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Bio my name is tidbit but they call me big tiddy

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image by @big.tiddy with caption : "#bigtiddy"- 1843647559768384344
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image by @big.tiddy with caption : "#bigtiddy"- 1842896972894224402
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image by @big.tiddy with caption : "#bigtiddy"- 1842387732001798565
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image by @big.tiddy with caption : "#bigtiddy"- 1836036309324519694
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image by @big.tiddy with caption : "#bigtiddy"- 1834980540755972627
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image by @big.tiddy with caption : "#bigtiddy"- 1834144467683178711
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tfw you hear the treat bag shaking in the other room

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still celebrating the incredibly talented @iamthecatphotographer and the release of his book Cats on Catnip with a fresh catnip party and a few outtakes from the photo shoot with tb and bb 📷by @iamthecatphotographer ➡️ for 👅😜🤪 👅

image by @big.tiddy with caption : "🤞🏻it’s tuna for dinner #bigtiddy"- 1815381410614121330
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🤞🏻it’s tuna for dinner

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draw me like one of your French girls

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mornings with tb

image by @big.tiddy with caption : "#bigtiddy"- 1799514028767265825
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image by @big.tiddy with caption : "#bigtiddy"- 1790696715653800033
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image by @big.tiddy with caption : "❤️❤️ #tongueouttuesday #bigtiddy"- 1790058723939558844
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image by @big.tiddy with caption : "#bigtiddy"- 1788585019711688591
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