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Gabriel Soares (@gabriel.soareszz) Instagram Profile Photo gabriel.soareszz

Gabriel Soares

Bio Illustrator | Brazil or DM me.

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What's your favorite movie couple?


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A drawing for every moment of my life. Happy moments and others not so much.


image by Gabriel Soares (@gabriel.soareszz) with caption : "Hello Spain! From 16th to 18th of november I'll be in Sevilla at @lagaleriaroja to give a workshop about digital paintin" - 1844702859516212018
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Hello Spain! From 16th to 18th of november I'll be in Sevilla at @lagaleriaroja to give a workshop about digital painting. See you there! Info and booking mail: Registration site:

image by Gabriel Soares (@gabriel.soareszz) with caption : "Hello friends! Here is an illustration that shows  a little about myself! I really would like to see yours!
#meetthearti" - 1840780774939200369
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Hello friends! Here is an illustration that shows a little about myself! I really would like to see yours!

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My version of Powerpuff Girls! It was delicious sculpting these claws and this mini legs !!! This time I got something that challenged me, two elements in movement and in more detail. During this work, I realized that the more you invest time practicing 3D sculpture, the more "simple" your journey of studies becomes. For sculpting I used Zbrush, for rendering I used Maya / Vray and for color adjustments, I used Photoshop. I want again to thank @heloisa_duda who has been for me the best 3D teacher in the world!

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Digital Painting in 6 simple staps. 1) Invest time in the sketch, plan your drawing, do not rush. 2) Choose neutral colors and define the shapes, if you are using Photoshop, apply in the layers the command: Lock> Lock Transparent Pixels. So now you can color without worrying about the edges. 3) To apply shade, use derived colors from which you have previously chosen, avoid black, it can foul your colors, for clear skin I always advise reddish tones. 4) To apply soft lighting, look for light tones. Raise your palette while avoiding white. (100% white is used in rare cases, such as Hi light, this will depend on the material in which it will be applied). 5) Hi Light. Apply super saturated tones, if necessary, apply a few small white studs if the material is very shiny, such as the helmet. Also apply some shades of orange to the skin, as the direct illumination of the sun causes translucency. 6) The same color principle for the Background. An important detail about the Fill Light, usually in an outdoor scene this, the shadow is affected by the light of the sky, which is often blue, leaving the shade with a violet and bluish hue. I hope this mini-tutorial has it useful. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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Hi everyone, I completed my project! It was 3 weeks working at dawn. I want to register my admiration and respect for 3D artists, because now I have felt a bit of how complex it is to deal with 3D, working with 3D requires a lot of time, a lot of attention and most importantly, patience. For what I would solve in 2 or 3 hours in the 2D illustration, 3D illustration takes more than the time trio, precisely because it is a complex technique, but the result is satisfactory, I am very happy to see a concept of mine carved in 3D . I want to leave a special thanks to @heloisa_duda who is my mentor in Zbrush's full-time Maya studies. Without her dedication and patience, none of this would be possible.

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Incredible 3D sculpture made by @rafagrassetti based on my concept - Logan. I feel honored ♥

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What is your favorite Spider Man?

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This is my creative process, in this project I took 1hour to seek references, and on average 4 to 6 hours to complet the painting. How is yours creative process? Este é meu processo criativo, nesse projeto levei 1 hora em busca de referências, e em média 4 à 6 horas para concluir e refinar a pintura. Então, como é o processo criativo de vocês?

image by Gabriel Soares (@gabriel.soareszz) with caption : "Reference ♥" - 1790861512955156917
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Reference ♥

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I'm sitting in front of a computer, this is the place I'd like to be now *-*