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I'm Ummti Of Prophet (S.A.W.)👑 (@islamic_post._) Instagram Profile Photo islamic_post._

I'm Ummti Of Prophet (S.A.W.)👑

Bio 🌸 “whoever puts all his trust in Allah , He will be enough for him Indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is the straight path

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I'm Ummti Of Prophet (S.A.W.)👑 (@islamic_post._) Instagram photos and videos

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“Praying salah is like a full time job, because if you keep missing your meeting with the boss you will get fired. So pray salah and save yourself from hellfire.”plzz check ourself where we all r standing ..... “When your aim is to touch the sky, first put your forehead on the ground in Sujood.” “We don’t pray to exist. We exist to pray.” “Ya Allah, accept our prayers and forgive our sins before we return to you.” Aameen💌islam


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Make this Ramadan the turning point in your life. break free from the deceptions of this world and indulge in the sweetness of EEMAN....ya Allah plz forgive our sins...

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this is before isha prayer last night at mecca. so crowded yet it’s not even hajj. Thousands of Muslims gather to spend the night in prayer and worship seeking the forgiveness of the Almighty. May Allah Almighty accept our good deeds and forgive our shortcomings.💕💖👼

image by I'm Ummti Of Prophet (S.A.W.)👑 (@islamic_post._) with caption : "The more you become religious you will notice a lot of things that has changed:
1- you will notice that you will have " - 1799902785661363157
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The more you become religious you will notice a lot of things that has changed: * 1- you will notice that you will have doubts in faith : some whispers such as :"who told you islam is the truth? Who told you Allah exist? Where is Allah? What was he doing before he created you?" * These doubts doesn't come from you they are from shaiytan so don't worry or feel bad ☺️ when he can't make you sin he attack you with whispers with your own voice in your head why? Because he is worried now: you never had these thoughts before right? We'll it's because shaiytan was happy with you he had nothing to worry about but now that you got closer to Allah he panick so he send you his best soldiers to weaken you! * Solution?: ignore these doubts and occupy yourself with something they will stop and say:"I believe in Allah and his prophet!" * 2- people will change toward you and find you boring: the more you are religious you will feel like the whole world is against you, when you speak the truth people will either find you boring or say:"you are extremist that's too much!" * You will notice that you will face hardship in practising religion and our prophet pbuh told us about it 1400 years ago he said:"will come a time where holding on to religion will be like holding a burning coal in your hands" so glad tiding to you dear stranger of the end of times❤️ * Solution?: don't live for the opinion of people and hold on to your deen ,you were born alone will die alone and will be burried alone and judged alone so do not be shy to speak about the truth and do dawah to your family maybe Allah will guide them through you and if not then it's a test from him so hold on and do not weaken that's shaiytan attacking you by them.. * 3-you will find it harder to fight temptations: shaiytan said:"and I will arouse them in sins" he is the one making sins appear attractive in your eyes * Solution: protect yourself with Quran and daily read prophets stories to keep strong and never forget your goal.. * Remember: this dunya is temporary and death can come at any time so live for jannah not dunya and if Allah is with you then in what does it matter if the whole earth was against you?🌹 be strong💪

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Huzoor aisa koi intizam ho jaye, Kay phir Madina rawana ghulam ho jaye. Naseeb waalon mein mera bhi naam ho jaye, Jo zindagi ki Madinay mein shaam ho jaye.💖😻

I'm Ummti Of Prophet (S.A.W.)👑 (@islamic_post._) shared  Image on Instagram - 1793439641110799101
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Brothers and sisters take lesson and ponder over this video ... look at how happy he looks, look at the smile on his face ... what do you have that he does not have .. ? A Perfect body and a job that is less exhausting and you get payed more for sure, but still we moan, and we still cry, and we still are ungrateful ! Dont ever think how hard your life is and be happy... this is not our jannah, if your life was all lovely without any worries and stress then why should you be the inheritor of the everlasting, eternal happiness ? Learn from people less fortunate than you than rather then competing with people more fortunate than you !!💖💕

image by I'm Ummti Of Prophet (S.A.W.)👑 (@islamic_post._) with caption : "😢✌sahi baat hai...." - 1789455903913853615
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😢✌sahi baat hai....