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image by CrossFit Training Department (@crossfittraining) with caption : "🤳 @kiddcampbellcfj
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After a decade of fitness I have gone from a boy tagging along with his mom to learn how to wor" - 1874767573652937296
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🤳 @kiddcampbellcfj . . . After a decade of fitness I have gone from a boy tagging along with his mom to learn how to work out to a coach with one of the highest credentials in fitness. I’m nowhere near mastery, but at 22 I have so much time to climb this mountain of education and growth. Thank you to the people who started me up it. We are going to change many people's lives. … @crossfit


image by CrossFit Training Department (@crossfittraining) with caption : "CrossFit humbles everyone daily.
This is not a secret inside the CrossFit community. Ask the fittest person at your ne" - 1874336801083103314
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CrossFit humbles everyone daily. - This is not a secret inside the CrossFit community. Ask the fittest person at your new gym about his or her first workout. You’ll hear stories about not finishing, almost puking and being shocked about how much harder it was than it looked. - Here’s another secret: You have a bit of an advantage over the typical fairly fit person who drops in to try a CrossFit class. You already know it’s going to be hard. - From the CrossFit Journal article “Change Your Life in 24 Hours,” by Kai Rainey. … @crossfit

image by CrossFit Training Department (@crossfittraining) with caption : "🤳 @adaptivecrossfit
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How do you plan group warm-ups for adaptive athletes?
👉 Not only will you have to adapt wor" - 1874042140825420821
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🤳 @adaptivecrossfit . . . How do you plan group warm-ups for adaptive athletes? — 👉 Not only will you have to adapt workouts for your athletes, you also need to prepare to alter your class-based warm-ups so they remain effective and inclusive. — 🤔 How do you plan warm-ups when you may not know which (adaptive) athletes will be in your class? — ✅ Plan for three general impairment groups 1️⃣ Standing athlete w/ upper extremity impairment 2️⃣ Standing athlete w/ lower extremity impairment 3️⃣ Seated athlete — Pre-plan three basic adaptations for your warm-up movements using those 👆three basic impairment groups. Then make necessary alterations as needed based on your athletes’ specific adaptation needs. — 📸 @joaocrc_@crossfit

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🤳 @crossfit_weightlifting . . . Good ankle, hip and shoulder mobility are crucial for our sport of Olympic weightlifting. . This drill is a great tool for enhancing mobility and developing awareness of which area needs the most improvement. . Feet together. Hands together. PVC pipe stacked over the shoulders, shoulders stacked over the heels. Heels stay planted as you descend into your squat. Keep the bar behind the ears as best as possible without crying. . Athlete: @broham987. . @crossfit

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🤳 @cfjumprope ・・・ CrossFit Jump Rope !! - Ok Jump Rope Nation, here’s a combo of basic skills that are put together to challenge your coordination. - 60 second AMRAP; one rep is 8 revolutions...first 4 at basic bounce, second 4 at running step with side swing. Let’s see what you got! - Post your videos and tag us! And if you want to learn the foundational skills to put together these kind of challenges, sign up for a CrossFit Jump Rope Course. - Upcoming courses ... @crossfit

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🤳@crossfitrobo ··· Atlas stones aren’t just for shouldering or loading. We use them for all sorts of things. - @covatose having fun with the 95 pounder in today’s class WOD. … @crossfit

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Congratulations to the people listed below. During the month of August, they earned the right to distinguish themselves as Certified CrossFit Trainers (CF-L3). - Casey Good (@americanfitnessco), @crossfitzionsville - Charles Healy (@chazhealy), @westlittlerockcrossfit - Christopher Mota (@chris_mota96), @greenockcrossfit - Matthew Kolozsvary (@coachmattdsg), @crossfitunmatched, @crossfitkingspoint, @crossfitgroveland, @dirtysouthgyms - David Musgrave (@dahveee), @crogacrossfit - Dakota Boring (@dakotaboring), @crossfitpistolcreek - Dana Murdock (@danamurdock17), @sevenvalleycrossfit - David Hallmann (@davidhallmann), @crossfitkiel - Michele Barbone (@mbarbone23), @daybreakcrossfit - Erwin Regidor (@erwinjay), @alfa_coaching - Juan Acevedo (@garagelabtraining) - Gillian Bennett (@gbennett), @lahuella_workout_club_esp - Jeremy Strawn (@holisticmountainman), @ralstoncreekcrossfit - Jenna Stankus (@jennamcstankus), @crossfit_518 - Kidd Campbell (@kiddcampbellcfj) - Kimberly Wilson (@kimwilson143), @strongfitnessdallas - Laura Lochmann (@lmlochmann), @crossfitsanitas - Amaro Miguel Leite (@mitinh0), @crossfitoxen - Nathan Walshe (@nathwalshe), @crossfitvfl - Morgan Carlson (@notthefirstmorgs), @crossfit604 - Samuel Axten (@samuelaxten), @crossfitroundlake - Kathryn Boshko (@thepinkmambaaa), @crossfit516 - Michael Traux, @crossfit_joshua_tree - Dustin Adams, @itfarmomaha - 🎥: @dtcflo2@crossfit @cherizle

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Eric O’Connor (@ericcrossfit), CrossFit FlowMaster, Competitor’s Course Trainer, L4 Course Rater, and Lesson Plan writer has a challenge for you. - Developing effective variance in programming takes careful work and analysis to get it right. Eric breaks down 3 workouts and puts the question to you: what workout would you program next?  And NO, you cannot use WOD 180919. Post your answer to the comments. … @crossfit

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Presence and attitude are intangible attributes. They often are defined as a combination of care, empathy, and passion. These are the aspects that allow coaches to connect with athletes, motivate them, and keep them in the gym for years. - Every coach has his or her own personality. Above anything else, the coach must have massive amounts of empathy and endless passion. - 📷: @dtcflo2@crossfit @amalleolo

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The general warm-up for WOD 180919 gets the shoulders primed to move with the use of shoulder rotations. - CrossFit Flexibility Trainer Ray Regno, talks tips on how to coach this movement to your athletes. … @crossfit @rayregno

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The wall walk is a taxing movement on your shoulders and midline. CrossFit Head Trainer Nadia Shatila, demonstrates the scaling options covered in the lesson plan for WOD 180919. - For the full lesson please visit our profile page. … @crossfit @nadiashatila