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Gameproduction of passion

Bio Creative Indie Gamedeveloper & Programmer for 3D-Game(s) on PC from Germany (C, C++, DirectX 9). ­čĹçMy varied 3D PC Game (german) and more:

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image by Gameproduction of passion (@3dgamecoder) with caption : "7 new/more Links in my Insta-Profile now:
From now on is in my Instagram-Profile '3dGameCoder' instead of only the l" - 1837828144574637100
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7 new/more Links in my Insta-Profile now: . . From now on is in my Instagram-Profile '3dGameCoder' instead of only the link to the Game-Homepage a Linktree-Link to 7 more Links too. . They links to german & english Webpages, and german Videos about Ghost World 3D, other/earlier programmed (graphic) Programms from me, to my Video that describe 4 possibilities how You can made your own Video-Game(s), and more. . . In the Picture You can see 4 of the 8 Links, that appear when You call this Link. . When you have only seen the german Game-Homepage, You have now 1, 2 Links to a Website (IndieDB) with less, but english instead of german Game Infos, Pictures, and more. . . Please note, that the new GW3D v2.0 is later on the Webpages, not now. Now (July 2018) there are Screenshots and so on from the Version before 2.0 (v 0.94). . But here @3dgamecoder are the newest Screenshots until now. . . When You have interest, You can comment my game and/or Videos at the Links too. . .


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New & better looking Trees (and Gras). . I've made new Trees for my Game, that don't should have much more vertices as my old Trees. The Balance between less vertices & good looking was not easy, but i've reached my target for now. . The new Trees have 100 vertices (or some less or some more vertices). The Leaf have Edges because of the choose of my best Solution for now. I don't like this, but because of visual Problems (Alpha-Testing, Alpha-Blending) this is for now my best Solution. . . The old Trees have only 2 double-sidet Quads with to much vertices. Because i don't have test & know enough (lighting & vertices, cullmode & less vertices). You can see the old Trees (and the old Gras too) in some of my older Post's. . . Here in this Post You can see the new Font & Skybox too. . . I post this, because my last Post was before 2 Month's. And because of another Reason. .


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-Old vs New Textures & Skybox, in Level 26 (outside Deck/on the Starship Woxplorer) - . Like for near all 33 Levels, i gave this Level new & other looking Textures too. . New Textures (Picture 1 & 3): The Planets are 'rounder' & looking better (because of Photoshop instead of MS Paint). More Stars in the Skybox (zoom in to see they better). The Skybox is made from me (except the Planets & biggest white Star). The Wall-Texture (in Picture 3) is the same white Texture like the Starship-Texture from my Post before this Post. . Old Textures (Picture 2 & 4): The Planets looking not 'round' enough (have small Edges). The Leveltextures looking not good enough. . Attention: You are not allowed to use or distribute this (or other Graphics from 3dGameCoder). It's forbidden. . -Copyright- Skyboxtextures, Dollartexture, Leveltextures, Planets & Moneybag: 3dGameCoder, @psdtutorialsde & Others. . . In Bild 1 & 3 sind die neuen & anders aussehenden, und in Bild 2 & 4 die alten Texturen f├╝r das 26.Level (Aussendeck) meines selbstgemachten PC-Spiels Ghost World 3D 2. . Neue Texturen (rechts): Der Rand der Planeten sieht weniger pixelig/Treppchenf├Ârmig aus (weil ich Planeten mit Photoshop statt MS Paint (ausschnitt und) bearbeitete. Skybox hat mehr Sterne (bitte vergr├Â├čern, um es besser zu sehen). Und die Wandtextur ist die gleiche wie im vorherigen Post. . Alte Texturen (links): Level sieht incl. Skybox schlechter aus. . .

