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🐼Jazzy 🐶Cooper 🦊BB 👩🏻Aki (@bordernerd) Instagram Profile Photo bordernerd

🐼Jazzy 🐶Cooper 🦊BB 👩🏻Aki

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🐼Jazzy 🐶Cooper 🦊BB 👩🏻Aki (@bordernerd) Instagram photos and videos

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Who is coming to my book reading event tomorrow? We will drink wine, meet BB and talk about our love for dogs. 🍷🐶💜 More info @roveroakspetresort


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Who understands this condition? 😁😍


Instagram Image by 🐼Jazzy 🐶Cooper 🦊BB 👩🏻Aki (@bordernerd) with caption : "#MeanwhileinHeaven 💜" at Dog Heaven - 1839337610588029530
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image by 🐼Jazzy 🐶Cooper 🦊BB 👩🏻Aki (@bordernerd) with caption : "😇 I see a halo above her. #AngelinDisguise" - 1838609639065556963
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😇 I see a halo above her.

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“I wake up like this” 💁🏻‍♀️

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These two...always at the same spot. 🐼🦊

If you missed the last book reading in Houston, I’m having another one next Saturday. Hope to see you there! 🙋🏻‍♀️🐝🐝

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Déjà vu

image by 🐼Jazzy 🐶Cooper 🦊BB 👩🏻Aki (@bordernerd) with caption : "Her eyes are hypnotizing... 🦋💍💎" - 1833532759635641762
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Her eyes are hypnotizing... 🦋💍💎

image by 🐼Jazzy 🐶Cooper 🦊BB 👩🏻Aki (@bordernerd) with caption : "Grass-fed beef broth topper 😳 My husband and I are health nuts and we try to eat organic/whole foods in our family as mu" - 1832815992852313113
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Grass-fed beef broth topper 😳 My husband and I are health nuts and we try to eat organic/whole foods in our family as much as possible...and of course this includes dog meals! @stellaandchewys

image by 🐼Jazzy 🐶Cooper 🦊BB 👩🏻Aki (@bordernerd) with caption : "Always hold his hand. (Or hers) 👫#MeanwhileInHeaven #couplegoals 💕" - 1831462483275905216
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Always hold his hand. (Or hers) 👫 💕

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My daily morning entertainment. Better than TV for sure. ☕️🐶 She un-stuff, I re-stuff, repeat. ♻️