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Elisabeth Akinwale

Bio MindBodySoulLiberation | Motherhood | MSW | Fitness | Chicago Life | @13thFLOW

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Elisabeth Akinwale (@eakinwale) Instagram photos and videos

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Power snatches and Asa telling me about some He-Man action figures through the entire training session today, so I’m all set. 👌🏾


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The last thing I want to do is compromise a training session due to digestive issues. I know I’m not the only one who’s been there! It doesn’t have to happen. Healthy, consistent digestion with the support of @RenewLife Probiotics helps maintain predictability in how my body feels on a day to day basis, and gives me confidence that I’m absorbing as much nutrition as possible from the healthy foods I eat. For those who are unfamiliar, a probiotics supplement helps your body to maintain a healthy balance of the bacteria that occur naturally in your gut. Both my son’s pediatrician and our Naturopathic doctor have recommended we include probiotics in our supplementation regimen, and it’s been so helpful for us! Get more information here about the full line of Renew Life Ultimate Flora™ Probiotics here (link in bio) ,


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We’ve reached a critical juncture in our relationship. This born and bred Chicago kid now thinks it’s funny to tease me about my Minnesota accent. _____________________________ Last year we decided that Asa needed to change schools. We ended up applying to three of the best schools in Chicago. They all have rigorous application processes that frankly, are far more intense than even the Graduate level applications I’ve completed. We worked hard to prepare for the required standardized testing, wrote essays, had parent tours and interviews, student shadow days... it was a lot. Asa was accepted to all three schools, and will now get to attend our choice. I don’t put a huge value on arbitrary measures, but it did feel affirming that Asa is a kid that people see as a positive addition to their school community. 6th grade will begin in a few weeks and I’m beyond thrilled for him to have experiences and exposure beyond anything I had growing up. I want to open as many doors as possible so he can find and follow his own passions & interests. I asked him about his goals for the year and he told me making friends and joining clubs are at the top of his list. This kid rules, I love that he’s so true to himself.

image by Elisabeth Akinwale (@eakinwale) with caption : "I believe if I were from Wakanda I’d be Jabari. They are a full bodied people. The first impression they give is very se" - 1846494310817558426
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I believe if I were from Wakanda I’d be Jabari. They are a full bodied people. The first impression they give is very serious and intense, but underneath that is a sense of humor. Content to live in the mountains and be left alone, but show up to take action when necessary. However stand-offish the Jabari seem on the surface, they care about the greater good and will stand up for it. Their culture is based on Igbo culture, and I’m Yorùbá, but still. I’m Jabari. 🙅🏾‍♀️

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Lovely & rejuvenating experience at the Propel Co:Lab Fitness Festival Chicago! The diverse array of featured workout options focused on sweating, strengthening, stretching and even meditation and mind-body connection. Delicious food options and plenty of @propelwater kept us fueled and hydrated to get the most out of the classes. I loved participating in the Stretch Lab in the beautiful & vibrant “Playground” outside workout space. Cool vibes throughout the class, my body feels amazing, and I learned some new movements to add to my training. Check out more from the event on my story. sponsored by @propelwater

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I’m going to have to get this clean and post it again, but it’s fun putting little drills and challenges into warm ups. There are SO many skills I want to work on and not nearly enough hours in the day. Time spent developing body awareness and body control translates to EVERYTHING.

image by Elisabeth Akinwale (@eakinwale) with caption : "#FlashbackFriday 
2011 CrossFit Games,  Saturday night workout. My first event win at the Games. 
______________________" - 1842895400400105999
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2011 CrossFit Games, Saturday night workout. My first event win at the Games. ____________________________ I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say, playing at the park with my son gave me confidence to go full force on this event. The moral of the story, play with your kids. 🤣😜

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Bouncing with @brattrains, testing an upcoming @13thflow workout. As my girl Aya of @hajihealingsalon says, “Thriving is Our Resistance.”

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A client mentioned that viewing some barbell cycling work from this angle was helpful, so I decided to share a bit more. Cycling or not, the fundamentals of the lift don’t change. *don’t mind the little fingers that pop into the frame, my son was filming from the top of the rig, I’m giving him some grace on his hands getting in the way. 😊

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Join me for Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival this Saturday, August 11th at Revel Fulton Market here in Chicago! This event is an amazing opportunity to workout with some dynamic fitness trainers in an incredibly unique format, including a mash-up workout with @ludacris and trainer @nicolewinhoffer. Yes, seriously, you can workout to a live Ludacris performance! Other goodies like meditation sessions, massages, curated eats and of course, hydration from @propelwater will round out the day of exciting fitness and wellness. Check out the details and register at (link in my bio). Use code: Propelyeah10 to save 10% on registration. by @propelwater

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