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The most expensive thing in these pictures is not the new chain it’s the relationship I built with the jeweler, people have to believe in you and know you’re worth it. The jeweler said I’ve been watching you and I’ve seen people disappear, he stared dead in my face and said I can tell when people are inconsistent and from what he observed there has been no cosign or outsource. Which makes me equal with this so-called main stream, he said most people would’ve quit but you have I expand it independently. @TheRealLuHefner @LuHefner_Friends_ @iHeartLuHefner @LuHefnerHitCity @willphotoshotme @Hit_City_Records_Studio shotme

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Your face is supposed to define who you are So people can have a familiarity and a recollection to identify who you are, but I am the most known/unknown person that people are familiar with. If you don’t know then you just don’t know. My job is to elaborate and help you establish the gap between not knowing and knowing so let me be clear if I don’t know you then nobody knows you. The last thing I will leave you with, is that I’m definitely a serious threat to the music industry. As far as who i am is not based on how I look because looks can be deceiving but my truth will always be The divine factor that completes who I am. @TheRealLuHefner @LuHefner_Friends_ @iHeartLuHefner @LuHefnerHitCity @willphotoshotme @Hit_City_Records_Studio shotme