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Bio πŸ“¦ a monthly box of toys, treats, and chews to thrill your dog 🐢 🌎 @bark @barkshop @superchewer ⭐️

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Seriously that dog would beat me in Yahtzee. Also, who is that dog?? DM us! We want to credit you and send you a Barkbox. You know, so you can play with something that’s actually fun. 🎲 🎾

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LAWD knows we did πŸ™@theasherhouse

image by BarkBox (@barkbox) with caption : "β€œJust happy to be here.”" - 1842375817688321181
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β€œJust happy to be here.”

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Fingers crossed @thomasrhettakins performs this banger when he co-hosts CMA fest tonight at 8|7c on @abcnetwork !!!🀞🀠🀞 @cma @laur_akins

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Everybody can go home because @slightlysemi just DOMINATED πŸ‘…πŸ˜˜ @genesimmons

image by BarkBox (@barkbox) with caption : "Too much?" - 1840115984339745333
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Too much?

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BYOP! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ Oh! And hey, gender reveal parties? STEP ASIDE. 🀘 @hansyandbrush started a new trend and we flippin love it 😍

image by BarkBox (@barkbox) with caption : "Are you breathing like that on purpose??? πŸ˜’" - 1838769909091759632
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Are you breathing like that on purpose??? πŸ˜’

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ALL TIME FAVORITE FILM πŸ‘πŸ€©πŸ™ SOUND ON πŸ”Š Oh my dog, @annika.bobb can we please send Gracie some free stuff?? Her camera work is revelatory πŸ™Œ