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Natsu Dragneel (@fireking.natsu) Instagram Profile Photo fireking.natsu

Natsu Dragneel

Bio phone editor - 17 🌟

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if you’re not loving you...


Report Download 4 18

she is literally so precious, like imagine being able to hate this ball of sunshine


Report Download 2 29

psychopathic but it’s okay

Report Download 1 19

I didn’t realize I didn’t crop two clips right until I finished so just ignore those

Report Download 4 30

idk if I like the beginning in b&w //: but lucy deserves the whole world honestly

Report Download 3 31

I spent half the day editing instead of doing my hw that’s way overdue haha (why does ig ruin the audio quality so much)

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tough lil baby

Report Download 1 24

literally want a gray irl to be my best friend what a great guy

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miss this sweet boy

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hi, sorry for not posting in a while, I've been super busy lately, so enjoy this edit that's lq but took me forever to make anyways

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quality ruined thanks to ig but I love jerza so much, I just want them happy and together

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I don't understand how anyone can hate this precious baby

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this scene will always get to me, these babies deserve the world

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pretty little psycho

Report Download 2 24

*credit to the respective artists for their art* - this kinda sucks but enjoy this wonderful man

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I finally started using video star and holy crap, props to people who use it and are good at it because I suck

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my bby boy zeref

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*credit to the respective artists for the art* - . . . - here's a cute and fluffy nalu edit ahh I love them so much