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@alkaline_vegan_news with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Repost from @gmo_gus using @RepostRegramApp - (sound on) The World Health Organization says process meat causes cancer. Why is it still found in many schools across the nation?



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@standup911 with @repostsaveapp ・・・ I’ve been talking about how the militarization of the police force would ultimately desensitize the police. On top of a very corrupt judicial system that allows these psychopaths (cops) to run around with very little to no consequences. And you know the so called investigative journalists and media aren’t going to say shit because they only do it for a paycheck. Now the government wants to take away the one thing that has kept any kind hope of society waking to the illusions we have been sold out to. I know it’s this man made day of Xmas and nobody wants to give a shit on what is taking place in society until it comes knocking on their door. But just a heads up it’s been knocking on your door and now the agenda is coming full circle. Endless wars, GMOs, fearful citizen, Fluoridation, Colosseum distractions, indoctrinated schooling systems, private banking, the list goes on. I’ve been raising awareness on these subjects for over 7 years and many never believe until it becomes a popular opinion. If you don’t stand up now... things will never be the same.

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@vswolf with @repostsaveapp ・・・ @the.voice.4.the.voiceless ・・・ To those ignoramuses who don’t think that animals don’t want to die! Why would this fox want to get out of that trap so badly?! 🤔 make the connection! Animals aren’t here for us, they are here with us! RP @beastymermaid 🙌🏻👏👏💚💚💚 from @earthlings_movement @earthlyliberation - 🌎🍃 💚🐃🐂🐖🐕🐈🐊🐆🐋🦈🐳🐅🐪🐎🐑🐘🦏🦍🐇🐁🐀🦃🐓🦌🦀🐍🐢🌎🌿🍃 -

image by @behindthefacade1111 with caption : "#RepostSave @veganinformation with @repostsaveapp ・・・"- 1657036581415345482
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image by @behindthefacade1111 with caption : "As well as the leading cause of -global warming -water depletion and pollution
-ocean dead zones
-rainforest deforestati"- 1656775383054644855
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As well as the leading cause of -global warming -water depletion and pollution -ocean dead zones -rainforest deforestation -species extinction -habitat loss -human starvation in the east -human I’ll health in the West Plus the unnecessary exploitation and slaughter of billions of animals GO VEGAN 🌱🌱🌱

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@onceyouawake (@get_repost) ・・・ @onceyouawake1 ・・・ Listen to the little bitch ass Doctor/Nurse get hit with some facts. Screeching like a little girl toward the end. Smh 🤦‍♂️

image by @behindthefacade1111 with caption : "Women are the foundation of life in all species. Without them we would be nothing; so find your queen and treat her righ"- 1653961720979656192
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Women are the foundation of life in all species. Without them we would be nothing; so find your queen and treat her right @third_eye_thirst with @repostsaveapp ・・・

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@standup911 (@get_repost) ・・・ When you get to this level of perception of the universal energies then I will grant you that label "awake". I haven't watched programming aka tell lie vision for 12 years. I've been on this awakening journey for a long time now. I do not consume any lower vibrational energy whether it’s from the people I’m around, the music and movies I watch or the environments I’m around. I don't eat animal flesh or animal byproducts as plants are only capable of creating protein by taking the nitrogen from the air we breathe and converting that into amino acids. You do not need to eat dead animal tissue to get protein. - Artist - @SaulWilliams Caption -

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@vegans_are_fucking_awesome with @repostsaveapp ・・・ @Regrann from @activistvegan - Part 1. My only regret is not learning the truth sooner. 😔 Video "It Doesn't Have to be This Way" by @farmsanctuary. Voice of @genebaur ditch choose alternatives; farm are sentient conscious intelligent beings like our pet dog and cat animal

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@badassvegantimes (@get_repost) ・・・ @Regranned from @mevegangirl - 🔊🔊🔊👂🙏🌳🌍 Our discrimination toward these beautiful sentient creatures is completely arbitrary; similar to the arbitrary discrimination of sexism; racism; ableism; et cetera. As people, we must take a stand against Speciesism; and all discrimination against ALL sentient beings. And, Veganism is the ONLY moral baseline to combat such unjust barbarism in which we have been taught to be "normalcy". Be ethical. MAKE THE CONNECTION. Live Vegan.🌱👁💚 Educate others. *** @vegan_mermaid_la

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@vegans_are_fucking_awesome (@get_repost) ・・・ So, they figure out highly advanced technology to rapidly TAKE TAKE TAKE from the earth, and how have they figured to replenish and give back? The same sort of machinery they created to kill and butcher animals. The same to kill and butcher trees and whole forests. Makes you wonder...... are humans next? Because when is enough enough? This should be considered in every interaction, transaction, and choices we make on the daily. The things we are buying. The things we are creating. Even relationships and split-second encounters. If we take possession of something how are we returning? Does it have any useful benefit, and if not how can we make it so. At the rate we are going, to OVER accommodate "civilization" we are destroying all that is natural and pure when we could just as easily find other ways of operating, producing, consuming, being. When something doesn't make sense YOU CHANGE IT. There is no band-aid to cover up the damage we're creating here. Once it's gone, it's gone. @Rp@onceyouawake - Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to make the land available for other uses. An estimated 18 million acres (7.3 million hectares) of forest, which is roughly the size of the country of Panama, are lost each year, according to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization. Some other statistics: About half of the world's tropical forests have been cleared. Forests currently cover about 30 percent of the world’s land mass (National Geographic) Forest loss contributes between 6 percent and 12 percent of annual global carbon dioxide emissions (Nature Geoscience)

image by @behindthefacade1111 with caption : "#Repost @vswolf (@get_repost)
#Repost @johnny_veganseed
This is just #disgusting. Do not idolize these people, t"- 1653436738503542247
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@vswolf (@get_repost) ・・・ @johnny_veganseed ・・・ This is just . Do not idolize these people, they don't give a shit about you. ✌️ @Regranned from @your_local_plant_lady - @Regranned from @dolcevegan_ - Did you know that it takes 100 chinchillas or as many as 60 minks to make a full length fur coat? 10-24 foxes are required to make a fur coat like this. @ladygaga isn’t fashionable, she’s walking with abuse and torture just for a fashion statement. Animals are anally electrocuted or skinned alive. Vanity that has blood. . . .

image by @behindthefacade1111 with caption : "◾️👁◾️"- 1653435799264752877
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