibson. If i could say anything to any human reading this, i would say: YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID. Whether they come to life exactly how you imagined or remain on the shelf for a while, please don’t ever stop dreaming. I prayed for this guitar. I designed it over and over again on my computer. Before i even KNEW anyone at Gibson or understood how guitar customization works. Then one day, at Guitar Center, my sister and i met a Gibson representative who took the time to talk to us, get to know us, and keep in touch with us. I didn’t connect with him in hopes of getting something out of it. I just like meeting humans. Years later, JuneBug started to become a reality. At one point we hit a small glitch in the road where the font for my name couldn’t be matched to the font in Johnny’s guitar. We were pressed for time, hoping to debut the guitar at @DoveAwards, but the font couldn’t be found. But then... I got a phone call. Our guy at Gibson, we’ll call him P, told me that it was Johnny’s handwriting on his guitar. So instead of it being a duplicated font, the designers would go through Johnny’s writings and use his actual lettering for my guitar. Talk about BETTER than what i even imagined!!!! My hope and joy is not in earthly treasures or physical things. Lemme get that straight 🙌🏽 but JuneBug is an instrument (literally 😂🤓🙄) that has been used for some incredibly significant moments. She’s been beat up by a few airlines and sometimes is high on the treble, but she’s written some of my favorite songs and played some amazing stages. 6 years down, 6 million (not possible) to go! 🎸 🎤 So grateful to be able to travel the world with this guitar; a daily reminder of a kid with a dream she never imagined would come true.

Instagram Image by Jamie Grace (@jamiegraceh) with caption : "“I like that there’s a donut in the background” —- @theaaroncollins 🍩 💙" at QuikTrip - 1821926523649709330
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“I like that there’s a donut in the background” —- @theaaroncollins 🍩 💙

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Did you like @lisa_frank growing up?! I was literally obsessed!! Check out the latest 90s-vibes episode of The Jamie Grace Show ft. @hashtagzoe!! 🐶 💜 🐴 Link in bio and Story!!

Memphis, Tennessee Report Download 34 6.49K

Keep reading ONLY if you like chicken 😭🙌🏽 last week my friends @jcksnave’s mom @stacejcksn posted a photo of some amazing chicken 😂 swipe, y’all!! 🍗 😆 I had no idea we would be driving through Memphis yesterday but got to stop and eat at @chingshotwings, an amazing family owned restaurant. The best chicken wings I’ve had outside of ATL/my mom’s house 😂 and that’s saying a lot!! 🤓 🍟 Thank youuu for taking care of my crew. @mojcksn and @hanjcksn love you girls always good to hang out with youuuuuuu!

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DO NOTTTTTTTT miss the Jamie Grace show’s return tomorrow!! Hot Topics with Isla, my obsession with @lisafrank and does @hashtagzoe pay extra for guacamole?!? Do you!? . . . Visit to subscribe!!!

image by Jamie Grace (@jamiegraceh) with caption : "OKLAHOMA!

I’m stopping by the Tulsa area on my way to Michigan!

Join us TOMORROW night at 7pm; The Bridge Church in Bi" - 1820546856187417103
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OKLAHOMA! I’m stopping by the Tulsa area on my way to Michigan! Join us TOMORROW night at 7pm; The Bridge Church in Bixby, OK! (Free!) Then Saturday night at 7pm; Rock Lake Christian Assembly in Vestaburg, Michigan. (Tickets at See you soon!! *Team JG: Oklahoma; The event will be accepting a love offering as tickets will not be sold. The suggestion is a minimum of $25 donation per person; Partial proceeds will be given to The Jamie Grace Foundation. This is a VIP concert as everyone will have the opportunity to meet her. This is very rare and seating is very limited.

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last night these girls recognized me at our hotel. get this - they’re visiting from GHANA! So cool. I REALLY want to sing internationally more. Especially since @morganharpernichols and i did @relativerace and got our @ancestry results back. . . . . Even though it’s a small percentage, a part of our ancestry goes back to Ghana! Since i discovered that, I’ve been even more anxious to travel there a meeting these girls yesterday was really special. . . . Are you from somewhere outside of the US? Where? Where should i go?!

tacky clothes and sound checks 🙌🏽 @rascalflatts’ changed + how great Thou art + @johnnyswim’s hallelujah and three of my favorite songs to play in E. Folsom prison is the fourth 😭🙌🏽 . . . these two weeks are SO much fun, y’all! we’re traveling to the home churches of some of my biggest fans (aka my best friends!) for VIP-acoustic-driven concerts. North Carolina was great tonight! looking forward to Bowie, Maryland tomorrow!!!

image by Jamie Grace (@jamiegraceh) with caption : "yepppp there are pandas on my shirt. 😂 🐼 🙌🏽 i am literally obsessed with the app Panda Pop. it’s one of my favorite game" - 1817621924369641730
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yepppp there are pandas on my shirt. 😂 🐼 🙌🏽 i am literally obsessed with the app Panda Pop. it’s one of my favorite games! have you ever played it!? . . . Ps thanks @playpandapop for this tank!! 🐼💜 . . See you tonight, Georgia!!

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Summer concerts!!! I’m so excited to hop on the road and play these shows!!! Where should we go next!?! 🎤 🗺 🎟Check out for the details and tickets for these dates!! 💜 song: Bella - by me!