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Hairbyteebeauty (@hairbyteebeauty) Instagram Profile Photo hairbyteebeauty


image by Hairbyteebeauty (@hairbyteebeauty) with caption : "Beautiful hair for classy ladies order for your quality  humanhair✅✅✅ #hairbyteebeauty💯😍😍😍#weaveon #wig #classy⭐ #style " - 1871224849134206081
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Beautiful hair for classy ladies order for your quality humanhair✅✅✅ 💯😍😍😍 #wig 🌸

Carmelesha Matthewson (@carmeleshamatthewson) Instagram Profile Photo carmeleshamatthewson

Carmelesha Matthewson

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Registration is now open for our Think Outside The WigBlock 2 Day Seminar! Here's a few things you will learn How To Measure Your Clients Head Everything that I cover in this seminar is vital. Using the proper techniques makes a considerable difference when measuring the clients head. But of all topics we include in the Think Outside The Wig Block Seminar, creating the perfect fit is the essential aspect of the process. If one detail or adjustment is wrong, you MUST start over from scratch. Why take the chance? When you can attend my seminar, I’ll teach you the proper technique so you can master the art of Wig Design right the first time. Next, we’ll break for lunch (provided me and included in the price of the seminar) and return in approximately one hour. Hair Placement for The Carmelesha Method Positioning the hair for designing wigs plays a significant role in the outcome of your style. I will walk you through the step-by-step process of placing your hair correctly to achieve the best look…Ill talk about troublesome issues I’ve dealt with Wig Design. And I’ll show you how to avoid these issues. Styling Of Lace Wig Don’t worry I will do a demo. I will show you step- by step how to style this wig. You’ll learn how not to create problems for yourself. Lessons I had to learn the hard way. Also as a bonus, I will also demo how I cut my wigs. Vendor Information There are a million hair vendors, but all you need is maybe one or two hair vendors. I will give you my very own vendors that I have used for the last four years. Also, I will teach you how to order from hair vendors. Marketing Discover how to market yourself. Most people get this all wrong, knowing who you are selling to will save you a lot of time. Maintenance & Repair – How to shampoo & condition the wig to maintain the shape. – Learn how to blow dry the wig to ensure proper form and longevity. – How to tighten wefts. Get this wrong, and you WILL ruin the Introduction to Ventilating You will learn the single & double knot technique. Create eyebrows and patterns for lace closure! #wig

Kebutuhan Baby & Kids Termurah (@lavinabazaar) Instagram Profile Photo lavinabazaar

Kebutuhan Baby & Kids Termurah

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Salah satu produk kami yg masuk dalam kategori Best Seller, wig bayi/anak no. 15 . ✔ kualitas bagus seperti rambut asli ✔ bahan halus ✔ mudah dipakai ✔ lingkar kepala dapat diatur sesuai usia ✔ tidak mengkilat (matte) ✔ bisa dicuci, disisir & dipakai berulang-ulang ✔ bisa dikeriting / diluruskan . ❤ . . . . . #wig

Madam Bella Cosplays (@mindifislytherin) Instagram Profile Photo mindifislytherin

Madam Bella Cosplays

image by Madam Bella Cosplays (@mindifislytherin) with caption : "Climbing up for a hug

Photograph by Paul Coomber 
Slight edit by me 
Suit heavily customised by me, flamethrower made b" - 1871224311877132225
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Climbing up for a hug Photograph by Paul Coomber Slight edit by me Suit heavily customised by me, flamethrower made by me, wig styled by me Check out my FB page: Madam Bella Cosplays #wig