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-Old vs New 5.Worldscreen & Starship- . Ghost World 3D 2 have 33 Levels, divided into 8 different Worlds. Before every new World a 'Worldscreen' apears(with Graphics & Text). Like for example this for the 5.World 'Starship Woxplorer' (for the Levels in & on this 'Starship', but here without Text). (Woxplorer is my shortcut for 'WOrld eXPLORER'. Because People like to explore new things. And because with Starships it's possible to explore new Planets & thus even Worlds.) . Old Worldscreen (right Picture): I don't had knew, how to made with Photoshop 6/7 a jetstream/Rocket Boost for a Starship - But i tried it. It don't look realy good. . New Worldscreen (left Picture): For the future Version of this Game i used a Graphic/Texture, instead to made the jetstream/Rocket Boost self. I gave the Starship another Graphic, and changed it with Photoshop CS2. The Image have some more Stars, too. . . You can see the 1.World-Screen (for the Levels on the Planet Earth) in my older Post '-Old vs New Worldscreen & Gamestory-' (The Post with the blue Text on Paper, Post from 06 September 2017). . My next Post show the Level on the Starship Woxplorer. The Wall-Texture there is the same white Texture like the Starship-Texture, and the Skybox is made from me. . Attention: You are not allowed to use or distribute this (or other Graphics from 3dGameCoder). It's forbidden. . -Copyright- Star-Sky, Exo-Planet, Starship-Texture & Jet Stream: 3dGameCoder, & 2 Others. . . Im rechten Bild ist der alte 5. Weltbildschirm, und im linken Bild der neue 5.Weltbildschirm (Welt 5, Raumschiff Woxplorer). Incl. besser aussehenden Raumschiff & Antriebsstrahl, und etwas mehr Sternen. Er wird zuk├╝nftig in meinem selbstgemachten PC-Spiel Ghost World 3D 2 enthalten sein (Stand: 03.04.2017). . .

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-Old & new Load-Screen (Graphic/Texture) - . In the left Picture is the new & better looking Load-Screen, and in the right Picture the old. It appears before the Player load a Level from the future Version of my selfmade Game 'Ghost World 3D 2'. . Old Load-Screen (right): The Background-Graphic look blurry. . New Load-Screen (left): It look better, and the Background-Graphic have more Deep. . Attention: You are not allowed to use or distribute this (or other Graphics from 3dGameCoder). It's forbidden. . -Copyright- Complete Picture: 1 Other (Background-Picture is not made from me). . . Links ist der neue & rechts der alte Ladebildschirm meines selbstgemachten PC-Spiels Ghost World 3D 2, der vorm laden jedes Levels erscheint. . Alter Ladebildschirm (rechts): Die Hintergrundgrafik sieht verschwommen aus. . Neuer Ladebildschirm (links): Er sieht besser aus, und die Hintergrundgrafik hat mehr Tiefe. . .

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-Old vs New Buy-Menu Style - . Because I changed near all Textures & Graphics, today i show You, how the Buy-Menu look now (Picture 1), and before (Picture 2). Picture 3 & 4 shows the Same, but with another 'article' (Minimap-Update). . Please consider, that my Main Goal was the Exchange of the Graphics, and not to made the best possible look of the Buy-Menu. (And i am also not a Graphic Designer. I am mainly a Programmer & Gamedeveloper, that like to made Graphics too). I like the new look so far. . . Attention: You are not allowed to use this (or other Graphics here). It's forbidden. Picture-Copyright: 3dGameCoder & 2 Others. . . Foto 1: Das neue Kaufmen├╝. Foto 2: Kaufmen├╝ im alten Design. Foto 3 & 4: fast das gleiche, aber anderer Artikel (Minikarten-Update). .

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-Old vs New Main-Menu Style (Graphic/Texture) - . In the left Picture is the new & better looking Main-Menu, and in the right Picture the old. . Old Main-Menu (right): The Bars on the top & down side are 2 transparent Sprites. . New Main-Menu (left): I deleted the 2 Sprites. Instead, the 2 Bars are directly in the Picture. With Photoshop CS 2 i gave them a better look. The Picture is (except the Planet & Star-Fog) made by me, but it was before only a Experiment (try to made a Picture with 'Star-Fog'). The Pictures with the Planet & Star-Fog I only integrated in this Picture, and changed they with Photoshop. . My Meaning about the Result: It's not perfect, but for me as a Programmer & Gamedeveloper it look good so far, and i like the new Style of my Main-Menu. . I now changed near all Textures & Graphics in my selfmade Video-Game 'Ghost World 3D 2'. . Attention: You are not allowed to use or distribute this (or other Graphics from 3dGameCoder). It's forbidden. . -Copyrights- Complete Picture: 3dGameCoder Planet & Fog: 2 Others. . . Links ist das neue & rechts das alte Hauptmen├╝ meines selbstgemachten PC-Spiels Ghost World 3D 2. . Neues Hauptmen├╝ (links): - . Altes Hauptmen├╝ (rechts): - . Bis jetzt hab ich schon die meisten Texturen & Grafiken im Spiel ausgetauscht (und teilweise bearbeitet, ge├Ąndert, oder selbst gemacht). .

