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Claire Mc Glynn (@cmg_fit) Instagram Profile Photo cmg_fit

Claire Mc Glynn

Bio ✌Coach,Trainer, Athlete @crossfit353 😍Owner @unit1_trainingfacility 🏋Weights🏃Sports ☘Irish Champ 💪Team ON Sponsored Athlete 💕Food 👌🏼Soundness

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🏋🏻‍♀️Leinster Champs🏋🏻‍♀️ Lifted 71kg in the which was a pb😏 and 95kg in 🤗 Came in 2nd place to one of my oldest and best @aoifemacneill Sure look🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️ We went into the comp cool and casual 😎...didn't know we'd be battling for a new Irish record at 101kg clean&jerk?! As you can see, I bottled the 101🙄 - Aoifs cleaned it but missed the jerk😑 'Tis only a matter of time before herself and the others beat my 100kg record. Zee clock is ticking. Need to get my shizz together! Absolute craic today, looking forward to the next one. 👏🏼💚 Thanks for all the support and well done to Sean and everyone @weightliftingireland @crossfitireland for organising. @swwaannyy @_nigera_ @blathnaidt @phatbarbell @katie__murphy_ and Hazza @capitalstrength who loaded and unloaded my bar in the warm up room @weightliftingpls_store @optimumnutrition_ie

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💀Squatting out the Demons💀 Tough getting back to work after hen party craic at the weekend. Lunch time class went surprisingly well and kudos to all of our members who are exceeding goals and expectations🙌🏼 I hit 115, 120, 125, 130kg x 5 reps of back squat @unit1_trainingfacility First time I've done that beltless. Nyeah😌...Had to breeeeathe between reps so as to stay conscious😳 @optimumnutrition_ie @crossfit353 @ik_skelzo @parkes_ns Root, tsank yahhh @ruthiemcglynn 📽

❤Hhhhhheeehhhhhhn Porshy❤ ...of my ole buddy ole pal, oldest and best @lauriecat57 Well done to everyone for bringing the craic. Flat out.

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😌😳😱Come at me brah😱😳😌 My attempt of running up the wall...after @ik_skelzo and @parkes_ns nailed it. Watch closely as I very quickly bottle it🍼 Some telling signs are; my facial expressions, the toe strike transition to heel strike (brakes), the leaning away from the wall, the slowing down instead of accelerating into the wall...and so on...enjoy @unit1_trainingfacility @optimumnutrition_ie

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🙄Aaaaand fail🙄 🍼 it eventually🤓 Hang power cleans at 75kg after heavy and before workout in ma crib @unit1_trainingfacility always have an issue with powers...prefer to drop into the full squat rather than commit to the effort of driving through my legs and catching the power high. Trying to wean myself off of the habit Kudos to our members who gave it absolute welly yesterday 🙂

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💀Exorcising. Fantastisch.❤ 4 days&nights in Berlin. The city almost killed us but alas, today had to be done. Heart rate through the roof and a mental slog but feeling one million times better after it. Alive and well. @unit1_trainingfacility @ik_skelzo @parkes_ns cheers for holding the fort, Nick ❤👍🏼👻☻

Instagram Image by Claire Mc Glynn (@cmg_fit) with caption : "It was cold on my toesies.

#papped #photooftheday @evalkelly93 @ik_skelzo" at East Side Gallery - 1783506033549825716

It was cold on my toesies. @evalkelly93 @ik_skelzo

Instagram Image by Claire Mc Glynn (@cmg_fit) with caption : "Auf Wiedersehen." at Berlin, Germany - 1782241800027823178
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Auf Wiedersehen.

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🙂Butter Face🙂 Triples at 65kg and then had to throw up 70 for funsies and it felt graaaand🙂. Because if you feel it's there why hold back? 🧐? Opening my ribs and pushing up through my lats, like I do when I jerk, is really helping with my . It's only taken 7 years to cop this...🙄 @optimumnutrition_ie @unit1_trainingfacility @crossfit353 @ik_skelzo @parkes_ns @barbellefit

image by Claire Mc Glynn (@cmg_fit) with caption : "💃🏻Me Girlos💃🏻 Been over 2 years since we were all together at once? Maybe? Shite buzz, but sure you know yourselves; you" - 1776387133410528032
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💃🏻Me Girlos💃🏻 Been over 2 years since we were all together at once? Maybe? Shite buzz, but sure you know yourselves; you never lose the craic with those you bond with best.

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🤔Treats🤔 Members and clients in @unit1_trainingfacility and @crossfit353 ask me what I have "with my cup of tea" at night time. This is the usual ... ❤ 2 tbsps of @fage or @liberteyogurt or skyr yoghurt from @lidlireland ALL PLAIN flavour (less sugar) ❤ scoop of protein from sponsors @optimumnutrition_ie ❤ bloobs - blueberries ❤ and either (over 75-90% cocoa content) or/and if I have them in stock, a quarter of an protein bar not desert @barnesmedia_ huh

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😎Flow and Go😎 Flowy bit of active recovery with the craic fairy @barbellefit ...the bands get me every time💀 5 rounds: 12 cal row + 15 sumo squat w/20kg kettlebell 5 rounds: 10 cal bike + blackout banded bumsies 6/6/6/6/6/6 3 rounds: wide grip pull ups, handstand shrugs + @evalkelly93 @optimumnutrition_ie @unit1_trainingfacility

🏋️‍♂️🏋🏻‍♀️"So, it isn't a race, yeh?"🏋️‍♂️🏋🏻‍♀️ The sound of my own voice ✋🏼😑 ❤But brilliant day giving a workshop on in Galway yesterday @theunitgym_crossfitclaregalway ❤ Loads of in-depth work with a sound group of athletes on and 👍🏼Then we worked on cycling the barbell efficiently and finishing each rep fully when we work at a high intensity and speed. It's very easy to let your technique, focus, breathing, bracing and discipline go out the window once you start the clock. @unit1_trainingfacility @heshsesh93 @barrymichaelc @amandahenry35 @megan_mac_d @xtinafxx @collynskey

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😍Summer Squatting😍 It was warm enough for short shorts today💃🏻 Power snatches, power cleans, power jerks and 120kgx5 back squat felt good, despite the fact that we all felt sh**e before the sesh. I felt like a cat in rigor mortis 🙀 Weight in the heels, working hard on keeping zee chest up on the ascent. Savage sessiún with @ik_skelzo and @barbellefit @optimumnutrition_ie @unit1_trainingfacility