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Faith haller Beauty

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Throw back to one of the best shoots ever working with one of the best photographers in the industry @roberttremaine ✨ SWIPE LEFT ✨


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🌟 SWIPE LEFT 🌟 I just never understood the concept of doing prom the same weekend as Mothers Day. A man must have done that. Mother’s can’t catch a break on their own weekend. They definitely need to change that. But anywho it was a pleasure to work with this young lady. She has a very modest spirit. She doesn’t wear much makeup so to see her expression and immediate reaction when she looked herself in the mirror I know she felt beautiful and that is always the goal. I’d also like to wish all of the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!!! πŸ‘©


image by Faith haller Beauty (@faithhallerbeauty) with caption : "Your day should always be a memorable experience and pictures tell the story of that experience. One of the most importa" - 1808156105983705260
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Your day should always be a memorable experience and pictures tell the story of that experience. One of the most important tips I can give to any bride on her day is to hire a makeup artist, hairstylist, photographer and videographer and don’t wait last minute. It really makes a difference especially if you are a person that like to capture experiences. Now every wedding doesn’t require any of these but if you know that this is what you want budget accordingly because for a makeup artist alone if you have a decent size bridal party it will be at minimum $650 and it can go up depending on the artist and the package they have and your needs. If you want them there all day can possibly go up to the $1000’s. You should always look and feel your best! Budget for this and don’t put it on the back burner. Or consider taking a class with an artist that can show you how to apply your makeup correctly on your special day which can cut back on the expenses. Do what works for you just make it a memorable experience. πŸ‘°πŸΌ @amber_rose43 πŸ“· @stephanierogersphotography πŸ’„ @faithhallerbeauty @faithhaller β›ͺ️ @butlers_courtyard