image by Gameproduction of passion (@3dgamecoder) with caption : "Have you played my Game Ghost World 3D? I like to know more about it." - 1740552049483746703
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Have you played my Game Ghost World 3D? I like to know more about it.

image by Gameproduction of passion (@3dgamecoder) with caption : "1 Level specifically for Womens
Because i like womens & had nice Times with Womens (and young womens, as i was younger" - 1735572258560413589
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1 Level specifically for Womens . Because i like womens & had nice Times with Womens (and young womens, as i was younger), 1 of 33 Levels is especially for Womens (in my selfmade Videogame Ghost World 3D). . The yellow Heart (yellow small Rectangels) on the right top Side in the Minimap is Money (Dollar-Boxes), that Womens (and Players) can collect in this Level. There are Pillar's with a romantic Rose too. And a floor with small Flowers, and a little more. . Womens can in this Level only collect Money, or they can do more (go in the forest with the Ghost's), and can get then more. .

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Ein Fehler, der eigentlich kein Fehler ist: . Die weissen Kreise an der Kante werden je nach Blickwinkel immer mehr zu Herzen. Obwohl es eigentlich Kreise sind, wie gut auf den Fl├Ąchen zu sehen ist. . Wird nach oben statt nach unten geblickt, sehen die Herzen sogar verkehrt herum aus. . Da├č ganze wird auf einer kantigen "S├Ąule" mit der optischen T├Ąuschung "Herman Gitter" dargestellt. . Ich hab da nichts falsch programmiert/texturiert und vermute, da├č es entweder ein perspektivischer/Darstellungsfehler ist (DirectX/3D Rendering), oder mit der optischen T├Ąuschung/Illusion zusammen h├Ąngt, oder ein Kanteneffekt ist. . Ich nenne ihn den "Herzkantenfehler". . Es kann beim Programmieren also auch mal vorkommen, das eventuell mal versehentlich nach einen Fehler gesucht wird, der (zumindest im Quellcode) keiner ist. . Ich bitte die schnellen Helligkeits├Ąnderungen im Video zu entschuldigen. Diese h├Ąngen vielleicht mit einen falsch eingestellten ?Auto?-Weisheitsabgleich zusammen (aufgrund von Unerfahrenheit). Oder vielleicht war die Kamera mit den optischen T├Ąuschungen ├╝berfordert, ­čÖé. . P.s.: Mal oben rechts in die Avatar-Box blicken und lesen, was dort f├╝r Deine Fehlersuche steht, ­čśë. . Das Ganze ist im 11. Level des PC-Spiels "Ghost World 3D 2" v2.0 enthalten, das ca. oder fr├╝hestens Ostern 2018 zum Download angeboten werden wird. . Grafik-produktion & Copyright f├╝r alle Grafiken mit optischer T├Ąuschung im Video: 3dGameCoder (Ich). . .

