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Coral Morphologic (@coralmorphologic) Instagram Profile Photo coralmorphologic

Coral Morphologic

Bio Miami, FL ◦ Human-Coral Symbiosis

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Pre-order physical versions of before the August 17th release, including standard cd & limited edition double lp ft. green vinyl w/ coral fossil etching. Link to purchase:


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We are psyched to share we’ve teamed with friends & collaborators @anmlcollective to create the forthcoming audiovisual album 'Tangerine Reef' in honor of the International Year of the Reef 2018. Watch the album trailer here & view the ‘Hair Cutter’ music video exclusively via @applemusic (link in bio) Pre-order the album before the August 17th release via the 'Tangerine Reef' website: The release of 'Tangerine Reef' follows in the wake of two live performances featuring iterations of the music and visuals on the album – the first in Miami at the 10th Borscht Film Festival in February 2017, and most recently at David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption Brooklyn edition in May 2018.


image by Coral Morphologic (@coralmorphologic) with caption : "Giant Clam Closeup #coralmorphologic #iyor #iyor2018" - 1823635601633353526
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Giant Clam Closeup

image by Coral Morphologic (@coralmorphologic) with caption : "1 Strange Rock #coralmorphologic #iyor #iyor2018" - 1822947238274347095
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Fire Coral Walker

image by Coral Morphologic (@coralmorphologic) with caption : "Corallimorph Topography #coralmorphologic #iyor #iyor2018" - 1821477090640251029
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Corallimorph Topography

image by Coral Morphologic (@coralmorphologic) with caption : "Hyperreal #coralmorphologic #iyor #iyor2018" - 1820737905788455660
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image by Coral Morphologic (@coralmorphologic) with caption : "Flower / Animal #coralmorphologic #iyor #iyor2018" - 1819287617445764615
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image by Coral Morphologic (@coralmorphologic) with caption : "Stream the 5th Coral Morphologic @Spotify playlist via the link in our bio. ‘Dreaming Again’ features #coralmorphologic " - 1818303241174033662
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Stream the 5th Coral Morphologic @Spotify playlist via the link in our bio. ‘Dreaming Again’ features music as well as sketches, sceneries, and suites by artists that have inspired us

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Meandrina meandrites juvenile coral aglow in the dark (from the )

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Catch a photo spread in the first issue of @moreorlessmag - print edition available at selected stockists: