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Bio 📦 a monthly box of toys, treats, and chews to thrill your dog 🐶 🌎 @bark @barkshop @superchewer ⭐️

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WE NEED IN THIS CLUBHOUSE 🔊 SOUND ON 🔊 via twitter/ptvlinds 🙌🙏 😍@lindssmth @bellaandmollysmith


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What? It’s a prairie dog and Beyoncé. How do you celebrate national lemonade day?? 🍋 @prairiedogpack @beyonce


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Unfortunately, @k9_jester and Officer Walker will be separated due to him transferring to a different department. There is a petition going around in the hopes of letting Officer Walker purchase Jester so they can stay together. Check out or swipe up in our IG story for more info! @k9_jester

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@theasherhouse ・・・ Always leave it to Lille to find the fastest way down the mountain. .................🙌🏽 (this side message is mainly for the beautifully usually deeply concerned people of Facebook, there is a pool of water at the bottom, this happened 2 weeks ago and she’s great!)

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Like, what the feckin heck!?!? I’m SO mad.... How DARE you make me feel things, teenie weenie!? 😤😤😤 @gamezjake

image by BarkBox (@barkbox) with caption : "Yo, everybody, I’m really happy for my dog and Im’a let her finish because she’s one of the best dogs of all time! ONE O" - 1845993071281829172
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Yo, everybody, I’m really happy for my dog and Im’a let her finish because she’s one of the best dogs of all time! ONE OF THE BEST DOGS OF ALL TIME!

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❗️🎯 @luke_driskell FOUND THROUGH THE MAGIC OF THE INTERNET❗️We love Ollie Marie and we hope she enjoys her BarkBox goodies (no dice included) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~😘 Seriously that dog would beat me in Yahtzee. Also, who is that dog?? DM us! We want to credit you and send you a Barkbox. You know, so you can play with something that’s actually fun. 🎲 🎾

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LAWD knows we did 🙏@theasherhouse

image by BarkBox (@barkbox) with caption : "“Just happy to be here.”" - 1842375817688321181
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“Just happy to be here.”

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Fingers crossed @thomasrhettakins performs this banger when he co-hosts CMA fest tonight at 8|7c on @abcnetwork !!!🤞🤠🤞 @cma @laur_akins