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21 808 Game (Engine)-Test's (!): . Unbelievable, but true: In 4 Years i started my Game > 21 808 Times! 2608 Times alone in 2 Month's because of another Feature. . I started my Game mostly because of Test- & Control Reasons. . More about it: Since 30. September 2013 my Game count's (in the ini-file), how often i start it since this date. . For example to check & Control: -What i had programmed new for the Game -what i change trough programming -If i made a programming error -If programming-Problems/Errors succesfully fixed -If my Error & Control-Messages from the Gameengine & Game works right . -Debugging . -DirectX-Things (Vertices, Culling, Lighting, and more) . -new Gameengine features (Sprites, 3D Modells, Particle Engine, Weapons, Textengine, 3D-Glasses Mode and other things) . -Collison-Test's . -FPS-Test's . -How the Textures look & feel (and the optical illusions in 2 Levels) . -How Songs fit into the Level . -If Sounds sounding good enough . -If Text fit into the Game . -The Fog-Color in the corresponding Level . -How playable the Levels are . -If it works in another Microsoft Windows-Version . -If it work on other Computers & Laptops to . -And much more . . But for a Programmer like me 21 808 Gamestarts/Test's are not enough, :-) (just a joke/i'm kidding). . . In real, it had more as 'only' 21 808 starts because it record the starts at first/since September 2013. But i made the 1. Gameversion already 2007, and 3 Years later i started with the 2. Gameversion (v0.91, 17.06.2010). . . Testing is not my passion, :-) . But it's a important Work in Programming & Gamedevelopment. . . How you can see: 3D-Gamedevelopment & programming can be unbelievable much work. . . .

image by Gameproduction of passion (@3dgamecoder) with caption : "Why I learned mostly C & C++ instead other Programming languages:

Can be, because i had like, what was written about it" - 1647503326747493549
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Why I learned mostly C & C++ instead other Programming languages: Can be, because i had like, what was written about it in the Description of a Distance Learning Course. How to programm in the Programming Languages C & C++ I learned first partly trough Distance Learning (Fernstudium bei SGD), and then self. Because I don't find fast the Original Description-Text for this SGD-Course, that I liked & 'gave' me the Wish to learn C & C++, I post instead a Picture from the SGD Test-Lektion, that I have too.

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Selfmade Lerncards for C-Programming: Years ago, i learned the Programming Languages C and C++ trough Distance-Learning (from the SGD/ Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt). . Sometimes i used some selfmade Lern-/Training-Cards (in german Language), that you can see from Picture 2. The front of one (visiting) Card shows the Question, and the back the Answer (with an example includet). First you can see Q&A about Dualsystem, then Hexadecimalsystem, and at least about floating-point Numbers and Format-Elements (2 Cards in 1 Image). . Because i had as a 'Student' not enough Money, i used for this some visiting Cards from a short Job, that i had. This can be the reason for the orange instead another colour too. . I sat near the german River 'Weser' in the Sun, and learned with my Cards. . Some time later i made my first completly selfprogrammed Game: A Tetris Clone for Windows (runs with Dos). A Picture from this Tetris is in this Profile to. .

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- Planetarium-Skybox (Level 1) - . Part's of my Skybox from the new 1. Level (Planetarium). (You can read/see more about this new Level at 'New vs Old 1. Level' in my Post before). . I never was in or see a real Planetarium, but i made nevertheless a Planetarium Skybox. There you 'are' at the Gas-Planet Jupiter (the Planet with the big Storm). You can see there 3 of his over 60 (!) Moons, my Sign 'Sagittarius', and different white Stars too. . Because i don't know how to made Star-Fog with Photoshop, i've found & use another solution (Black/Blue Star-Background) The Skybox is not completely ready, but the most in it. . . Jupiter & Jupiter-Moon 'Ganymede' (Picture 1): 1 of Jupiter's much Moons. I thing, it have no Atmosphere, but for a little cooler look i tried to made a dark-blue Atmosphere too. . Constellation/Sign 'Sagittarius' (Picture 2): This is the┬á Constellation/Sign from me, the Creator of this Game. In the real World, the Sign look other as here. But for easier Sign recognition i choose another look (for people that don't know how Sagittarius look's real in the Night-Sky). . Jupiter-Moon 'Callisto' (Picture 3 & 4): Another Moon of Jupiter's much Moons. . . No seamless Skybox-Problem? Sometimes (or often) your self drawn (or other Textures) have visible seams (or Edges) in the Skybox. Solution (when you've programmed all right): Transform only 1 Picture/Texture in 5 (or 6) Skybox friendly Textures, ;-) You can use Software for it like Bryce or Blender (need more work), or buy special Software. You can also learn, how to paint/made Skybox friendly Textures in Photoshop, but's not easy. . . Credits: The Jupiter Picture & Moon-Pictures are not made by me, i take them from NSSDC (NASA). The biggest white Stars are also not made from me (Photoshop-Brush). . . . ÔÇő

