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The music era

Bio Welcome to the era of music 💅 All things music! Hate = blocked

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Question 11 favorite alumb covers . The rainbow cover was just really cute it wasn't nothing big but it was really cute how it came out , kesha always delivers. Hopeless foundation kingdom cover aka Halsey alumb cover was really out done! It's so beautiful and really different!!!


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Question 10 favorite tour from your favorite artist . Tell me love you tour has been nothing but amazing! She not giving any fucks. She looks like a snack each night. Demi has served on this tour .


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Songs that you would sing on a singing show ? Sorry not sorry by Demi Lovato and perfect by ally Brooke . These 2 songs are just amazing and I love them sm

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Question 7. Artist you loved since you were a child and why ? Kesha duh! It was back in 4th grade when the school thought my mom was a bad mom because I was jamming to tik tock and that's where it all started . Kesha is beautiful and has an amazing Vocie. Kesha is aslo a very strong person!!!

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Question 6 favorite live ? Definitely secret love song by little mix . Perrie was killing it! People need to stop sleeping on her

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Question 5 favorite transition on a alumb. Well here it is 👀👀

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Question name a song that makes you emotional. How could you leave us by nf . This song was personal and really sad because you can really feel his pain . Unless you listen to all his music you wouldn't get it

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Question favorite alumb this year and why ? First up speak your mind by Anne Marie : Anne Marie alumb was soo good every song was a bop and went off. Anne Marie is a rising star that deserves better. Buy and stream speak your mind Invasion privacy by cardi b : cardi freshman alumb was just that Bitch! She isn't here to play she is showing everyone she isn't a flash in the pan , cardi b alumb has so many bops she's definitely a queen. Aurora by Bea Miller - let me tell you this album a whole mood she really didn't come to play each song snapped she Came for blood she is a force to be reckoned with. Rose (sex) by Jessie j - even know it was a EP I'm still counting it . The four songs that were released on the EP was soo freaking amazing I'm just speechless! Her come back was amazing definitely check her EP out bobby tarantino 2 by logic- HE WENT TFFFF OFFF!! Y'all need to stop sleeping on him ASAP!!' Logic is the next best rappers mark my words . JP3 by Junglepussy- jungle pussy is so underrated and people should really listen to her 3rd album JP3 because was fulled with songs to get lit too. Dirty computer by Janelle - this alumnb was paid dust and she worked her ass off each song had a meaning I love her sm

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Question favorite band and why ? Well i didn't really know them on X factor but I firgued them out in 2013 when there song wings came out and since then I been a mixer they have so many good songs and they can sing live Bitch!!! P.s shout to my ex has zayn somewhere crying. I love these girls so much and always will can't wait for there next album. Buy and stream glory days

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Question favorite solo artist that you love and why . Well this was hard between kesha and ally but I picked ally Brooke . Since seeing her on X factor I knew she had the vocie to become a singer . I just don't love ally as a solo artist but I love her as a person she is so positive and happy she always gives her fans love she is a pure artist and it's super rude how people body shame her she is a beautiful girl! I love ally Brooke with all my heart I'm excited for AB1 love you ally ❤️

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Doing a 30 day music challenge made by @rainbowbcby . So excited to start this

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