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Jayleen's Alaska (@jayleens_alaska) Instagram Profile Photo jayleens_alaska

Jayleen's Alaska

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May 27th, 2018 1pm Tour Highlights from the tour--we experienced a whole range of weather today--rain, heavy rain--rough waters, calm waters--sunshine! Whales confirmed: Juneau/Sasha (no photo though), (first seen in 2012), Juneauite (first seen in 2006). • • • • • • • • • • • • tail


Ainee Sy Litherland 🌸 (@ainee8) Instagram Profile Photo ainee8

Ainee Sy Litherland 🌸

image by Ainee Sy Litherland 🌸 (@ainee8) with caption : "saving the fishies by getting this cute accessory 🐋🐳🐬🐟🐠🐙🦑🦐🦀🐡🐢🦈🌺🌊🏝🏖🌴 #sandcloud #savethefishies @sand_cloud @aineephotogr" - 1789008283755998690
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saving the fishies by getting this cute accessory 🐋🐳🐬🐟🐠🐙🦑🦐🦀🐡🐢🦈🌺🌊🏝🏖🌴 @sand_cloud @aineephotography #whaletail


Kaitlin Reliford (@kcrelife) Instagram Profile Photo kcrelife

Kaitlin Reliford

*reupload* Went whale watching but didn’t see any levitating humpback whales 🐋😪 (they’re real I tell ya) #whaletail

Jeongin Weber’s Artist (@weberartist) Instagram Profile Photo weberartist

Jeongin Weber’s Artist

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The Whale Tail #whaletail

Luxury Lifestyle Travel (@luxurylifestyle_travel) Instagram Profile Photo luxurylifestyle_travel

Luxury Lifestyle Travel

Instagram Image by Luxury Lifestyle Travel (@luxurylifestyle_travel) with caption : "Whale in Venice 🐋 
By: @nois7" at Venice, Italy - 1788916813753917348
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Whale in Venice 🐋 By: @nois7

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This is how feelings get crushed for a car guy. All I wanna do is go for a little therapy session through some twisty backroads 😑 #whaletail

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I spent 4 hours on a boat to give you all the money shot. #whaletail

Taylor Matkins (@passthe_matkins) Instagram Profile Photo passthe_matkins

Taylor Matkins

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Playing the slots all weekend to celebrate @kholyfield09 turning the big 28! #whaletail

image by Silver Chic ❁ (@silverchic.accesorios) with caption : "TENEMOS CONCURSO!! ✨ hay regalos para 5 ganadoras 🎉 • 1er lugar: Argollas bali 30mm
• 2do lugar: Argollas bali de 20mm •" - 1788864174107389822
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TENEMOS CONCURSO!! ✨ hay regalos para 5 ganadoras 🎉 • 1er lugar: Argollas bali 30mm • 2do lugar: Argollas bali de 20mm • 3er lugar: Argollas trenzadas de 18mm • 4to lugar: Argollas bali de 16mm • 5to lugar: studs de colitas de ballena Para concursar sigue los siguientes pasos: ⚡️Debes seguir nuestra página de instagram. ⚡️Sube un pantallazo de la foto del concurso a tu historia etiquetándonos( si tu cuenta es privada mándanos un pantallazo por direct de que estás concursando). ⚡️Etiqueta a dos amigas en esta foto invitándolas a que nos sigan. ⚡️Puedes subir una historia 1 vez por día al igual que comentar en esta foto. Mientras más días participes más posibilidades vas a tener de ganar 😍 Mucha suerte!! El sorteo se realizará el Viernes 1 de Junio en vivo ✨PD: se vienen varios concursos 👀 #whaletail

Davia Roby (@droe85) Instagram Profile Photo droe85

Davia Roby

Saw this fella cruising the other day while chasing sunsets. Tip- always keep your eyes open for sprays 👀 🌬 *mutes weird commentary and inserts whale sounds* #whaletail