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-New vs Old 1. Level - As i have written in my post 'More Gamestory', today i post about some of the extra things that my small change of the Game Story had result in. But i show only a part of it (Level 1, that was before only a Flat, and is now a Planetarium). You can see & read more about the Skybox in this Level in my next Post. . . New 1. Level V2 (left Picture): So looks the 2. Version of the new 1.Level for the future Version of this Game (Textures, extra Skybox and new green Level-Text). State: 11.09.2017. I've change it because it's now better suitable to the 1. Worldscreen (compare it with my Post before). Another Reason is: So how the 1. Level look & was before (Picture 2 & 3), it was not good enough for a 1. Level. I thing, especially the 1.Level have to be better. Because it can be deciding for Players (if they like the look, and if they play more Levels or not). The green german Level-Text is now better too. When you play more Levels, the Gameplay will be more thriller/interesting. . New 1. Level V1 (middle Picture): So had the 1. Version looked. The Carpet & the Wall (Wallpaper) look better. It's because i've change the old Textures against similar looking Textures, but in higher Reolution. . Old 1. Level (right Picture): Here You can see how the 1. Level look in the current downloadable Version of this Game (GW3D 2 v0.94, state: 11.09.2017). . . Im linken & mittleren Bild ist die 2. & 1. Version, und im rechten Bild die ├Ąltere Version des neuen 1.Levels (Stand: 11.09.2017). Statt nur eine Wohnung ist der 1. Level jetzt sogar ein Planetarium. Au├čerdem kann im unteren gr├╝nen Leveltext ein Teil davon gelesen werden, was meine nur kleine ├Ąnderung der Spiel-Geschichte Zus├Ątzliches ergab. Ein Vergleichen mit Bild 3 & 2 zeigt, wie gut die Erneuerung des 1.Levels war. GW3D 2 wird zuk├╝nftig au├čerdem spannender sein. . .

image by Gameproduction of passion (@3dgamecoder) with caption : "-More Gamestory- 
I give the future Version of Ghost World 3D 2 more Gamestory (state: 07.09.2017). The better (german) " - 1598600123993955880
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-More Gamestory- I give the future Version of Ghost World 3D 2 more Gamestory (state: 07.09.2017). The better (german) Gamestory in this Picture have not very much more Text as the older Gamestory (see also my Post from yesterday). But this small change of the Gamestory (and some thinking & my creativity) brings/results in more extra things for the Gameworld, as i've first thing. In my next Post about the new 1.Level you can see (read) then some of this extra things. The Gamestory from the Picture above (in german language): . Hallo Spieler. ├ähnlich abwechslungsreich wie der Weltraum, ist es auch Ghost World 3D. . ...Schon lange lebten viele Menschen gl├╝cklich und zufrieden in ihrer Stadt Texas. . Doch leider sind dort seit einiger Zeit sch├Ądliche Geister, weswegen sich niemand mehr wohl f├╝hlte, und alle B├╝rger aus Texas fl├╝chteten. . Manche B├╝rger aber waren arm, und gerieten in eine hinterlistige Falle: Sie wagten es trotz warnender Nachrichten, Texas zu besuchen, um sich zu bereichern. Doch die Dollarboxen wurden hinterlistig von den Geistern platziert. Um die Texaner trotz der Flucht durch Geld in die Falle zu locken, um ihnen so weiterhin B├Âses tun zu k├Ânnen. . Nur der verr├╝ckte und waghalsige Professor Ghowo aber blieb unbeschadet in Texas. Scheinbar war er der einzigste, der mit den Geistern leben konnte. Leider kann ihn die Regierung nicht mehr fragen, wie er das konnte, weil er im hohen Alter starb. . Unsere letzte Hoffnung ist deswegen Professor Ghowo's Haus. Aber niemand traut sich, den gef├Ąhrlichen Weg dorthin zu gehen. . Wenn aber nichts unternommen wird, werden sich die Geister noch mehr ausbreiten. . ... Bist vielleicht Du mutig genug, den Kampf aufzunehmen??? . . Du traust Dich? Super! Die Regierung freut sich ├╝ber Deinen Mut, und w├╝nscht Dir viel Gl├╝ck & Erfolg, ;-) . P.s.: La├č Dich ├╝berraschen, wo Dich Deine Reise in... . . . .

