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Rebecca Papa-Adams (@inspiremyyoga) Instagram Profile Photo inspiremyyoga

Rebecca Papa-Adams

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The gallery is looking beautiful! Thank you so much for supporting this challenge. . . It’s Day 4️⃣ of 💙🦋✨ ✨🦋💙 . spreading awareness of Alzheimer’s. . . Our focus pose is or . . Encouraging a little warmup and a staged approach in my video (sped). Thank you for all your wonderful messages of appreciation for the it means the world🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 . Forget Me Nots are the symbol for Alzheimer’s, and we have support from some fantastic sponsors, with @bakasana_activewear, not only gifting a pair of Forget-Me-Not yoga pants to a lucky winner, but also offering 15% discount on these leggings throughout the challenge (use code FMN15%) AND donating the entire proceeds from these sales to Alzheimer’s Research U.K. & Alzheimer’s Society !!!! . . 🧘🏻‍♀️Hosts: . @inspiremyyoga (me). (Meg). @yogawithgandha (Gandha). @dphilblack (Dominika). . . 🎁Sponsors: . @calmiauk (my travel mat use code SPECIAL20 for 20% off) @bakasana_activewear (my leggings) @stablehouseuk . @Vibratehigherofficial (my top) @blissmalajewels (my mala) @ubefit_uk (my ) @thehennaden . . . 👉🏻Mention the hashtag and the hosts and sponsors in your captions only. . Stay safe & have fun Line up: . 13th Revolved triangle ✔️ 14th An arm balance ✔️ 15th Bird of paradise ✔️ 16th One Legged King Pigeon ✔️ 17th A pose incorporating lotus . 18th Bound half moon . 19th An inversion . . @yoga.tutorials @yogavids


✨Hey to anyone who actually still reads captions 🤭🙃 I’m working on editing the restorative yoga video. I’ve been having an amazing day, my classes were great this morning, but recording this video made it even better. I think I really love to create and share. Not feeling like I can do those things everyday puts me in a negative space. It took me a while to figure this out about myself. Feeling heavy and unfulfilled all the time and just not appreciating anything around me. It’s because I am a creator, I am expressive. I am finally in the space to own that about myself and all that comes with it. Anyway, before this gets too long. I will try to have this video out before the end of the week 💜 🚨🚨🚨AUGUST/SEPTEMBER COMMUNITY CLASSES🚨🚨🚨 ***if you were interested in taking a donation based community class with me before I move. Please comment with the days and times that you are usually free!!**** #yogavideo


Antalya Ruhbilim Okulu ( Instagram Profile Photo

Antalya Ruhbilim Okulu

Bir yoga dersi nasıl geçiyor diye merak edenlere minik bir bölüm :) Bol bol düşüyoruz, kalkıyoruz, deniyoruz, yanılıyoruz.. Hayatın içindeki dayatmaları yıkıyoruz, korkuların, çekincelerin üzerine gidiyoruz ve hem fiziksel hem ruhsal alanda inanılmaz dönüşümler oluyor💛 w/ @fndyildiz @iremkortel @cagilseyoga . . . video# happy

Megan Jones 👣 (@yoga_evolution) Instagram Profile Photo yoga_evolution

Megan Jones 👣

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An evening flow whilst baby sleeps post injections • @aloyoga | @liforme

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Some nice back bending action! ft. Buddha’s cleaning sesh 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🕉🦋🐱 #yogavideo

Judy Lee Cole (@judyleecole) Instagram Profile Photo judyleecole

Judy Lee Cole

Thank you Mary @marymhorne for teaching our bodies to flow in challenging new transitions🙏🏼(teaching us subtle muscle movements make such a big difference).💖Growth for the body and the mind💞, Thank you Mary!❣️ #yogavideo #

Corina Amanda Boehmlaender (@corina_boho) Instagram Profile Photo corina_boho

Corina Amanda Boehmlaender

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Nothing serious, just being playful and improvising. Flowing with whatever creativity desires to uncover for me, without thinking too hard about what’s right or what’s wrong, just allowing the natural expression of my body. All can be improved although some things are meant to be left imperfect. Connection with oneself is a moment to cherish 🧘🏽‍♀️❤️🙏🏼💕 music by Jai-Jagdeesh 🎶

Yoga Anytime® (@yogaanytime) Instagram Profile Photo yogaanytime

Yoga Anytime®

image by Yoga Anytime® (@yogaanytime) with caption : "Its #nationalrelaxationday and we’re all for it! Join our Savasana Challenge for 7 days of guided rest. ✨✨" - 1846621795923709271
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Its and we’re all for it! Join our Savasana Challenge for 7 days of guided rest. ✨✨

Karen Kettenacker (@karmakarenyoga) Instagram Profile Photo karmakarenyoga

Karen Kettenacker

Utkatasana Day 8/12 Chair pose with a twist. Using proprioception to notice my knee and hip alignment. Blocktime, playtime, funtime and balancetime. ⭐️Hosts @raymurse_yoga @highonyoga @yogamand @bchanwarrior Sponsors @ohmmeapparel @moonchildyogawear @byoganow . . #yogavideo