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Consuelo Rios (@con_swole_o) Instagram Profile Photo con_swole_o

Consuelo Rios

Bio Trying to be a decent Weightlifter🏋🏻‍♀️ stronger than yesterday💪🏼 @albuquerquestrengthacademy athlete❤️ Positive vibes only✌🏼

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Consuelo Rios (@con_swole_o) Instagram photos and videos

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Instagram Image by Consuelo Rios (@con_swole_o) with caption : "Happy Father’s Day daddy!" at Santa Fe, New Mexico - 1803920401055896180

Happy Father’s Day daddy!


These are getting kinda easy..... just kidding they suck. (no feet no contact snatches) @albuquerquestrengthacademy


Finally getting to jerk again! 80kilos feeling good. And just a little 137kilo back squat. @vietabeast Makes my heart happy @albuquerquestrengthacademy

When coach lets you clean 80k! Just 15-20k to go 🙌🏼💪🏽 also thinking no contact act no feet cleans are kinda helping 🤷🏻‍♀️ @albuquerquestrengthacademy

Working on being strong again! Got to snatch 65k today (twice) lol. And a bunch of singles at 60k. Also back squat triples at 135k @albuquerquestrengthacademy shirt and socks by @unitedlifters lifters

Fuego with the win tonight @santafefuego @danielaldrich7170 with the walk off

Yassss finally getting to clean!! Learned how to do No feet no contact cleans 🤭 just 4 weeks to go! @albuquerquestrengthacademy

Fuego with the win tonight!!!!!! @santafefuego

Pretty solid day training, officially lifting again!!!!! was a success! Also found out that no contact no feet are the weirdest things you can do lol. So happy to have the best team in the world @albuquerquestrengthacademy shirt and socks by @unitedlifters

Video 1: me having a horrible angle at a deadlift at 160k Video 2: death by volume 😭 10 bs at 105k @albuquerquestrengthacademy

Just some footwork for the jerk. And some fun front squat death sets 😝 low key feeling like coach is trying to kill me 😯😶 @albuquerquestrengthacademy

Finally got 23”box jump. Slowly getting more confident 💁🏻‍♀️ also my little celebration dance. @biggirlbarbell @brownskinjessie @unitedlifters

Nothing impressive just working on speed and keeping my lats engaged. Also coach messed up my counting by saying something hilarious 🤣 I live for moments like today ❤️ @albuquerquestrengthacademy

BIG shout out to my sponsor @windy.carter for helping me fix my elbow to where front squats don’t hurt even with the lighter weights it was still hurt but now I’m able to squat!! Thanks to my coaches @albuquerquestrengthacademy @madgainzmundo @grayson_starner For having so much patience with me through Thanks everyone! Ready to start lifting heavy again 🙌🏼💪🏽🏋🏻‍♀️

image by Consuelo Rios (@con_swole_o) with caption : "Laying in bed, Just questioning whyyyyy coach whyyyyy. @albuquerquestrengthacademy" - 1777601944308118857
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Laying in bed, Just questioning whyyyyy coach whyyyyy. @albuquerquestrengthacademy

Long post: I’ve been afraid of jumping so I avoided it like the plague. Coach added these in since we are laying off overhead stuff until my elbow is better. For me to jump those 21” is a huge milestone. Let's hope this mental breakthrough helps all of my mental blocks 🙌🏼 Thanks to my supportive coach @grayson_starner And thanks to my salty coach @madgainzmundo Grateful to y’all ❤️🤗 @albuquerquestrengthacademy sock that are hiding by @unitedlifters