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“ OVER MY SKIN “ D - 8 (@tiffany_land) Instagram Profile Photo tiffany_land

“ OVER MY SKIN “ D - 8

SNSD ON THIS DAY #RIPJONGHYUN (@snsd_on_this_day) Instagram Profile Photo snsd_on_this_day


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[2014-06-20 SNSD - Beep Beep on GG’s 3rd JPN TOUR ~LOVE & PEACE~ - ⏳Today, 4 years ago... in 2016. - In 2014, on this day, SNSD continued their 3rd JPN TOUR ~Love & Peace~ in OSAKA for DAY-2! They actually held three consecutive days concerts in Osaka-jo Hall. The concert again was 100% sold out, with gaining almost 15k+ attendances per night. - BEEP BEEP🎶 SHOUJO JIDAI’s track with the most cutesy element. It was actually included as a b-side track for “FLOWER POWER” single, but remember out of sudden, they revealed the PV’s teaser through the concert?! and the short PV released on YouTube few days after that? Actually, they planned to include the full PV through “LOVE & GIRLS” single’s DVD. But it just didn’t make sense, how can LOVE&GIRLS’ single included Beep Beep PV but not LOVE&GIRLS PV instead?! That’s why at the end, UMJ changed their mind and included LOVE & GIRLS PV instead in the DVD of the single (causing the delay for the single’s release😏) - Talking about the DAY-2 concert in Osaka, TVXQ HoMin (Yunho x Changmin) attended the concert (as they had concert for “TREE” series in Osaka on 21th-22th on Osaka). According to the fanaccount, Changmin had two penlights on him and excitedly waved his penlights on both hands for the whole concert😂 - During SNSD’s Gee performance, both Yunho and Changmin went “Gee Gee Gee Gee” enthuasistically! They even followed the choreo of making “G” letter😂 + When Seohyun said that sadly it was their last song during Everyday Love, both of them be like “Eh?? END?? WHY??” - + During the talk sessions, they asked Sunny to do the TAP DANCE from her “Singin’ In The Rain” musical at that time, Sunny did it (she was embarrased after showing it). And then we have SHY tried to mimic her movements with super dorky ones (instead of encouraging Sunny)😂 - . . . #Yuri @taeyeon_ss @515sunnyday @tiffanyyoungofficial @watasiwahyo @yulyulk @hotsootuff @yoona__lim @seojuhyun_s

Mimos da Lilika  🎀 (@mimosdalilika) Instagram Profile Photo mimosdalilika

Mimos da Lilika 🎀

image by Mimos da Lilika  🎀 (@mimosdalilika) with caption : "Yuri: tia Lilika me larga eu quero brincar no cenário... Vou puxar teu cabelo! Kkkkkk

Um amorzinho ❤️😍
Mamãe Layane

#c" - 1805847270203488335
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Yuri: tia Lilika me larga eu quero brincar no cenário... Vou puxar teu cabelo! Kkkkkk Um amorzinho ❤️😍 Mamãe Layane #yuri

Alex Yoo_ 유인경 (@alex_yoo_ik) Instagram Profile Photo alex_yoo_ik

Alex Yoo_ 유인경

image by Alex Yoo_ 유인경 (@alex_yoo_ik) with caption : "#Repost @metrocity.japan
#メトロシティ #メトロシティジャパン #METROCITY #METROCITYJ" - 1805845630323463115
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@metrocity.japan ・・・ バロセロナでも輝いていたユリさんのある夏の日。 _ 少女時代のユリさんの特別なスタイリング。 _ #YURI

Anime Scenes | アニメシーン💖2.2k💖 (@animegirlworld) Instagram Profile Photo animegirlworld

Anime Scenes | アニメシーン💖2.2k💖

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[🌻Spring 2018🌻] If you like my content give me many likes and follow me!💖😆 • 🌸 • 💙Anime: Boku no Hero Academia 3💙 • 🌸 • 🍁Episode: 10🍁 • 🌸 • 🍃Genre's: Action, comedy, shounen, superpowers🍃 • 🌸 • ⭐|||Hashtags:|||⭐ #yuri