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-Old vs New Worldscreen & Gamestory- . My selfmade Game Ghost World 3D 2 have 8 World-Screens, and the first Screen apear before the first Level starts. It has the name 'World 1/8 - The Way to the House from Professor Ghowo', and the Game Story (both in german). I've change the Gamestory (a little) too: V1 is in the left, and V2 in the right Picture (in german). Worldscreen 2, 3 and so on apear after some Levels later, and has other Text's. . Old Worldscreen (left Picture): Here You can see how the 1. Worldscreen look in the current downloadable Version of this Game (GW3D 2 v0.94, state: 26.02.2018). . New Worldscreen V1 (middle Picture): For the future Version of this Game i tried first to use a similarly looking Background Picture. . New Worldscreen V2 (right Picture): But after i build Worldscreen V1, i decided me to use a Star-Background instead. But because it look good here, but not in the Skybox, i made then my own Star-Background, that you can see here partly, in the right Picture. There is a Raster too (The green Lines behind the Text). I Made the Skybackground & the Raster with Photoshop CS2. I don't looked for, how Rasters in other Games look, but i have it a little in my Memory (Brain). The biggest white Stars are not made from me: I made they with a extern Photoshop-Brush for Stars. I made the Raster with a Photoshop-Filter or so, and change it a little. . . Im linken Bild ist der alte Weltbildschirm, und im mittleren & rechten Bild die 1./2. Version des neuen 1.Weltbildschirms, der ca. so zuk├╝nftig in meinem selbstgemachten PC-Spiel Ghost World 3D 2 v0.95 enthalten sein wird (Stand: 06.09.2017). . Au├čerdem verbesserte ich die Spielstory etwas. Was sich aus dieser kleinen ├änderung sonst noch ergab, gibt's teilweise im n├Ąchsten Post zu sehen & lesen. . . .

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-Old vs New Textures, in Level 8 (Dark Cellar/ Dark Basement) - old Textures (left) & more: The Textures in this Level from my selfmade Game 'Ghost World 3D 2' had only a low Resolution of 128x128 and 256x256 Pixel, but watched nonetheless/regardless good. I don't have thinking about, if the Wall-Texture is realistic for a Cellar or not. I found it look ok, and that was enough in the past. . You can see there the Ammo for the Fireball-Weapon too: The 2 Boxes with the red Borders . Look Picture 2&3 'fast' to see 'moving' the red dots (Ghosts) in the Minimap too. . Other as in my 'Old vs New Textures' Post's before, the game is here in a 'Sandbox-Mode' (Testmode with for example very much Lives (95), Money (9004 $), Ammo and all Minimap- & Ghostscanner Updates). . . new Textures (right & 3.Picture): I've tried to find more realistic Textures for a Cellar. You can see the Result best in the 3.Picture, because it's with light. This Textures have a higher Texture-Resolution with 1024x1024 & 1200x1200 Pixels. . . I now changed the Textures in 31 from 33 Levels. Only 2 more Levels to Texture new and so on, and then i'm ready with the Level-Textures. But i 'must' change other Textures too: For Example in the 8 World-Screens & the 9 Skyboxes (some Planets for example). . . Links sind die alten & rechts die neuen Texturen f├╝r das 8.Level (Dunkler Keller) meines selbstgemachten PC-Spiels Ghost World 3D 2. . Da ich schon in 31 von max 33 Levels die Texturen austauschte, bin ich mit den Texturaustausch f├╝r die Levels bald fertig. Allerdings werde ich auch noch an manchen Texturen in den 8 Weltbildschirmen & mindestens 9 Skyboxen arbeiten usw (z.B. Planeten-Grafiken). . Mehr Infos ├╝ber den Texturaustausch dieses Levels siehe weiter oben im Text (aber vorerst/dauerhaft nur in Englisch). . .