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image by Wild Tales (@wildtalesband) with caption : "Looking forward to kicking out the jams tonight, supporting @soeursoeursoeur at @westendcentre ! 
Who’s gonna be there? " - 1873923075013474434
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Looking forward to kicking out the jams tonight, supporting @soeursoeursoeur at @westendcentre ! Who’s gonna be there? See you there 🤙🤙 .. .. #westendcentre


Henrietta Loades-Carter (@loadescarter) Instagram Profile Photo loadescarter

Henrietta Loades-Carter

image by Henrietta Loades-Carter (@loadescarter) with caption : "Boughs. Back to acrylic painting after a break. Feels good. Fauvist inspired study. #contemporaryart #study #sketch #acr" - 1867487582494169311
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KIlter the Band (@kiltertheband) Instagram Profile Photo kiltertheband

KIlter the Band

image by KIlter the Band (@kiltertheband) with caption : "..... the rumours are true!! #gig #westendcentre @deadnakedhippies @crashlandinggigs" - 1866955515219468584
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..... the rumours are true!! #westendcentre @deadnakedhippies @crashlandinggigs

Parachute For Gordo (@parachuteforgordo) Instagram Profile Photo parachuteforgordo

Parachute For Gordo

Instagram Image by Parachute For Gordo (@parachuteforgordo) with caption : "So, we been working away at music goodness and firstly happy to announce us playing our favourite venue @westendcentre w" at 101 Collectors Records - 1857893418102266753

So, we been working away at music goodness and firstly happy to announce us playing our favourite venue @westendcentre with only bloody @asiwyfa_music and @wearepolymath .. we will practice for this one we promise #westendcentre

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a community art project arranged by @westendcentre at @aldershotlido I arrived as the Lido was closing, a unique opportunity to capture a few photographs of empty space. I wish I had longer to take some more pictures. #westendcentre

Elena Roth (@elena_r_roth) Instagram Profile Photo elena_r_roth

Elena Roth

Vennart concert experience part 2: So basically a to last thursday (and another one in the 3rd slide 😉) - I arrived at the concert venue as soon as it opened (because, well ...what‘s there to do in Aldershot 🤔?!) Had my first of the evening when suddenly I saw Mike walk past yeah I chased them and called him and.... tada picture with Mike, Steve and Gambler 😆 I was really nervous but super happy I got to chat with them a bit. The evening couldn’t have started any better. Later with that big fat smile on my face a girl came up to me that seemed just as excited as me. Turned out she and her husband had actually come all the way from Vancouver to finally see Mike and the band. They were a little disappointed to not have met the band so I was so glad and happy for them that Mike showed up again before the concert started and they too got the chance to talk and snap a pic. I spent the rest of the evening and the concert with them -1st row of course! 50cm from Mikes‘ mic 🤪 My highlight (apart from the last encore 🤩): after the concert Mike peeled the setlist off the floor and gave it to me ...TO ME!!! ...cause I had told him before that I have a bit of an oceansize setlist collection 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thank you so so so much 🙏❤️ If you read until here: 3rd slide is another throwback: 09/2008, Cologne, Mike and me 10 years younger 🤪 Hope to see and hear you again soon ☺️ - #westendcentre

Elena Roth (@elena_r_roth) Instagram Profile Photo elena_r_roth

Elena Roth

Back from London 🙋🏼‍♀️ - Vennart concert experience part 1: To explain why the concert I visited on thursday was the most amazing event for me and what made it so special I need to go back a bit further: So back in 2004 I bought a CD by a band named Oceansize and ever since then, I was hooked. I inhaled every song, collected albums and DVDs, visited 5 or 6 concerts and asked for my favorite band or musician my answer would always be: Oceansize/Mike Vennart this day! Then in 2011 the band split up and my heart broke and I thought I would never have the chance to see them play live again ...💔 Naturally when 3/5 of Oceansize reunited and recorded new music I was thrilled 🤩 ...but they never came to Germany 😒 So this fangirl had to travel to 🇬🇧 to finally watch these incredible musicians live again. And on thursday finally that day had come... - #westendcentre

Yesterday was fun👌🏻 #westendcentre

Desmond Kuijk (@desmondkuijk) Instagram Profile Photo desmondkuijk

Desmond Kuijk

Instagram Image by Desmond Kuijk (@desmondkuijk) with caption : "Vennart #vennart #westendcentre #aldershot #vakantie" at West End (ward) - 1847444802758892946

Vennart #westendcentre

random0ne (@random0ne) Instagram Profile Photo random0ne


image by random0ne (@random0ne) with caption : "Me, Myself & I... #vennart #oceansize #aldershot #westendcentre" - 1847427967300682423
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Me, Myself & I... #westendcentre