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Brendan van Son

Bio Travel photographer from Canada Currently: Next: Daily vlogger

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Golden Gate Bridge Report Download 36 4.16K

Happy Without photography, I have no idea what direction my life would have turned; I just have to believe it wouldn't have ended up this beautiful. But as much as I appreciate photography for giving my life direction, I appreciate the people that photography has brought into my life even more. Because, forget photography, where would my life be without all of you? Love y'all!


Ermoúpoli Report Download 36 3.24K

Syros was incredible. Sure, I made a massive mistake and forgot my camera battery chargers in Crete. But, thanks to the kindness of a stranger, I at least found a way to charge my 200d. So, in the vlog that's fresh up on my channel I raced around the beautiful island of Syros passing the shutter on everything from cityscapes, to @alajode, to the cats. There's a link in my bio or my latest Instagram sorry. Check it out!


Georgioúpoli Report Download 58 3.98K

I know, I'm way behind on posting to instagram. But, I have been out shooting a lot! I found this epic location in Georgioupolis. It took some risk running a gauntlet of waves to get to. Then, I had to wade out in the waves waste deep to get this shot. But, it all came out really cool. I even managed to grab another cheeky @sandiskeurope photo for that project! I'd love to get back to this location someday, but for now it's on to the next spot. If you've been following the vlog, you know that the next place is Syros! And, it's awesome here.

Crete Report Download 21 2.89K

Day 2 out trying to shoot product images for @sandiskeurope. I kind of ran with the idea of "I have the best office in the world." But, I also don't want to glorify this idea too much. Yes, I have the best office in the world. But that doesn't mean we work on the beach or at cafes with epic views every day. Often, we're working in run down hotels, or bumpy buses. I remember early in my career sleeping in a shipping crate in West Africa surrounded by 30 other people and needing to open up my laptop and get some work done. Travel bloggers - myself included - have made a bad habit of glorifying this lifestyle. Yes, it is amazing. Yes, I'm happy to have a new office every week. Yes, I love it - even the struggles. But, just know that for every epic post of a view point with a laptop open and the world "today's office" inscibed, there are likely 100 other days where we battled conditions. And, you know what? Epic view or run down hotel room, I'm living my dream and as long as that's the case, I'll take either one.

Cretea Report Download 66 3.5K

Crete, Greece. Today in Greece my task was to get out of my comfort zone. I'm fine with landscapes, and nature, even portraits and cities. But product photography has always been a challenge for me. I was way behind on an assignment for @sandiskeurope to photograph their Extreme Portable SSD, and I needed to start getting out and grabbing images. So, I rewarded myself with a cheeky landscape photography shoot before getting to work. Then, I had the SSD brave some waves and coffee. I definitely don't "love" product photography. But I embrace the challenge of it and trying to get out of my comfort zone and shoot differently to what I normally do. I encourage all photographers to get out and try different styles. If you do landscapes, shoot some street. If you photograph wildlife, find some stars and shoot astro. You'll be amazed at what you can learn and bring back with you.

Heraklion Port Report Download 56 3.77K

Day 3 in Crete... I'm getting used to life in Crete, and finding it much more "liveable" than I expected. I'm falling into a pretty healthy routine of: sunrise shoot, gym, eat, coffee, eat, coffee, coffee. Every day I've gone out to take images the light has cooperated. Tropical skies over incredible seas. It's hot, though. And though the first couple days I was on the verge of melting, I'm growing to love it. And honestly, is there anything better than going out to take pictures in flip flops and shorts? These images are from the vlog that's going up in a couple hours. Check out the bio link to see it!

Tbilisi, Georgia Report Download 74 4.19K

Tbilisi was such a great home to us. We settled into routine, ate like champions, got healthy, and generally just enjoyed the hospitality of some amazing people. It was a great base for our adventures in Georgia, and our little apartment really did start to feel like like home by the time we left. So as I step into this new chapter of my life - one in which I show down and base myself in destinations much longer - I'm realizing that, while there are hundreds of benefits to the show travel, there is one thing about it that's much harder. When I was speeding around the world at light pace, I never got attached to a place. I can tell that I'm going to find meals attached a lot more often now. And while I was definitely ready for a change of scenery - when we left the other day for Greece - a part of me is already missing that Georgian cuisine, those wild adventures, and the eclectic cities. I'll be back, though. I will be back.

Heraklion, Greece Report Download 172 4.81K

I'm changing the way I use @instagram. I get that for most photographers Instagram has turned into their de facto portfolio. But, I miss the early days where Instagram was a look into our lives and the daily adventures we had. Recently, I haven't been paying much attention to Instagram - tired of massive "share" accounts dominating on the backs of "credited" photographers. But, the more I've thought about it I realize that what's been putting me off the platform recently is the lack of personality. It's always the backs of people, it's always a big landscape and a little person. No face to the image. In a way, I'm turning my feed into a micro-blog. A carousel of images from the day. Not always hero images, but insight into the photography adventures each day. Yes, the hero image photography will still be there. But so will some street images, some BTS, portraits, and yes even some images of me sweating to death in . Will my engagement go down? Yes. Will people unfollow? Probably. But, this is the way I wish the people I am following would post, so why not lead the way? Let me know your thoughts! I'm curious to hear what you think.

Instagram Image by Brendan van Son (@brendanvanson) with caption : "We found this place way up in the north of Georgia on @trover, and I get the feeling it's going to become one of those p" at Georgia (country) - 1834846431536422531
Georgia (country) Report Download 43 3.74K

We found this place way up in the north of Georgia on @trover, and I get the feeling it's going to become one of those places that EVERYONE is going to want to take a picture of pretty soon. And, it's easy to see why.

Instagram Image by Brendan van Son (@brendanvanson) with caption : "Don't settle for the familiar. Always chase new perspectives.
#bvsfaroes" at Faroe Islands - 1833428929027729762
Faroe Islands Report Download 28 3.71K

Don't settle for the familiar. Always chase new perspectives.

Instagram Image by Brendan van Son (@brendanvanson) with caption : "Georgia just continues blowing my mind. 
#BvSGeorgia" at Ushguli Svaneti Georgia - 1831327899183928871

Georgia just continues blowing my mind.

Instagram Image by Brendan van Son (@brendanvanson) with caption : "The drama of The Faroes Islands. So impressive. 
#bvsfaroes" at Faroe Islands - 1829874579617434125
Faroe Islands Report Download 20 2.46K

The drama of The Faroes Islands. So impressive.