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Finger Bang Gaming (@finger_bang_gaming) Instagram Profile Photo finger_bang_gaming

Finger Bang Gaming

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The last 8 kills of a solo squads game. Don’t be fooled by the high kill count. I’m only in Silver on FPP, so a few of these will have been bot kills. But this last 8 kills were definitely real players. - - Like this? I post content like this every single day. Follow to see it first! - Want to feature? DM me 📬 - Like and tag a friend 😁 - Come join me when I play: XBL: Digitus Bang Mixer: Finger_Bang_Gaming Twitch: DigitusBang - Partners: @jackduffy93 @FBG_Lhokii @jkovs.gaming @mr_epic_gamer - - #ww2


Queenie Summertime (@queenie_summertime) Instagram Profile Photo queenie_summertime

Queenie Summertime

Instagram Image by Queenie Summertime (@queenie_summertime) with caption : "When you pop in to join up but get sold a dress instead!. #womeninthewar #joiningup #ats  #ww2reenactment #ww2 #wartime " at The Black Country Living Museum - 1826001688655187985

When you pop in to join up but get sold a dress instead!. #ww2


CantFearMyAim (@cantfearmyaim) Instagram Profile Photo cantfearmyaim


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❌ Glück oder Skill ?❌ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ⚠Hashtags⚠ #WW2

Jorge Gaudi Azul (@jorgegaudi) Instagram Profile Photo jorgegaudi

Jorge Gaudi Azul

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Battle for Athens,Greece December 1944 British paratroopers taking cover from ELAS fighters #ww2

Adapt Lord (@adaptlord) Instagram Profile Photo adaptlord

Adapt Lord

Instagram Image by Adapt Lord (@adaptlord) with caption : "Tb Win, Ghosting 👻
🎮🇳🇿⚜️😎 _______________________________________________________________
IG | @ad" at Auckland, New Zealand - 1825999829069000535

Tb Win, Ghosting 👻 🎮🇳🇿⚜️😎 _______________________________________________________________ . 🎮🕹🖱⌨️💿 IG | @adaptgaming.manor 🇳🇿 @adapt_wolf 🐺 @adaptking_ 👑 Twitch | @The_Adapt_Lord ⚜️ @adapt_wolf 🐺 @adaptking_ 👑 YouTube | Adapt Gaming 🇳🇿 adapt_wolf 🐺 Adapt King 👑 Please Subscribe Follow & Support our Channels!! 🙏 ▶️✔️🔴 @kontrolfreek ! Get Some !! 👍🔥👌💯 . _______________________________________________________________ . Join the Movement!! The Most Amazing Friendly Communities 👾👾👾 @twitchsquads & @gamerguys_club & @twitchkittens & @gamergirls_club 👍🎧😎 . Legit Gaming Dudes You Need 2 Follow 🎮🎧😎 @farrellsgaming @goatgamingtv @raptor.triumph @flex3dfitgaming @nut5gaming . _______________________________________________________________ …........................................................................................... #ww2

image by @w.achii with caption : "2011 : Kanchanaburi, Thailand – single railway track on wooden bridge structure.
#deathrailway #travel #train #ww2 #hist"- 1825999043885642343
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2011 : Kanchanaburi, Thailand – single railway track on wooden bridge structure. #ww2

WOT BLITZ NEWS™🔥 (@blitz_info) Instagram Profile Photo blitz_info


Instagram Image by WOT BLITZ NEWS™🔥 (@blitz_info) with caption : "🔥Как многие и просили)🔥
✅- Дайджест, Ответы разработчиков✅ ✅В) Какие танки то выводят? Может в личку кто-нибудь написать" at Wargaming Minsk Team - 1825998557565727091

🔥Как многие и просили)🔥 ✅- Дайджест, Ответы разработчиков✅ ✅В) Какие танки то выводят? Может в личку кто-нибудь написать, какого песка накупить, пока не поздно? О) Да, успеете вы, в любом случае расскажем заранее. Это только тест, все еще может поменяться. ✅В) С одной стороны, да, новичков нужно хоть как-то учить, возможно, другим способом, ну да ладно... А с другой стороны, почему тогда им прем8 дают из сундука? Они по сути пропускают ваше обучение, да и пользы немного от них на 8 уровне... О) Уже писал вчера, что сундуки мы тоже будем пересматривать. Полностью согласен, что новичок не должен иметь пусть и минимальный, но шанс, получить бесплатный танк 8 уровня на первых минутах/часах игры. ✅В) Может и из этого что-то внедрите: http://forum.wotblit...60? О) Пока рассказываем о том, что в большей степени готово. От графических описаний и видео мы тоже не отказываемся, сейчас обсуждаем как это будет лучше сделать. Стартовое ПВЕ - тоже хороший вариант. Будем стараться использовать все по максимуму. ✅В) Ответвления в ветках развития будут начинаться после 3 уровня? Тогда время прокачки всех 3 или 4 веток определенной нации ускоряется. О) Прогресс для этих танков станет дольше, больше опыта, больше кредитов. ⬇️⬇️Пишите свои вопросы разработчикам в комментарии⬇️⬇️ #ww2

World Famous Comedy Store (@thecomedystore) Instagram Profile Photo thecomedystore

World Famous Comedy Store

Another great night of sold out shows! We got a drop in from @chrisrock in the Original, an incredible lineup for our sold out Comedy Chaos show in the Main Room, and @historicalroast roasted World War 2 upstairs in the Belly Room! #ww2

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((Fate of Two, PT 2/2)) {Special thanks to for photos / photos are of Type 1C merchants} As WWII began to pick up pace and US submarines were sinking thousands of tons of Japanese shipping, the Shozan Maru was completed in February of 1944. She was a Standard Merchant Type 1C, weighing in at 2,700 tons, was 320 ft in length and could make 14 knots; fairly good considering they were run on coal and reciprocating engines. Immediately after commissioning, Shozan Maru was ushered into service for the Imperial Army. Her first sight of enemy action came on May 22nd when her escort, destroyer Asanagi, was torpedoed and sunk by a submarine. She continued to make transport runs and would eventually leave once more from Takao in convoy TAMA-21C, headed for Manila. After Seattle Maru was torpedoed and sunk on the 16th by a submarine, Shozan Maru picks up survivors alongside Hiyama Maru. Two US subs closed in that night in a joint attack and ravage the convoy. Shozan Maru managed to avoid the carnage, but her luck ran out at 3:45 AM on July 17th. USS Thresher (SS-200) sets her sights on Shozan Maru and fires a spread of torpedoes. One, possibly two, explode alongside the merchant which was filled to the brim with her own troops and survivors from Seattle Maru. Luckily, like Seattle Maru, she sank very slowly and allowed most to jump overboard before the ship went under. Unfortunately, many hundreds would still drown; 713 lives were lost overall, including almost 500 from Seattle Maru. #ww2