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🌈 nemo 🌈

Bio β€” pineapple belongs on pizza @_hopesexual_ β€” endless luv to liv β€” dc >>...> marvel @tsumugis.tits i love that guy with a space jacket

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you're all sleeping on the best marvel squad 🀠🀠 - - god have i loved doing this collab with liv,, yes i have loved doing this collab with liv β€” thor & valkyrie: me β€” loki & hulk: liv - - β€” dt: @fuckawa.floof obviously,, @tsumugis.tits @_hopesexual_ @shjnguji @sxleria β€” song: im a believer, smash mouth

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woah i love the og game where a psycho mastermind with a strong moral compass locks up a number of people who want to escape the place in a building and which ends up in multiple gory murders πŸ€€πŸ€€πŸ‘Œ - - - β€” dt: @fuckawa.floof @_hopesexual_ @ssaepe β€” song: copycat, billie eilish β€” ac: @mochiakiii β€” media: saw franchise

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tru story - - guys can y'all believe ive loved kaito momota for 7 months and 4 days straight - - - [ ]

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yeah bro, this is for you - - god, where do i begin? i knew about your acc around november-december; even before i started editing. i loved your plottwists and your edits with all my will and god how much would you make me laugh. when i started with this acc we begin interacting, just answering stories and dting ourselves things. nothing much. who would believe a film like infinity war was gonna bring us to this exact moment? the moment i can say you're one of my closest friends whom i love and appreciate with my entire soul. you've helped me a lot even if it doesnt seem like it. you were the first one i talked about my crush and all that topic with. i felt like i could trust you and you didnt fail me bro πŸ˜³πŸ‘ you cant see it, but every time im feeling anxious, i talk to you to calm myself down. you bring me the peace i need when im about to explode because of my lack of controlling feelings πŸ˜°πŸ‘‹ you're the biggest meme ever and thats the best compliment i can give. im sure you make everyone's life a little bit better after scrolling a little bit down your acc. or just by having talked to you once. you're incredible in every way possible and god help anyone who try telling you the opposite cause i'll come for them and puch them in the fucking face πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ i love ya and remember, im never leaving if you want me there, thanks for being the best πŸ€§πŸ‘ - - β€” dt: @fuckawa.floof β€” song: videogames, lana del rey, cover - - - [ ]

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sex offender shuffle - - mep part for my bro @fuckawa.floof πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ love ya lots - - β€” dt: @kkayaydeadwaifu @saimomos @kokichidrv3 β€” song: sex offender shuffle - - - [ ]

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rainbows are cooler than you - - scREEECH this year is the first time im going to pride ! to the pride march i mean. im so excited because;;well, i want to fucking fight for my rights ya know. my country is supposed to be the most lgbt friendly of the world and here still occur lgbtphobic events, such as beatings, discrimination, bullying and etc etc not to mention we other countries when being lgbt = death penalty. we still need to fight a whole lot, but im sure someday all this fight will end, oppression will be erased and we will all be seen as equals. - - - [ ]

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summer vibesss - - mep part for @shjnguji featuring a beautiful girl whom i love with my whole soul and who is way too underrated - - β€” dt: @hinazuni @komaedeath @fuckawa.floof @_hopesexual_ β€” song: cheat codes, feels great - - πŸ‘ !! art creds !! πŸ‘ 1- 樂η₯ˆοΌˆγƒ«γ‚€γƒ)/ θͺ²ζ₯­ε‹‰εΌ·δΈ­ (on pixiv) 2- みくに (on pixiv) 3- みくに (on pixiv) 4- ζ—©ζŸ³ かや@ι€šθ²©δΈ­ (on pixiv) 5- 6- チヨ (on pixiv) 7- 8- - - - [ ]

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two awkward lesbians murder people together: the movie - !! flash and gore warning !! - - i did this incredible collab with the sweet cutie of totty !! i love you lots and also this collab which im so glad we decided to do together β€” part 1: mine β€” part 2: @kokichidrv3 πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’ - - β€” dt: @vs.josie @kkayaydeadwaifu i think you're the only ones i know who have played it β€” song: fink u freeky, die antwoord β€” media: liar liar - - - [ ]

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you gotta appreciate best boy from time to time or you'll go nuts, scientifically proven - - yes i tried new things, dont let it flop or i'll eat your children - - β€” dt: @fuckawa.floof @kosu.ko @hajxice @mqkiroll @_hopesexual_ @momothoe @kuwataz @luminaryofthestars @aikruy @pantaddict @p0ketrio β€” song: peach, the front bottoms - - - [ ]

image by 🌈 nemo 🌈 (@atuasidiot) with caption : "hey as you can see, i can also laugh at my faves, you should learn from me kids
[ #kaitomomota #drv3 #danganronpas" - 1792282636388255921
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hey as you can see, i can also laugh at my faves, you should learn from me kids - - - [ ]

image by 🌈 nemo 🌈 (@atuasidiot) with caption : "woah kiibo on my feed this should be forbidden
well whatever tomorrow i have something interesting to do so i wont b" - 1792280883085384528
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woah kiibo on my feed this should be forbidden - - well whatever tomorrow i have something interesting to do so i wont be active eh at all? im sorry im not forgetting about you guys it's only that i barely use my phone - - - [ ]

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red and blue - - happy bday tony!! they have been my marvel otp since the beginning, sorry not sorry. i love them so much and honestly I can’t wait to watch them reunite in avengers 4. ps: the song fits them too well - - β€” dt: @tsumugis.tits ofc; @fuckawa.floof @betahiko @x.soleria @_hopesexual_ @hajxime @plvto.amv @shjnguji @kosu.ko @komaedeath @wonderfulwasteospace (don’t know if you even ship them but you like marvel so here ya go) β€” song: pink bubblegum, lavi - - - [ ]

image by 🌈 nemo 🌈 (@atuasidiot) with caption : "my literal sunshine
yes, i still love kaito with all my heart, sould, spirit and body.
ps: im gonna work soon on an " - 1790152915005334105
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my literal sunshine - - yes, i still love kaito with all my heart, sould, spirit and body. ps: im gonna work soon on an edit of him- 🍡🍡 - - - [ ]

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blonde girlfriends - - god i have loved doing this collab hosted by my incredible bro @tsumugis.tits β€” part 1: hers πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’›πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’› β€” part 2 mine - - β€” dt: @tsumugis.tits ofc @kkayaydeadwaifu cause your two best girls and @saimomos cause i think kaede was your best girl too β€” song: i dont know man - - - [ ]

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what is having a life - - i have no explanation for this but it has taken a whole day to be done and I regret nothing.. .... yeah.... .. also, no spoilers for infinity war, don’t worry darlings - - - β€” dt: all the mcu cry group: @fuckawa.floof @tsumugis.tits @shjnguji @betahiko @plvto.amv @x.soleria @a_motty_ πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ and some people who like marvel as well: @sumitart @hajxime @nemuri.chills @_hopesexual_ @kosu.ko @wonderfulwasteospace πŸ‘πŸ€©πŸ€© - - - - [ ]

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mep part for @mqkiroll ! - - tomorrow I’ll be free from exams but I’ll still have some projects to work on, life is great 😝😝😝 ps: I know it’s a lazy typo but shhh - - β€” dt: @fuckawa.floof @_hopesexual_ @mx.ouma @tsumugis.tits @shjnguji β€” song: I don’t know one of Niall horan I think - - - [ ]